1842 - 1921


Samuel Wesley Lynes *CSA* was born April 29, 1842 in Liberty County , GA to Uriah W. Lynes and Elizabeth (Smith) Lynes. Samuel Wesley Lynes and Mary M. Hickox were married April 14, 1869. Mary was born December 09, 1852 to Elder David Jonathan and Sarah (Altman) Hickox.


Samuel served in the War Between the States enlisting 19 AUG 1864 in Milledgeville, GA. into Pruden's Battery, Artillery, Georgia State Troops. He served as a Private in Captain W. H. Pruden's Co. He served June 9, 1864 to October 31, 1864 in the Confederacy.


Samuel Wesley Lynes was a Christian man of God. He served as church clerk and was ordained preacher in the New Hope Primitive Baptist Church. Samuel died 28 MAR 1921 and Mary died 31 JAN 1937. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery, Brantley Co., GA.  


1. Lou Renda, born MAR 1871 and died 9 Jan 1957. She married  William Riley Lewis on 25 JAN 1887. He was born 05 DEC 1863 and died 19 MAY 1926. He was the son of William Henry and Frances (Barber) Lewis. They are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Brantley Co., GA.  


2. Mary Frances Amanda, born 22 APR 1872 and died 8 Feb 1943. She married  William Riley Stewart on 19 APR 1891. He was born 27 JUL 1864 and died 06 JAN 1941, the son of Mr. Stewart and Ada Walker Stewart. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery, Brantley Co, GA.  


3. George Wesley, born 16 JUL 1874, and died 14 May 1961. He married Fannie Cornelia Henderson on 31 MAY 1886. She was born 27 JAN 1874 and died 14 FEB 1954, the daughter of Alfred L. and Millie (Lewis) Henderson. They are buried in Rob Lewis Cemetery, Brantley Co., GA.


4. Lillie Ida, born 23 MAR 1875 and died 8 Feb 1960. She married James Irwin Wainright on 07 AUG 1898. She is buried in New Hope Cemetery.


5. Rhoda Ann, born 01 MAY 1877 and died 25 SEP 1877. She is buried in New Hope Cemetery.


6. David Lemuel, born 20 JUL 1877, died 09 Jun 1949 and was married, 1st Lanie Wainright on   16 SEP 1903. She was born 14 AUG 1887, died 07 OCT 1912, the daughter of Noah Thomas and Elizabeth (Knox) Wainright. Married 2nd Lizzie Macie Highsmith on 13 Dec 1914. She was born 16 FEB 1895, died 21 OCT 1967, daughter of Thomas and Ruth Annie (Harris) Highsmith, Jr. Lem, Lanie, and Lizzie are buried in Knox Cemetery, Brantley Co., GA.


7. Sarah, born 20 JAN 1880 and died 28 Nov 1881, and was buried in New Hope Cemetery.


8. Rena, born 14 OCT 1883, died 14 Feb 1949, and was married to  Richard Crews on 01 NOV 1903. He was born 17 December 1881, and died 22 Nov 1932,  d. 22 Nov 1932, the son of Hampton and Basha (Guy) Crews. Rena and Richard are buried in Shiloh Cemetery, Pierce County, GA


9. Agnes, born 18 APR 1885, died 2 May 1910, and was buried in New Hope Cemetery.


10. Marzilla, born 08 JUL 1887 and died 08 Jul 1887, and was buried in New Hope Cemetery.


11. Joseph Columbus, born 11 JUL 1888, died 26 Jul 1919, married Linnie Hickox on 19 APR 1914. She was born about 1898, the daughter of Harley Jacob Hickox, Sr. and Nancy (Dowling) Hickox. Joseph and Linnie are buried in New Hope Cemetery.


12. Amos Franklin, born JUN 1890 and died 10 Oct 1979. He married Hattie Elizabeth Highsmith on 13 JAN 1921. She was born 20 MAR 1893, died  01 APR 1945, the daughter of Burrell and Ruhama "Hamie" Ann (Knox) Highsmith. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery.


13. Sammy S., born 08 OCT 1891, died 28 FEB 1892, and is buried in New Hope Cemetery.


14. Robert Russell "Bob," born 28 OCT 1892, died 10 Oct 1979 married Wealthy Janie Warren  on 15 SEP 1924. She was born 11 APR 1899, died 31 AUG 1982, the daughter of George P. and Mary Alice (Griffin) Warren. They are buried in Mars Hill Cemetery, Brantley Co., GA.


15. Mollie, born 08 MAY 1894 and died 19 Dec 1977, married 1st Reno Hand before 1929. married 2nd   Benjamin Elijah Morgan on 18 SEP 1929. He was born 24 NOV 1896, died 16 SEP 1966, the son of Joseph and Clarissa (Fuller) Morgan. Mollie and Benjamin are buried in Blackshear City Cemetery.  


16. Thomas Jefferson, born 28 JUN 1896, died 29 Sep 1984, married Daisey Bell Wainright 11 OCT 1922. They are buried in Whispering Pines Cemetery, Darien, GA.


Information from: National Archives, "Brantley County History Book" Volume 1, "Cemeteries and More" Edition #2 May 2002. Facts from Latrelle Lyons Herrin, Sam Lyons, Sherrell Crews Johns and Jerry Van Herrin. Submitted by: Gaynell H. Sasser.


Military service was researched and a tombstone was ordered by Latrelle L. Herrin on September 6, 2002, and was placed by Linton A. Herrin in January 2003. A dedication service was conducted on April 24, 2004, by Lawton-Gordon-Evans Brigade Chapter #2637, United Daughters of the Confederacy.


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