Adeline Cleland, born on November 22, 1869 in Brooks County, Georgia, the daughter of John and Elender Cleland of Pierce County, Georgia. Elender had taken her family to Brooks Co. Georgia during the Civil War while John was fighting the battles of Northern Virginia. After the surrender of General Robert E. Lee at Appomattox, Virginia on April 9, 1865, John returned to Georgia and joined his wife and son, Hansford, in Brooks County. The 1870 Brooks County Census records the Cleland family.


By the time of the 1880 Census the John Cleland family had returned to Pierce County, their home county. Adeline married Charles Nathaniel Lanier on January 28, 1886. Charles was born June 16, 1862 in Bullock County, Georgia, the son of John and Elenor Lanier. The names of their children are listed below.


Charles Nathan Lanier died in Savannah, Georgia on January 30, 1937, after being stricken with a cerebral hemorage on the morning of their 51st wedding anniversary. Adeline passed away just a few months later on September 3, 1937, also in Savannah. Both were returned to their native soil of Pierce County, and were buried in the Ben James Church Cemetery, next to their daughter Maude (died June 30, 1910), and Addie's father and mother John and Elender Cleland.


charlesandaddielanier charlesaddieaddielaniertombstone


1. JOHN B. GORDON-"J.B."-LANIER,born March 23, 1887, in Pierce County, Georgia and died March 12, 1944, at Garden City, Georgia, near Savannah, and was buried at Hillcrest Memorial Park. On March 19, 1905, John was married to Lisha James. Named after the confederate general whom his grandfather John Cleland had served during the Civil War, John B. Gordon Lanier was a native of Blackshear, Ga., but had lived at Garden City for 23 years, working as Superintendent of Yards for the U.S. Engineers. Seven children were born to this family; two daughters, a. Jeanette L. born May 19, 1912, and married George Sneed, born May 19, 1912; Nellie Lucille, born Dec. 20, 1919; five sons, James Arthur, born Apr. 4, 1908; J. B. Gordon, born July 16, 1914; Charles Benjamin "Benny", born September 16, 1916; Edward Marion, born April 6, 1922; and Fred Lester Lanier, born July 5, 1925.


2. CHARLES IRVIN LANIER, born Dec. 12, 1888 in Pierce Co., Ga., and died Nov. 30, 1974 in Savannah, Ga., and was buried there. On August 12, 1909, he was married to Stella Taylor.


3. WILLIAM CLEVELAND LANIER, born Dec. 28, 1890, in Pierce Co., Ga., and died Aug. 26, 1950, in Savannah and was buried at Hillcrest Cemetery. On March 12, 1912 he was married to Nina Flora Damon, born cir 1896.. They had five children, one died as an infant: (1) Maude Beulah, born Oct. 22, 1914, and married Clyde O'Quinn. (2) Dorothy Mae, born April 12, 1916 and died June 16, 1987. She was married to, a. Ralph Joseph Pittman; and b. Harry Johnson. (3) Vera Mary, born May 17, 1917, and died May 14, 2003. She was married to Thomas Reed. (4) Lois E., born June 30, 1919 and died Sep. 2, 1989.


4. MAUDE LANIER, born Feb. 22, 1893, and died June 30, 1910, due to Typhoid fever and is buried next to her parents at Ben James Cemetery in Pierce County, Ga.


5. ELEANOR MAE LANIER, born Nov. 7, 1895 in Pierce Co., and died Nov. 9, 1984 in Savannah, Ga. and was buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Savannah. On April 18, 1917 she was married to Robert Lee Randall, born Jan. 6, 1919.


6. MARY ELIZABETH LANIER, born April 23, 1899, in Pierce Co., Ga., and died Nov. 30, 1961 in Jacksonville, Fl., and was buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville. On July 12, 1922, she was married in Ware County, Ga., to Charles Claude Spaulding.


7. Infant born April 10, 1898 and died two days later of unknown causes.


8.GEORGE HOBSON LANIER born July 23, 1901, in Pierce Co, Ga., and died in an accidental drowning death on August 3, 1940 in the Ogeechee River near Savannah while on a fishing trip with brothers, Walter and nephews. He had four children: (A) Married 1st wife, Florrie Crawford on Sep. 13, 1921: children, (1) Marcette Valoise, born Sep. 10, 1923., and (2) Charlotte Henri. born July 10, 1925. (B) At time of death George was married to his second wife, Ermyn Fennell Tuttle on Feb. 15, 1936: children, (3) Amelia Mary, born September 10, 1937 and (4) George Hobson, Jr., born December 20, 1940, after the death of his father.


9. MARGARET LEE LANIER, born Oct. 23, 1903, in Pierce Co., Ga. and died Nov. 6, 1985, in Jacksonville, Fl., and is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville. On August 5, 1925, she was married to Charles Winburn Skipper, in Pierce Co., Ga. They had three children:(1) Elizabeth "Betty" Lorraine, born Aug. 27, 1926 in Ware Co., Ga., and on Oct. 25, 1947 in Jacksonville, Fl., was married to Fred Charles Sturm, born June 11, 1928 in Buffalo, N.Y. (2) Charles Wilburn, Jr., born Oct. 28, 1930 in Ware Co., Ga., and died April 18, 1995. (3) Margaret Ann, born April 21, 1938 in Jacksonville, Fl., and was married, a. on June 30, 1956 to Harold A. Knudson in Jacksonville, Fl. (No Children); b. on Nov. 21, 1961 to Sherman Franklin Howard, in Jacksonville, Fl.


10. JAMIE ADELINE LANIER, born Aug. 14, 1906 in Pierce Co., Ga., and died Nov. 15, 1989 in Jacksonville, Fl., and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Jacksonville. On March 20, 1926, she was married to Clinton Avender Simmons in Pierce Co., Ga.


11. WALTER RALEIGH LANIER, born Dec. 24, 1908, and died Sep. 22, 1971, in Savannah, Ga. March 5, 1927, he was married to Ruth Fox.



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