Oak Grove Cemetery Index

Calhoun County, Georgia - Oak Grove Cemetery
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Oak Grove Cemetery Index  
A. S. Calhoun Section D
Ada Martin Lane Section C
Adna Bostwick Section E
Albert Crapps Section C
Albert Lee Bostwick Section E
Albert Lester Jordan Section D
Albert S. Clements Section D
Alice Boynton Section D
Alice Clifton McNair Section B
Alice Colley Garrett Section B
Alice Leslie Jay Taylor Section D
Alice Mae Monfort Section A
Alice Parker Calhoun Section E
Alice Putnam Section D
Alice Roberts Section F
Alice Taylor McClain Section D
Alice Watson Hatcher Section B
Allen Vinston Askew Section D
Allene J. Mayer Section B
Allie Agnes Bostwick Section F
Aluia E. Hosch Section D
Amanda Beason Section B
Andrew Daniel Norman Section B
Anna Collins Toole Section E
Anne Boyett Bostwick Section F
Annie Bell Field Section E
Annie Bell Fincher Nicols Section F
Annie Cattville . Section D
Annie Douglas Newberry Section F
Annie E. Crawford Section E
Annie H. S. Carver Section D
Annie Jewel Harbert Section D
Annie L. Jernigan Section B
Annie L. Wiley Section D
Annie Lee Bowman Section D
Annie Lou Powell Section A
Annie M. Knight Section B
Annie May “Macy” Hamm Section B
Annie Murray Section B
Annie P. Meetz Section F
Annie Villa Daniel Section C
Arthur A. Calhoun Section B
Arthur A. Calhoun Section D
Arthur D. Preston Section D
Arthur Lee Branch, Jr. Section B
Arthur White Section A
Asa Harlow Parkerson Section E
Ashton Ford Johnson Section E
B. Ouida Daniels Section E
B. R. Lawrence Section D
Beatrice Daniels Price Section E
Ben H. McMurria Section D
Ben M. Poer Section C
Ben Seaborn Taliaferro Section C
Benjamin Abner Garrett Section B
Benjamin C. Saxon Section B
Benjamin H. Askew Section C
Benjamin H. Askew, III Section D
Benjamin H. Askew, Jr. Section D
Benjamin Howard Byrd Section A
Berma P. Parramore Section F
Bernard Irwin Bostwick Section F
Bernice J. Newberry Section B
Bernice P. Meetz Section F
Berta Daniel Cook Section C
Berta Lee Tindol Section F
Berta Ree Tindol Section D
Bertha Garrett Tuck Section B
Bertha Lois Tindol Section F
Bessie Arnold Askew Section D
Bessie Cill Rabon Section C
Betty Ann Peace Section A
Beulah Ninon Harrison Section F
Billie Jackson Lumley Section C
Billington M. Hammond Section B
Billington Malone Garrett Section B
Blacksher Calhoun Ray Section C
Blanche Estelle Killebrew Land Section D
Bobbie Carrol Swords Section D
Bobbie H. Thigpen Section D
Bobbie Jean Edwards Section A
Bobbie L. Edwards Section A
Brady B. Hatcher Section F
Brenda Joyce Preston Section D
Buddy Lovett Section E
Buford Kimbrel Section B
Buy Autry Hinton Section B
C. A. Hunt Section D
C. Cecil Swords Section E
C. H. Swords Section E
C. L. Jester, Sr Section A
C. L. Ray Section A
C. T. Butler Section D
C. Virgil Lane Section C
Callie McClain Ray Section D
Calvert Hinton Arnold Section F
Calvin Melvin Weathers Section G
Camilla G. Swords Section E
Carl M. Clements Section B
Carl Wayne Tindol Section D
Carl Wayne Tindol Section F
Carlton Baley Bostwick Section F
Carolan Pullen Section E
Carolyn Newberry Section E
Carrie Belle Tindol Section D
Carrie Lucyie Meetz Section F
Carrie Parramore Section F
Cassie T. Slaton Section F
Catherine R. Knight Section B
Charles A. Spurlock Section C
Charles C. Granthan Section C
Charles C. Granthan, Jr. Section C
Charles E. Bledsoe Section B
Charles Felix Meetz Section F
Charles Fred Bostwick Section F
Charles Gregory Bostwick Section F
Charles Henry Parramore Section F
Charles Kinsler Section C
Charles L. Goolsby Section B
Charles M. Whatley Section B
Charles O. Preston Section D
Charles S. Clements Section D
