1845 - 1906


Marion Popwell was born May 15, 1845 to George and Susannah Popwell and died January 02, 1906. He married Jane Eugenia Manning, daughter of Shadrack and Martha (Burney) Manning. Jane was born January 11, 1847 and died October 13, 1920. Marion died on January 02, 1906. He and his wife, Jan are buried at Mt. Olive Cemetery.


Marion Popwell enlisted into the Confederate Army on September 9, 1861 as a Private in Company F, 29th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He was separated from service on November 30, 1862.


Children born to Marion and Jane were:


1) Horace J., born Oct. 20, 1867, and died Feb. 09, 1938. He married Louise Ellen Dennison, born May 1871, and died May 15, 1940. They are buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery, East Brantley County, Georgia.


2) Benjamin C., born Jan. 20, 1872, and died Feb. 27, 1962. He married Ella J. Bennett, daughter  of William Thomas Bennett *CSA*  and Jerusha Cox.   Ella was born Jan. 23, 1873 and died Nov. 26, 1963. They are buried in Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery, Waynesville, GA.


3) Rachel Amelia, born Aug. 28, 1873, and died June 24, 1949. She married Thomas J. Bennett, son of William Thomas Bennett *CSA* and Jerusha Cox, born   Feb. 11, 1862, and died Jan. 03, 1949. They are buried in Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery.


4) Marion Osgood, born Jan. 02, 1878, died Oct. 19, 1953, and married Clara Lula Henry, daughter of  I.V. and Synthia (Dorn) Henry,  born Sept. 09, 1883, and died July 21, 1971. They are buried in Mt. Olive, Cemetery.


5) Mary, born Nov. 03, 1880, and died. Aug. 21, 1905. She married Samuel Clayborne Mills Drury,  son of George Bates Drury (CSA) and Harriett Emmaline Copeland. He was born Nov. 15, 1870, and died Mar. 10, 1938. They are buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery.


6) Walter Gray, born Feb. 06, 1883, and died Dec. 21, 1924, and was buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery.


7) Franklin “Frank,” born Jan. 09, 1885, and died Dec. 25, 1925. He married Wilhemina Alexandria Anderson, born about 1887 and died Jan. 06, 1939. Frank is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery.


8) Robert Burns, born Sept. 01, 1889,  died Feb. 06, 1932 and is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery.


Military service was researched and a stone was ordered by Gaynell H. Sasser on September 2, 2004, and placed by Ernest Frye.


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