Timothy Murphy McSweeney was born in Georgia on September 08, 1840, the son of Rebecca McSweeney, born about 1799 in North Carolina (father's name is not shown in 1860 Census for Wayne Co., nor is surname found in previous Wayne Co. Census records). On May 16, 1867, Timothy Murphy McSweeney was married to Amanda Elizabeth Highsmith in Wayne County, Georgia, the daughter of James and Elizabeth (Willis) Highsmith. She was born October 12, 1847 in Wayne County and died October 18, 1926.


Timothy Murphy McSweeney enlisted into the Confederate Army as a Private in Company E, 4th Clinch's Cavalry. No other information is available on his military career.  Timothy died on July 23, 1915, and is buried at Highsmith Cemetery at Waynesville in Brantley County, Ga.


Timothy and Amanda had the following children:


1. George Clarence, born about 1868.


2. Mary Eliza, born about 1870, and was married to Henry Lord on June 4, 1893, in Wayne County, Ga.


3. Gertrude, born cir 1872.


4. Gordon, born 1876.


5. Willie Berrian, born August 1877.


6. Lula Eliza, born January 1880 died August 25, 1972, buried in Highsmith Cemetery in Waynesville, Ga.


7. Charles S., born October 06, 1882 died May 18, 1913, buried in Highsmith Cemetery.


8. Achsah Louise, born November 1884.


9. Lilla Belle, born October 1888, died April 23, 1971 , and was buried in Highsmith Cemetery in Waynesville , Ga.


10. Maude J., born February 20, 1890 and was married to Frank Rose. She died on August 21, 1974 in Brunswick and was buried in Highsmith Cemetery in Waynesville, Ga.


The McSweeney family operated a small country grocery store in Waynesville, which contained the town's U.S. Post Office. Various members of the immediate and extended family, served as Postmasters on different occasions.


Postmasters at Waynesville:

12/31/1859 Jasper N. Highsmith brother of James Highsmith;

02/27/1866 Mrs. Arminta Parker Highsmith wife of Jasper Highsmith;

04/06/1866 Miss Amanda Elizabeth Highsmith daughter of James and Elizabeth Highsmith;

04/28/1881 Mrs. Amanda E. (McSweeney Timothy's wife);

05/17/1881 John W. Hatcher;

07/17/1885 Jasper N. Highsmith brother of James Highsmith;

05/12/ 1891 Everett Highsmith;

10/28/1898 Timothy McSweeney;

05/13/ 1915 Mrs. Amanda Elizabeth McSweeney. 



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