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Brantley County Map


Location of Brantley County

Just a short distance, from the coastal island beaches of Jekyll Island, Sea Island,  and St. Simons, the choice of Oglethorpe's initial headquarters.

BRANTLEY COUNTY IS LOCATED, Right Smack-Dab in the Middle of God's Country!!

Pioneer folk-tales suggest that Brantley County is the only creation, where the Lord demonstrated an act of selfishness!

To Avoid Sharing 'Brantley County' with Confessed Sinners, God created another place, called 'Heaven;'  a place where Lions don't Growl, Fish don't Bite, Deer won't Run, and all Pretty Women are Saints!

TELL ME, Would you rather be in Brantley County or Heaven?

Welcome to Our Sanctuary!

You may need directions if you've never visited Brantley County. On the other hand, getting lost on the country roads of Brantley County could be one of your most rewarding experiences. You'll witness rambling waters of the Satilla River as it gushes toward Burnt Fort and the Atlantic Ocean, adventurous "black water tributaries" of Buffalo Creek trickling slowly toward the mysteries of Okefenokee Swamp, scenes of beautiful forests, and the "sweet water smell" of a swamp-like basin area which most of us natives take for granted.

CAUTION, be careful not to disturb the wild life. Wild game hunting is a favorite past-time of both men and women of Brantley County and  we try not to disturb the natural habitat of deer, turkey, fox, raccoon and other wild game. 

Access was granted to the Armadillo as a symbolism of early pioneer migration; adventurous, friendly, slow to anger, but equipped for combat! This personality might also be identified with our our people!

For the uninformed; if it's black and white with a fluffy tail, resembles an adorable little kitten, AND you pick-it-up, our hospitality ceases!! skunkArthor: Thomas Earl Cleland


Nahunta, Georgia, is the largest township in Brantley County, and location of the County Court House, and many of the official county offices. It's location is marked by the the intersection of highways, U.S. 82 and U.S. 301, 35 miles west of Brunswick; and 24 miles east of Waycross, Ga. Many of the other major towns and communities are also located on highways U.S. 82 and 301.

U.S. HIGHWAY 82 (Previously U.S. 84) -East to West: Leaving Brunswick in Glynn County, you arrive in Waynesville, Atkinson, Lulaton, Old Buck's Still, Nahunta, Caney Bay, Fire Tower Hill, Hoboken, and Schlatterville, before arriving in Waycross in Ware County.

U.S. HIGHWAY 301 (North to South): Hortense is the first community on U.S. 301, south of Jesup, Georgia which is in Wayne County. Twin Rivers and Trudie is next, Raybon, Nahunta, Hickox, and Bachlott, before venturing into Winokur in Charlton County.

STATE HIGHWAY 32 (East to West): Leaving Brunswick, Ga., on the coast going west, Browntown is the first community in Brantley County, then Fendig, Needmore, and Hortense.

STATE HIGHWAY 15 AND 121 (North to South): Hoboken is the only sizeable community on State Highway 15 and 121. Leaving Blackshear in Pierce County, and crossing the Satilla River, you arrive in Hoboken. The next community is Race Pond, in Charlton County.

Other one-time communities which have relatively disappeared in Brantley County are Manson (historical), Popwellville, Prosperity, Happy Landing, Salter, Fort Mudge. and Big Oak.

Many of the ones mentioned above are also beginning to fall into the category of disappearing communities.


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