JOSEPH M. WAINRIGHT *Indian Wars*  1798 - 1870

Joseph M. Wainright


Joseph M. Wainright, ancestor of most of that name in Wiregrass Georgia, was born in 1798 in North Carolina. His wife, Lanie Knox, was also born in that state the same year. They had a large family of children, names of all of which have not yet been learned.


The following were nine of the children:  


(1) Roxie Wainright, born about 1819, Pitt Co, N.C., and died May 23, 1904 in Wayne Co. Ga.  She married John Thomas Highsmith, Sr *Indian Wars* 1843, son of Jacob Highsmith and Sarah. John was born about 1807 in Pitt Co. N.C. and died Nov. 27, 1877 in Georgia.


(2) Lanie Wainright, born about 1821, and married Thomas H. Allbritton, Jr


(3) John Ashley Wainright, born about 1824, and married Bathsheba McClellan, daughter of Andrew McClellan


(4) Lydia Eliza Wainright, born about 1825, and died about 1857. She married  Wiley Knox.


(5) Elizabeth Wainright, born about 1823, died about 1880. She married Wiley Knox after the death of his wife and her sister, Lydia Eliza.


(6) Mary Wainright, born about 1828,  never married.


(7) Robert J. Wainright, born abt 1830, died Oct. 27, 1862 in Richmond, Virginia. He married Susannah Highsmith, daughter of David and Annis Highsmith.  


(8) William Henry Wainright, born Nov. 23, 1832, died Oct. 19, 1921 and married Mary Vickery.


(9) Joseph M. Jr, born about 1838, died 188, married Rebecca Herndon, daughter  of George.


The Wainright family moved from North Carolina to Wayne County , now Brantley County in 1829, and settled in the southern part of the county. Mr. Wainright served in Capt. James Walker’s company of Ware County militia in the Indian War in 1838; also later that year served an enlistment in Capt. Daniel N. Cone’s company of Camden County militia.


Mr. Wainright and his wife died soon after the War Between the States and were buried in Corinth Cemetery in Charlton County in unmarked graves. Now Joseph Wainright’s grave is marked with the grave marker above.


This is copied from Pioneer’s of Wiregrass Georgia HUXFORD Vol. 2;  a few dates were added from "Cemeteries and More" by Gaynell H. Sasser.


Military service was research and a grave stone was ordered by Gaynell H. Sasser, and installed by Jerry Van Herrin.


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