Charles W. Brooks Section D
Charles W. Frazier Section B
Charles William Douglas Section E
Charlie Andrew Belisle Section F
Charlie Ernest Fincher Section D
Charlie James Oliver Section D
Charlie Ollie Parramore Section F
Charlie Paton Gleaton Section D
Charlie Ross Davis Section C
Charlie Taliaferro Section C
Charlie W. Sirmons Section C
Charlie Will Vines Section G
Charlie Wilton Taliaferro Section A
Chars. Sessions Gleaton Section D
Chas. W. Goolsby Section B
Cherry Maude Knight Section B
Cheryl Ann Sheffield Section B
Childs Grave, McClain Lot Section D
Christopher Adam Kelly Section A
Clara Eugene Timmons Section D
Clara S. Archer Section F
Clarence B. Blackburn Section B
Clarence Boynton Section D
Clarence Clay Howell Section D
Clarence E. Ward Section C
Clarence J. “Chip” Boynton Section D
Clarence Jackson Section G
Clarence L. Cook, Jr Section C
Claude Colley Lofton Section E
Claude Parramore Section F
Claude Peyton Gleaton Section D
Claude Sheffield Bostwick Section E
Claude W. Roberts Section F
Claude Zeph Saunders Section E
Claudia McNeil Section E
Claudia McNeil Arwood Section E
Clement Brown Reeves Section C
Clement Brown Reeves, Jr. Section C
Cleone McClain Lyon Section D
Clifford G. Jordan Section C
Clinton Clay Bostwick Section E
Clyde Fincher Section F
Clyde Killebrew McNeil Section D
Clyde Mosley Clements Section C
Clyde T. Bracken Section A
Clyde W. Mansfield Section C
Coleman L. Whatley Section D
Comer L. Peek Section C
Cora A. Ray Section E
Cora Johnson Powell Section E
Cornelia Lofton Cain Section E
Cox Lot Section C
Coy Harden Taliaferro Section A
Cpl. William A. Lane Section F
Cupid Dozier Tyler Section E
Cyrus Kosciusko Sharp, M.D. Section B
Daisy Monk Herring Section D
Daniel Coleman Sanders, DDS Section B
Daniel Rat Tindol Section F
Daniel Ray Tindol Section D
Dave A. Carter Section F
David Edward Dunlap Section D
David Elisha Blalock Section A
David Franklin Hughes Section D
David Gerald Ward Section B
David H. Askew Section G
Delia Clifton Fudge Section E
Della Thigpen Section D
Deuotie Hobbs Killebrew Section D
Dixie Tindol Landrum Section C
Docia A. Hammond Section B
Dola Milner Section B
Dolly Monfort Section F
Dolly Nixon Bostwick Section F
Donal Lee Tindol Section F
Donald Ree Tindol Section D
Dora Collins Section E
Dorothy Bell Swords Section F
Dorothy Payne Watkins Section E
Douert S. Strickland Section D
Dougal Johnson Salter Section C
Dr. Irwin J. Saunders Section D
Dr. Walter Ernest Saunders Section D
Dudley C. Saxon Section B
Dudley Lee Killebrew Section D
E. Bernice Bush Butler Section D
E. W. Beason Section B
Earl Aubrey Holder Section A
Earl C. Hudgins Section D
Earl Elijah Daniel Section G
Earl S. Cunningham Section D
Early Bledsoe Craft Section C
Earnest E. Johnson Section G
Ed Engram Section G
Eddie Lawrence Section D
Edgar E. Pittman Section D
Edith V. Gleaton Section F
Edna Lewis Calhoun Section B
Edna Toole Section D
Edward A. Kaminsky, Sr. Section G
Edward Carlton Parramore Section F
Edward E. Hollington Section G
Edwin M. “Buck” Calhoun Section B
Edwin Shaw Gleaton Section C
Effie Jackson Guice Section G
Effie Mae Lofton Harrison Section E
Eliza Singleton Garrett Section F
Elizabeth Hatcher Gillis Section F
Elizabeth K. Lanier Section E
Elizabeth L. Smith Section D
Elizabeth Perry Section D
Elizabeth Simmons Watkins Section E
Elizabeth Woodall Gleaton Section D
Elkin E. Watkins Section E
Ella Belle Jordan Section D
Ella G. Thompson Section B
Ella Gore Section D
Ella Kansas Jordan Section C
Ella Ruth Tindol Section D
Elma Maddox Crapps Section C
Eloise Ferguson Cook Section C
Elsie Hicks Embry Section B
Elsie M. Tully Section A
Elthrym Killebrew Section D
