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I am related to Myrick Davies of Burke County through his son John and his son william washington.   Many years ago William Washington's grand daughter gave information from a family bible to the Georgia Archives. I don't know if she gave them the bible or just the information.  Several times in the last century people have tried to find more information on Myrick Davies and his brother Edward.  I am one of those now. Anyway thought you might want some of this information.;.

According to the John Davies bible:  Martha Davies consort of John Davies, departed this life the 22, day of October 1798 .Martha Davies wife of John Davies, was born the 29th day of September 1760.
  Ana Ingrim Davies, second wife of John Davies, departed this life on 20 Nov. 1867 (sic August Chronicle shows her death as 1807  , I have yet to verify this) 
 John Davies departed this life on the 13 of February 1817. 
 John Davies and ana Maria Ingrim married July 21, 1804 
 John Davies was born the 16th day of Nov. in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty one.
William Washington Davies son of martha and John Davies was born the 12 day of July 1792 and died July 29, 1862. 
Jane Douglas daughter of John and Mary Douglas was born on 6th of Septmember 1801.
 W. Washington Davies and Jane Douglas were married on the fifteenth of December 1819.
Jane Douglas wife of W.W. Davies departed this life Nov. 9th 1820.
William W. Davies and Charlotte Howard were married the 5th day of January 1837
William W. Davies son of John and Martha Davies departed this life July 29, 1862.
Charlotte Martin Davies wife of William W. Davies and daughter of Jessie (doctor) and Sara Stuart Howard Departed this life Nov. 29, 1892 
Last summer I had a trip planned to come to Georgia but I fell and shattered my knee cap. Hopefully there will be another chance.
Do you have any information on these people that is not on the net? I would appreciate any help. Thanks...
also I got this bible info off gen forum. from 3 different people. as yet I haven't verified it.


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