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                                                             Glen Echo
                                                                      Glen Echo
Glen Echo and Bird View (now razed in 1960s), the ancestral home of the Bird family in Bryan County, were built during the 1770s on a 400 acre Royal Grant from King George III on January 1, 1771, to Israel Bird, Abraham Bird and Hugh Bird. When the British captured Savannah, the Indian trail, which parallels the Ogeechee River on its western bank from the Atlantic Coast to the future courthouse site in Clyde, Glen Echo, Bird View and northward, became a main supply artery of the Colonials which they appropriately named Red Bug Road. Sherman's army left the house intact, but burned all the plantation's outbuildings. Pauline Clyde Morgan, Edith V. Morgan and Laurie Mingledorff Everett Moses inherited Glen Echo in 1950 and it was Pauline Morgan's residence until her death in 1987. It is presently (1994) owned by and is the residence of Edward Shives Everett." Author: Edward S. Everett , 1994
The above paragraph and the attachment were part of the "Bryan's People and Places 1793-1993" commemorative calendar sponsored by the Bryan County Commissioners and Bryan County Bicentennial Committee.

From Beautiful Zion to Red Bird Creek,
A History of Bryan County, Georgia

Researched and Written by Buddy Sullivan,
Coastal Georgia Historian and Bryan County Resident,
this comprehensive, fully documented history
covers all sections of Bryan County,
from Colonial days to the present.

For More information about cost and ordering please click on the link

    If you have Futch ancestry or allied families you may be interested in "The Futch Family" published in 2000. The book is hardback, 693 pages and fully indexed. It is an excellent resource book for anyone related to the Futch family or interested in Futch genealogy. For more information, contact Rose Bell
  • "Shades of Gray: The Clay and McAllister Families of Bryan County, Georgia during the Plantation Years," by Carolyn Clay Swiggart, contains a lot of information about the Clay, McAllister and Savage families. This book also contains slave censuses from the Clay plantation "Richmond." Copies can be obtained from the Richmond Hill Historical Society. The book was reviewed by the Savannah Morning News in October, 1999, and in the Spring 2000 volume of the Georgia Historical Quarterly. More recently, archaeologists working at the old Richmond site (now known as "The Ford Plantation") are using the book in their research.
  • "Bryan County, Ga. Cemeteries"
    The recorder, Charles H. Davis, worked very hard and drove many miles for a couple of years to do this work.
    I have the following Bryan County and Effingham County resources available to me for your look-ups:

  • Books:
    --"Mitchell Family" Compiled by Alfred Chassereau. This book contains many surnames from southeast Georgia. This book is still available for purchase by contacting him.

    --"Shuman Family Genealogy and Allied Families"
    13,000 name index, dealing with most of the early settlers of Bryan County, Ga. This book is limited but still available.

    --"Bulloch County, Ga. genealogical Source Material" by Alvaretta Kenan Register. This covers many Bryan County families. There are only a few of these left in the Statesboro, Ga. Genealogy Library.

    --"Records of Effingham County, Ga." by Caroline Price Wilson This covers many Bryan County families.

    --1820-1870 census of Bryan County, Ga.

    --Cemetary listings on Fort Stewart Reservation

    --Some marriage records (not all) of Bryan County, Ga.

    --"Abstracts of Court Records of Bryan County, Georgia" by Caroline Price Wilson

    --"Sweet Land of Liberty" by Robert Long Groover. These
    are almost gone. You may be lucky to find a copy.

    --"History of Bryan County Georgia, 1796-1984" family sketches.
    Sorry, this book is already out of print.

    --"Sims Family" compiled by Alfred Chassereau. Lots of Southern
    names here.

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