I am researching the BOWIE family, (today's spelling of the last name is Buie) Which I am a member of, an a descendent of John and Amelia Beasley Buie of Georgia. I am looking for the connection of my Ancestry to the Rezin or Reason and Elve Jones BOWIE Family. Please post this surname of BOWIE and BUIE, and if anyone has any information on these BOWIE or BUIE names...they are welcome to contact me.

The Rezin (or) Reason and Elve (Jones or Johns)BOWIE Family, of the famous Jim BOWIE who died at the Alamo in Texas. Rezin or (Reason) and Elve Catesby Jones (or JOHNS)BOWIE, met in Savannah Georgia during the Revolutionary War, Rezin was captured and Elve was allowed to visit him. Elve Catesby Jones came from a prominent Georgia Family. They were married in Savannah Georgia on March 8, 1782. And then move to Burke County Georgia.

They had 10 children born to them, but so far I have only found 9 names...the first 5 children were born in Burke County. Rezin or Reason BOWIE, was born in Maryland abt. 1758 and died on his Plantation, near Opelousas Louisiana. Eve Catesby Jones BOWIE, was born in Savannah Georgia abt. 1762, and she died in 1837 in Shreveport Louisiana . At the home of her youngest daughter.

 The name Mary Bowie is listed twice, both having different dates of birth, I am not sure if this was a mistake...but I am looking into this as part of my research...I have links on all this info posted in this email, and will be happy to share it with other Bowie or Buie Families. Their Children are:

David BOWIE, born abt 1784 in Burke County Georgia.

John Jones BOWIE, born abt 1785 in Burke County Georgia.

Sarah BOWIE, born abt 1787 in Burke County Georgia.

*Mary BOWIE, born abt 1789 in Burke County Georgia.

Martha BOWIE, born abt 1791 in Burke County Georgia.

*Mary BOWIE, born May 4, 1792 in Burke County Georgia.

Rezin P. BOWIE, born September 8, 1793 in Tennessee and died January 17,1841 in New Orleans Louisiana.

James (JIM)BOWIE, born abt 1795 in Kentucky and died at The Alamo (now in Texas) on March 6, 1836.

Stephen BOWIE, born abt 1797 in Kentucky and died abt 1831 in Louisiana.

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