1835 - 1862

Gillis Conrad Rogers

It is said that Gillis Rogers and his brother George came to Wayne County, now Brantley, from Barnesville, Polk County, Georgia and owned a sawmill together, but after a few years George returned to Barnesville. Gillis remained, married and settled here.


On December 28, 1859, Gillis married Matilda Lewis, born February 07, 1842, daughter of James Bryant Lewis (born March 23, 1812, died April 12, 1862) and Lettie McCool Lewis, born October 02, 1822, died December 11, 1876).  Gillis was born abt 1835.


He and Matilda had two sons.


(1) William Riley Rogers, born November 26, 1859, died February 28, 1932, married Lilla Virginia Johns, born January 22, 1865, died February 12, 1933, daughter of Jacob Jefferson and Catherine Highsmith Johns. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery in Hickox.


(2) Charles Henry Rogers, born August 29, 1861, died November 10, 1932, married Mary (Mollie) Elizabeth Johns, born March 14, 1861, died December 27, 1930, sister of Lilla. They are buried in Smyrna Cemetery near Lulaton.


Gillis Rogers enlisted into the Confederate Army on July 29, 1861 as a Private in Company D, 26th Georgia Infantry, and was stationed at Fort Fredericka on St. Simons Island when he developed yellow fever and went home to Lulaton. He died at home from the fever on May 15, 1862. Matilda died June 16, 1862. Both are buried in Rob Lewis Cemetery at Raybon.


Charlie and Riley were babies when their parents died and they went to live with Grandmother Lettie McCool Lewis of the Raybon Community. Their grandfather had died earlier the same year. They lived with their grandmother for about 14 years and she died. They were teenagers by this time, and they went to live with Daniel R. and Elizabeth (Brown) Johnson of Atkinson, who were grandparents of Rosa Rogers who later married Charlie’s son Gillis Conrad Rogers, born September 08, 1890.


Source: “The Story of Brantley County” Volume 1; Family records provided by Sandra McElmurray and compiled by Dorothy J. Thomas, both of Brunswick, Georgia.


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