Noah Thomas Wainright enlisted into the Confederate Army as a Private on August 15, 1862, and served in Company G, 26th Georgia Infantry. He was wounded in the arm, necessitating amputation above the elbow at Wilderness, Va. on May 5, 1864. The roll dated Nov. 4, 1864, was the last on file, shows him absent and wounded.


After returning to his homeland after the war, Noah worked as a farmer. The tale is told that Noah could cut more wood with an axe, with only one arm than most men could with two arms.


Noah was born about 1842 to James and Nancy Cooper Wainright in Wayne County, Georgia. Noah married Elizabeth “Betty” Knox Feb. 26, 1867, daughter of Wiley and Lydia Wainright Knox. Elizabeth was born March 20, 1847.

Children born to Noah and Elizabeth Wainright are:


(1) James Wiley, born Mar. 21, 1867, died Oct. 20, 1934, married Serena “Rena” McBee Apr. 1, 1896, daughter of Robert and Hattie Wiggins McBee. Rena was born Nov. 11, 1876 and died Feb. 12, 1952. James and Serena are buried in Bethlehem Cemetery.


(2) John Bailey, born Sept. 26, 1870, died May 18, 1946, married Sarah Ellen “Bush” Rowell, June 10, 1903, daughter David and Louisiana Grooms Rowell. Sarah was born Oct. 3, 1874 and died July 03, 1957. John and Sarah are buried in Knox Cemetery.


(3) Lula “Lou,” born Aug. 18, 1874 died Aug. 29, 1910, married James Henry Ham Jan. 1, 1901, son of Needham Bathaway and Nancy Rowland Ham. He was born Aug 1, 1873 and died Nov. 26, 1928. Lula and James are buried in Knox Cemetery.


(4) Richard B. “Dick,” born 1882, died 1930, married Ellen Courson Jan. 12, 1913. They are buried in Knox Cemetery.


(5) Jennie, born Jan 18, 1883, died June 26, 1908, buried in Knox Cemetery.


(6) Anna Elizabeth, born Apr. 26, 1884, died Nov. 13, 1951 married Patrick “Pat” Henry Blocker, Feb. 18, 1906, son of John and Margaret Johns Blocker. They are buried in New Hope Cemetery.


(7) Lanie, born Aug. 14, 1887, died Oct. 7, 1912. She married David Lemuel “Lem” Lynes, Sept 16, 1903, son of Samuel Lynes and Mary Hickox. He was born July 20, 1877, died June 9, 1949. Lanie and Lem are buried in Knox Cemetery.


(8) George Washington, born Apr 6, 1890, died Aug. 30, 1973, married (1st) Mamie Mae Highsmith, Feb. 25 1911, daughter of James and Julia Jones Highsmith. She was born Apr. 9, 1894 and died in 1926. He married (2nd), Queen Victory Herrin, daughter of Joseph and Sarah Johns Herrin. She was born May 4, 1897 and died Dec. 25, 1980. Mamie Mae is buried in New Hope Cemetery and George and Queen Victory Wainright are buried in Little Buffalo Cemetery.


Noah died after 1900 and Elizabeth died September 24, 1902. They are buried in Knox Cemetery.


Note From Thomas Earl Cleland: I can not say I am directly related to Noah Thomas Wainright, but I would proudly claim heritage to this great man if at all possible. I am proud to say that part of my name (Thomas) was inherited from Noah Thomas Wainright, through his sister, Julia Ann Wainright, born Feb. 4, 1856. Julia was only six years old when her older brother (Noah Thomas) went off to fight the war of Southern Independence. Noah Thomas was a hero to his younger sister, and after Julia Ann's marriage to Joseph Ebb Harris, she named her first son, Noah Thomas Harris, after her Confederate hero. My claim to fame follows in Noah Thomas Harris' first daughter, Maude, naming her first son, Thomas Earl Cleland; the name Thomas being derived from Noah Thomas Wainright, of which I am proud.


Addendum: I am also proud to say that I have been married to the great grand daughter of Noah Thomas Wainright, Sylvia Lenene Boren for over 50 years. Sylvia's mother is Thelma Louise Blocker, the daughter of Anna Elizabeth Wainright (dau. of Noah Thomas Wainright), who was married to Patrick Henry Blocker.

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