List of the Georgia Civil War Dead Buried in the Shenandoah Valley

Provided by Sheryl Padgett

 Feb. 17, 2006: I found an article in the Augusta Chronicle & Sentinel, from 1866, that includes a list of Georgia soldiers buried in Our Soldiers Cemetery. The sister-in-law of the doctor who treated these men, sent it hoping to raise money for a monument to the soldiers. 

  W. G.(Washington Green)  Oglesby Co D 48th Regt. Ga. Infantry, husband of Maria Hillis Oglesby, son of Daniel & Drucilla Heath Oglesby,  was on the list.

Georgia Dead


List of Confederate Soldiers now buried in Our Soldiers Cemetery, near  Mt. Jackson,  Shenandoah County, Va.

Messrs.  editors:-  I will thank you to publish the subjoined list of Georgia Soldiers buried in Our Soldiers Cemetery, near Mt. Jackson, Shenandoah County, Va.  It was furnished by one of the many noble women of Virginia now engaged in the pious work of honoring the remains of those who suffered and died  for the cause,  in our late struggle for independence.  She writes: 
We of course feel an especial interest in the little cemetery where lie those whom the loving hand of my brother-in-law, Dr. M., had tried to rescue from a too early grave, and are doing all we possibly can to raise a monument to their memory, but after enclosing the cemetery, our funds are exhausted.  The list is sent to our acquaintances in the different States, to enable all who desire to aid us to add  ever so little to our exhausted treasury.
  I am authorized Messrs. Editors,  to state that the relatives and friends of the soldiers named in the list above mentioned, and all others who wish to aid as suggested, may send their contributions to Miss C.E. Walton (at the residence of Mr. Robert Walton, sr., No. 287 Broad street, Augusta, Ga., who will promptly place them in the hands of the Committee of Ladies in charge of the Cemetery. 

Joseph Hampton,   Co. E., 17th regt.
George W. Crawford,   Co. H., 17th  regt.
 Thomas J. Wootton,  Co. K, 21st regt.
Sydney E. Weaver, Co. E., 21st regt.
Benj. F. P**dley, Co.  E., 27th regt.
James W. Cooper, Co. c., 7th regt.
Green Brantley, Co. A., 28th regt.
Jesse Vaughn, Co.F., 20th regt.
Joseph C. Moore, Co. F, 17th regt
William A. Scarbor, Co. k, 28th regt.
James Gordon,  Co. D, 57th    regt.
J.F. Clark,  Co. E, 50th regt.
W. F. Ligon, Co. B, 51st regt.
Joel D. Cadwell, Co. G, 49th regt.
Ezekiel Leonard, Co. B, 49th regt.
J.F. Leatherwood, Co.  I, 13th regt.
Wm. Davis, Co. F., 49th regt
Everett E. Godard, Co. E, 44th regt.
John Ridley, Co. G, 14th regt.
Thomas H. Whatley Co. F, 13th regt.
S. J. Strickland Co. C, 61st regt.
R. D. Lumpkin, Co. E, 9th regt.
Isaac T. Heath, Co. K, 49th regt.
Benjamin J. Adams, Co. H, 13 th regt.
Martin F. McNair, Co.I, 12th regt.
A.B. Scott, Co.B,13th regt.
W. H. Hill, Co.D,31st  regt.
H. H. Reaves, Co G, 31st  regt.
John J. Ryals, Co.D, 61st regt.
Thomas J. Stewart, Co. G, 38th   regt.
J. A. McCurley(?), Co._,16th  regt.  
S.P. Lawrence, Co._,4th regt.
F. M. Smith, Co.I, 4th  regt.
R. P. Pritchett, CoK,.53rd  regt.
O. N. McElwaney, C,o. C,  53rd  regt.
M. T. Cason, Co.B,50th   regt.
Wm. Johnson, Co.E,3rd  regt.
Wm. Ferry, Co.B,13th  regt.
T. J. Johnson, Co.A,49th  regt.
W. G. Oglesby, Co.D,48th  regt.           *****
G. J. Lawrence, Co.K,60th  regt.
J. N. McCrary, Co.B,48th  regt.
J. H. Chiles, Co.C, 35th  regt.
Richard P. Dickenson, Co.K, 51st  regt.
W.R. Patterson, Co.K, 60th  regt.
 T. L. Terry, Co.A,27th  regt.
T. Bales (?), Co.K,10th  regt.
Francis M. Mobley, Co.G, 13th  regt.
W. H. H. Hays, Co.B, 23rd  regt.
H. M. Thompson, Co.I, 53rd  regt.
J. M. Figgins, Co.G,23 rd regt. 
G.W. Fuller, Co.B,60 th  regt.
A. Gambrell, Co.H, 60 th  regt.
J. T. Payne, Co.C, 12th   regt.
J.B. Rice, Co.F, 24 th  regt.
Daniel D. Cameron, Co.G, 6th  regt.
James M. Burkett, Co.E, 60th  regt.
J.B.W.Allgood, Co.C,26th ? regt.
Wm.T. Haswell, Co.I, 45th  regt.
Robert Cool, Co.K, 49th  regt.
M. Churl, Co.C, 38th  regt.
J.B. Johns, Co.D, 21st  regt.
J.R. Clayton, Co.K, 4th  regt.
J.A. Smith, Co.H, 38th  regt.
Lieut. J.A. Owens, Co.D, 60th regt.
W.D.T.Dennis, Co.A, 12th Battalion
A.D. Averitt, Co.G, 50th  regt.
W.H. Gush? , Co.F, 26th Ga Vol.
C.H. Carter, Co.G,  26th Ga Vol.
W.C. Loudermilk, Co.C, Phillips Legion
H.M. Thompson, Co.F, 53rd Ga. Vol
James Settle, Co.H, 38th Ga. Vol
W.A. Boatner, Co.C, Phillips Legion 
W.I. Taswell, Co. I, 45th Ga. Vol

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