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submitted by:
Judy Stewart Kroker

This is the record I have on the Cannady's.


Petition of James West of Bryan Co. Ga. states that he is the owner of
deed now lost or mislaid, dated October 1832 from Mary Cannady, widow
...John Cannady....Hampton Harris(Husband of Nancy Cannady) ,
Thomas Cannady and Elender Cannady, heirs of Stephen Cannady of
said Co., now deceased to Elizabeth Barber, then a single woman,
now wife of petitioner. Copy deed annexed shows $200.00....
consideration and conveys 4 tracts of land in Bryan Co.....
Viz (1) 200 acres granted deceased, bounded North by vacant,
East by Charles Clanton, South by William Bennett,
West by James Bennett.

(2) 150 acres granted William Bennett,
bounded North by John Marcies(?) South and West by same.

(3) 100 acres bounded North, East, South and West by vacant,
granted John Cannady.

(4) 100 acres bounded North and East by vacant,
South by Caesar's Branch and West by vacant, granted James Bennett.
Peter Strickland
John Harvey JIC

Probated by John Harvey, December 1, 1838....
states he was present and refers to Elizabeth (grantee)
as a widowed daughter of said Stephen Cannady.
Petitioner swears he served Defendants with copy on Hampton Harris January 17, 1838....
April 1, 1838 Court order say service perfected on all defendants
except John Cannady, who resides in Florida.
Order for Service by Pub. granted cert. attached by publishers of
Savannah Republican, Dec. 8, 1838 showing publication

Stephen Cannady was born in SC c. 1775.
According to this record, Mary was his wife's name
and he had a son John (living in Fla)
Stephen's daughter Nancy, was married to
Hampton Harris. Hampton and Nancy Cannady Harris
had a daughter who married William Bennett,
who was mentioned in the above land record. They had a son
William C. Harris who married Lydia Padgett
May 18, 1854 in Duval County, Fla.

James West and Elizabeth Cannady Barber West
had a daughter Nancy West born 1835,
daughter Elizabeth West born 1837
and a son William born 1840.
Nancy and Elizabeth were born in Bryan Co. Ga.

Bryan Co deed records also list.....
James Bennett of Bullock Co. Ga. to
Stephen Canady of same Sep. 6, 1801....$200.00.....
100 acres on Black Creek granted Bennett 1799...

signed also by his wife Mary.

This is information from the actual Census of Bryan Co for:

1820 Census, Bryan County, Georgia:
1...Male...Under 10...(Thomas Cannady...son of Stephen Cannady)
1...Male...16-26...(John Cannady... son of Stephen Cannady)
1...Male...45 and over...(Stephen Cannady)
1 Female...10-16...(Elizabeth Cannady Barber West, daughter of Stephen Cannady)
2 Females...16-26...(Nancy and Ellender Cannady, daughters of Stephen Cannady)
1 Female...45 and over...(Mary Cannady, wife of Stephen Cannady)

1830 Census, Bryan County, Georgia
JOHN CANNADY....(Son of Stephen Cannady)
2 ...Males...Under 5
1...Male...Under 10
1...Male...20 and under
30...John Cannady, son of Stephen Cannady
2...Females...5 and under 10
1...Female...30 and under 40

1830 Census, Bryan County Georgia
THOMAS CANNADY...(Son of Stephen Cannady)
1...Male...Under 5
1...Male...20-30...Thomas Cannady, son of Stephen Cannady
1...Female...50-60...Mary Cannady, Mother of Thomas, Wife of Stephen Cannady

According to the Census, Stephen was deceased by 1830 and his wife(Mary)
was living in the home of her son Thomas Cannady.
John Cannady was in the Columbia County, Florida (Now Baker Co. Fla.)
1840 and 1850 census along with his son John Milledge Cannady in his

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