Feature Name Latitude Longitude USGS 7.5' Map
African Methodist Episcopal Cemetery 304322N 0834326W Grooverville
Avera Cox Cemetery

Barwick Baptist Church Cemetery

Barwick City Cemetery 305342N 0834418W Pavo
Beasley Cemetery 304519N 0834344W Dixie
Bethel Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery

Bethlehem Cemetery 304602N 0833554W Quitman
Beulah Hill Cemetery 305303N 0833816W Pavo
Campground Cemetery

Caulden Cemetery 305342N 0833819W Pavo
Clark Family Cemetery

Concord Cemetery 304935N 0833151W Quitman
Corinth Cemetery 305645N 0832750W Hahira West
Coulter/Colter Cemetery

Berlin East
Dixie Cemetery     Dixie
Gaulden Family Cemetery

Gornto Cemetery 310004N 0832929W Cecil
Groover Cemetery 304518N 0834125W Dixie
Grooverville Cemetery 304258N 0834409W Grooverville
Hall Family Cemetery 305751N 0832940W Hahira West
Hodges Family Cemetery 305444N 0833937W Pavo
Hunter Cemetery 305121N 0833736W Dixie
Johson Cemetery 303858N 0833432W Baden
Kennedy Cemetery 305512N 0833610W Pebble Hill
Lebanon Cemetery 305735N 0834321W Pavo
Lebanon Cemetery 304826N 0832933W Ousley
McMullen, James Family Cemetery

Mount Horeb Cemetery 305330N 0833015W Pebble Hill
North End Cemetery 304809N 0833312W Quitman
Oak Grove Cemetery 305343N 0833950W Pavo
Oak Hill Cemetery 304736N 0833256W Quitman
Okapilco Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

O'Neal Alderman Cemetery

Pine View Cemetery 305408N 0833002W Pebble Hill
Prosperity Cemetery 310129N 0834406W Berlin West
Rizer Cemetery 305340N 0832734W Hahira West
Robinson Cemetery 304958N 0834050W Dixie
Robinson Family Cemetery 305514N 0833757W Pavo
Rogers Cemetery 305147N 0833413W Quitman
Simmons Hill Cemetery 304001N 0833757W Grooverville
Strickland Cemetery 310048N 0833639W Berlin East
Union Cemetery 304034N 0833309W Baden
Wade Cemetery 304005N 0832813W Nankin
West End Cemetery 304704N 0833401W Quitman
Worn Cemetery 304358N 0833208W Baden

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