1836 - 1910


Martin was born in 1836 to Moses Manning, III and Mary Ann Elizabeth "Eliza" Causey in Wayne County . Martin married Martha Knight June 25, 1855; Wayne County , daughter of Jonathan Knight and Martha Stafford. She was born February 02, 1833 and died March 15, 1914. Martin died January 31, 1910. They are buried in Hortense Cemetery , Hortense , Georgia .


Children of Martin and Martha were:


 1. Moses, born 1856.


 2. Jonathan, born 1858.


 3. Martin M., born 1860.


 4. Isham, born 1863.


 5. Mahala, born 1866.


6.Marietta , born 1869.


 7. Alexander, born January 27, 1869; died March 02, 1936.


 8. James Saint Clair, born 1872, died January 09, 1942. He married Pernettie "Nettie" Raulerson, daughter of David Raulerson and Mary Dowling. She was born September 05, 1873 and died February 28, 1962. They are buried in Raulerson Cemetery in Pierce County, Georgia.


 9. Rachel, born April 08, 1875, Wayne County, GA., died January 24, 1960, Wayne County. She married James Washington Strickland, son of John Strickland and Mary Knight. He was born August 14, 1871 in Wayne County and died December 16, 1959 in Brantley County. They are buried in Hortense Cemetery, Hortense, GA.


Martin Manning enlisted into the Confederate Army on July 20, 1862, as a private in Company A, 4th Georgia Cavalry. He was born in 1836, died on January 31, 1910, and was married to Martha Knight. Both are buried in Hortense Cemetery.


Military service was researched and a stone was ordered on October 13, 2004, and placed by Jerry Van Herrin on January 13, 2005.


Resources: "Cemeteries and More" by Brantley County Historical and Preservation Society; "A Miscellany of Wayne County " by Margaret C. Jordan; Notes from Jerry Van Herrin; Researched and typed by Gaynell H. Sasser.


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