1833 - 1916

Robert Thomas Thrift


Robert T. Thrift enlisted as a Private on September 22, 1862 at Camp Fort, and assigned to Captain T. S. Hopkins’ Company of Mounted Partisan Rangers (Mercer Partisan’s)* This company Subsequently became Company A, 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry.


Robert Thrift, Pvt, Co C 24th Ga Bn Cav was held as a prisoner. Title of record. S.O. No. 321/3  Mil Dist of Ga-Mercer Date: Nov 28/1863. This record contains information relative to the above named subject stated. (Confederate) The above information is from R.T. Thrift’s National Archive Records.


When Bob Thrift returned home, a third child was born May 14, 1866. In my thoughts Bob Thrift was held prisoner until the end of the war.  Bob died March 03, 1916 and does have a Confederate gravestone. Allie Thrift died January 21, 1926. Both are buried in the David Hickox Cemetery in the West side of Brantley County, Georgia.


Robert “Bob” Thomas Thrift,  born May 08, 1833 in Washington County, Georgia to Carr William and Unity Thrift.  Robert   married Alice “Allie” Vennie Albritton, cir 1858;  born May 6, 1841. Alice was the daughter of Henry and Amelia “Millie” Albritton.


 Children of Robert “Bob” Thrift and Alice Albritton:


1) Millie Louvine, born January 18, 1860 and died Dec. 30, 1947. She married  George Washington Carter, born October 25, 1862 and died July 4, 1934, the son of Raiford and Mary (Cox) Carter. Millie and George were born on Cowhouse Island in the Okefenokee Swamp . They are buried in Pilgrims Home Church Cemetery/Carter Cemetery.


2) Carr William, II, born Nov. 25, 1861, and died March 27, 1957. He was married to, 1st:  Mrs. Alice Hutto Knowlton, daughter of William Hutto, born  cir 1864, died January 15, 1938, and was buried at Alabaha Cemetery Pierce Co.Ga.; 2nd   Marriage to. Nancy Dowling on June 8, 1885,  daughter of Darling and Mary (Harris) Dowling, born   10/18/1857, and died   03/06/1910. Carr W. and Nancy Thrift are buried at High Bluff Cemetery, Brantley Co, Ga.


 3) Sina “Sinie,” born May 14, 1866, and died July 31, 1951. She married  David Hickox on 04/26/1883, the son of Jonathan and Lucinda (Jones) Hickox, born February 6, 1861, and died May 31, 1943. They were born and married on Cowhouse Island in the Okefenokee Swamp. Sina and David are buried in High Bluff Cemetery, Brantley Co, Ga.


 4) Baloney “Lone,” born August 16, 1869 and died, February 25, 1961. He married Emily Jane “Janie” McBee on March 1, 1888, the daughter of Robert and Hettie (Wiggins) McBee, born 12/08/1871, died July 21, 1927. Lone and Janie are buried in David Hickox Cemetery, Brantley Co. Ga.


5) William Matthew “Math,” born February 29, 1872, died January 19, 1913, and married  Mary Catherine Lee on January 3, 1895; born December 12, 1876,  died October 29, 1918, daughter of  George and Holly (Thornton) Lee.  Matthew and Mary Thrift are buried in New Hope Cemetery, Brantley Co. Ga.


 6) Margaret, born cir 1875, and died cir 1883 as an adolescent.


 7) Russell “Russ” Thomas, born January 22, 1876, and died Apr. 7, 1952. He married 1st, Margaret. She was born Aug 18, 1874 and died Jan. 5, 1894 and is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Brantley County. He married 2nd, Sally Crews on 07/01/1897, born October 3, 1882, and died November 28, 1914, daughter of Jim and Kizzie Crews. She is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Brantley Co, GA. He married 3rd, Ora Woodard on September 4, 1920, born November 1895, daughter of Isaiah and Sarah Woodard.


 8) John LeRoy, born May 29, 1879 , died February 17, 1959 , and was married to  Lucretia M. Johns on June 3, 1897, born August 25, 1881, and died November 22, 1881, daughter of Paul and Georgia (Smith) Johns. John and Lucretia are buried in David Hickox Cemetery, Brantley Co, GA.


9) Thomas Hardy, born January 24, 1882, died October 8, 1949, and was married to Keziah “Kizzie” Jones on November 17, 1901, born July 21, 1876, and died July 28, 1946,  daughter of Robert and Sidney (Harris) Jones. Thomas and Keziah Jones are buried in Sardis Cemetery, Charlton Co., GA.


Robert Thomas Thrift  was called “Bob”, “Uncle Bob” also “One-eyed Bob.” Bob and Allie had two children when “The War Between The States” began.


Sources: Huxford’s “PIONEERS OF WIREGRASS GEORGIA ” VOLUME V CARR W. THRIFT family  Sketch, Brantley Historical Society's “CEMETERIES and MORE” Edition May 2002, National Archive Records for R.T. Thrift.


Contributed by: Great Great Granddaughter Gaynell Highsmith Keene Sasser.


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