1827 - 1907


Silas Atkinson O’Quinn was born in Appling County on 16 Mar 1827 and died 17 Mar 1907 in Charlton County, now Brantley. The surname was originally spelled with one ”N” (O’Quin).


Silas was the son of Silas O’Quin (1789-1880) and Nancy Crummey (1789-1870, daughter of Stephen Crummey and Rebecca Carter Crummey. Silas, Sr., was born in North Carolina, moved to South Carolina about 1800 and then to Georgia in 1821. He settled near Ten Mile Creek in Appling County. He eventually moved to Wayne County and died there 06 Jan 1880. Silas married at least three times:


1st wife: Mary E. Wilkinson, born about 1833. No further information.


2nd wife: Nancy Carter, born about 1827 in SC, and died about 1857/1858 in Baker Co., FL.


Silas A. O’Quinn and Nancy Carter had four children:


1) Clayton H. O’Quinn, born 08 Dec 1852, died 02 Jun 1924 married Julia Miranda Lynn 24 Jan 1894 born 1858, died 1921, daughter of Charles W. and Civility (Dinkins) Lynn. Clayton and Julia are buried in Bachlott Cemetery, Brantley Co., GA.


2) Robert T. O’Quinn, born 30 Jun 1854, died 11 Jul 1928 married 1st Fannie Roland 24 Jan 1883, married 2nd Nancy Dowling about 1900. She was born 09 Feb 1865, died 10 May 1934, daughter of Aaron Dowling. Robert and Nancy are b. in Sardis Cemetery, Charlton Co.GA.


3) James M. O’Quinn, born 06 Mar 1857. No further record.


4) Nancy O’Quinn, born 12 Mar 1861, died 05 Dec 1934, married Paul Dowling, born 20 Jul 1861, died 30 Dec 1919, son of David C. and Letitia (Thomas) Dowling. Nancy and Paul are buried in Dowling Cemetery in Brantley County.


3rd wife: Susan Bryan, born 05 Dec 1843 in Live Oak, Fl. and died 17 Aug 1920 in Brantley Co., GA. They had seven children. Silas and Susan are buried in Bachlott Cemetery, Brantley Co. GA.


5) Mary Jane “Molly” O’Quinn, born 19 Jan 1862, died 12 Sep 1930, married William Isaac Minchew 22 Mar 1882, born 19 Feb 1862, died 02 Apr 1939, son of John J. and Dory Ann (Dennison) Minchew. Mollie and William are buried in Bachlott Cemetery. (Note: Their daughter, Verdie Jane Minchew m. William Henry Howard, first sheriff of Brantley Co; granddaughter Georgia Verona Howard m. another sheriff, Joseph Walter Crews.)


6) James J. O’Quinn, born 26 Feb 1865, died 05 Jan 1947, married Sarah L. “Sallie” Crews 12 Mar 1896, born 02 Jan 1879, daughter of Archibald and Nancy Griffin Crews. Jim and Sallie are buried in High Bluff Cemetery, Brantley County, GA.


7) Frances Elizabeth O’Quinn, born 26 Aug 1868, died before 1880. No further information.


8) David Brantley O’Quinn, born 22 Sep 1875, died 30 Nov 1929, married Anna Elizabeth “Bessie” Griffin, born 05 Oct 1895, died 02 May 1942, daughter of James Darling and Henrietta “Hettie” Cason Griffin. David is buried in Bachlott Cemetery, “Hettie” is buried in High Bluff.


9) Silas Atkinson O’Quinn, Jr., born 12 Sep 1876, died 02 Oct 1949, married Catherine Virginia “Katie” Drury 21 Jul 1907, born 02 Dec 1888, died 30 May 1974, daughter of E.L. and Gertrude (Walker) Drury. Silas and Katie are buried in Evergreen Cemetery, Jacksonville, FL.


10) Viola O’Quinn, born 08 Oct 1881, died 07 Oct 1946, married Alfred Albert “Jack” Crews 18 May 1899, born 17 May 1871, died 09 Nov 1933. Viola and Jack are buried in Bachlott Cemetery, Brantley County.


11) Nettie O’Quinn, born 17 May 1882, died 27 May 1975, married 1st Jerry D. Crews, born 15 May 1878, died 25 Dec 1910, son of James Bryant and Keziah (Morton) Crews. Jerry is buried in Bethlehem Cemetery. Married 2nd, Oliver S. Hickox, 29 Nov 1913 in Charlton Co. He was born about 1893 and died 27 Oct 1959. Son of Leonard and Laney Hickox, Nettie and Oliver are buried in Flagler Memorial Park, Dade County, Fl.


Silas O’Quinn was appointed 3rd Sergeant of CO. K, 2nd Regt, 1st Brigade, G, GA State Troops 10 Oct 1861. He was mustered out April 1862 and enlisted as a private in CO. B, 54th Regt. GA Infantry on 05 Sep 1862. He transferred to CO. K, 4th Regt., GA Calvary (Clinch’s) on 15 Oct 1862. Roll for March 1864, last one on file, shows him present. He was paroled at Thomasville, GA on 25 May 1865.


Silas sold a horse to the Army for $125 plus $25 for horse’s equipment. He was also paid $25 every 2 months for use and risk of another horse, evidently the one he rode.


Silas had three brothers who served in the *CSA*: Alexander, David and George W.


1) Alexander O’Quinn: 22 Sep 1862 enlisted in GA 7th Cavalry, CO, G. Mercer Partisans. In June/July 1863 he transferred to GA 24th Bn, Co A. Separation date unknown.


2) David O’Quinn: 01 Sep 1861 was commissioned and elected Captain of the 970th District of the State Militia (in Clinch County ).


3) George W. O’Quinn: In 1861 joined the Confederate forces. Records show more than one G. W. O’Quinn, and it is that George enlisted in the GA 4th Cavalry (Clinch’s), Co. E. He made or repaired shoes for soldiers.


Military service was researched and a stone was ordered by Gaynell H. Sasser on June 17, 2004, and placed by Jerry Van Herrin on August 4, 2004.


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