Elvin R. Belisle Section B
Emma Clifford Chancey Section D
Emma Kate Calhoun Hicks Section A
Emma Mae Bracklin Section F
Emma Moore Tindol Section B
Emma N. Bostwick Section F
Emmeh G. Tindol Section D
Emmett G. Tindol Section D
Emmett G. Tindol Section F
Emory Julian Carter Section G
Epsye Clyde Lawrence Section D
Eric Nixon Section D
Erie Bower Askew Section C
Ernest Boynton Section D
Ernest C. Cunningham Section D
Ernest Hagood Kinsler Section C
Ernest L. Geeslin Section E
Ernest Manry Boynton Section C
Ernest Taylor Boynton Section C
Esther Fortson Section C
Ethel Toole Bostwick Section F
Etta Mae Swords Section E
Etta Owens Emanuel Section B
Eugene Arnett Section G
Eugene Hunt Section D
Eula Garrett Carter Section C
Eunice Rachel Colley Sheffield Section E
Eustus Bernard Davis Section A
Euzema Hatcher Section B
Eva Bell Geeslin Tindol Section F
Eva Corene Lewis Section D
Evangeline Morton Martin Section C
Evelyn Harbert Section D
Evelyn Manry Boynton Section C
Evelyn Trawick Section D
Evelyn Weaver Section E
Ewing D. Ward Section C
Fannie Bell Alston Section F
Fannie Ridgeway Killingsworth Section E
Fay Saunders Section E
Flora Lawrence Section D
Florence Ellen Oliver Section C
Florence G. Johnson Section E
Florence L. Campbell Amos Section B
Florence Thigpen Section D
Florie Poer Salter Section C
Flossie Cobb Johnson Section E
Fort Georgia Mills Section G
Frances L. Kimbrel Section B
Frank Allison Perry, Jr. Section D
Frank Daniels Timmons Section G
Frank Glisson Section A
Frank L. Tully Section A
Frank Lewis Murray Section D
Franklin L. Pepper Section E
Franklin Winston White, Jr Section A
Fred Bostwick Section F
Frederick G. Dillman Section D
G. Chappell Jennings Section D
Geneva P. Whatley Section D
Geneva P. Whatley Section F
George Albert Butler Section D
George C. Holder Section A
George Carlton Davis Section C
George Kaleel Section C
George M. Pullen Section E
George Mayes Lofton Section E
George McClain Jay Section D
George Nelson McClain Section D
George O. Taliaferro Section C
George Penderlin Crapps Section C
George Ritchie Lewis Section G
George Rollin Colley Section E
George T. Fincher Section A
George Travis Holder Section A
George W. Harrison Section D
George W. Lewis Section D
George W. Saxon Section B
George W. Swords Section F
George Weaver Sasser Section A
George Wooten Price Section E
Georgia B. Saunders Section E
Georgia Mayes Lofton Section E
Georgia W. Whatley Section B
Gertrude W. Peavy Section B
Gertrude Weaver Powell Section C
Gladys Askew Dilloman Section C
Gloria Calhoun Section C
Grace Timmons Section D
Green Lee Toole Section E
Grover W. Calhoun Section D
Guida Jeanette Allen Section G
Gurley Lofton Section E
Gussie Parramore Section F
Guy Murphy Section C
H. C. Johnson Section D
H. H. Powell Section D
H. T. Pullen Section E
Hall McCoy Calhoun Section E
Hallie Rice Borders Section F
Ham Lot Section B
Harberts- no inscription Section D
Harley Jackson Bailey Section A
Harlow Parkerson, Jr Section E
Harold O. Thornton Section A
Harry A. Olive Section D
Harry Randolph Powell Section C
Harry Rizer, Sr. Section G
Hattie Fredonia “Donie” Lofton Section E
Hattie N. McMillan Section D
Hayne A. Knight Section B
Hayne Lauelle Williams Section B
Helen Johnson Section E
Henrietta Louise McNair Bell Section B
Henry Arlon Guice Section G
Henry C. Mansfield Section C
Henry Clay Sheffield Section D
Henry Clay Sheffield Section E
Henry Kell Blalock Section A
Henry Leon Hicks Section A
Henry Leon Hicks, Jr Section A
Henry Martin Melton Section D
Herbert I McMillan Section D
Herman E. Howell Section D
Herschel Francis Tuck Section B
Herschel V. Killebrew Section D
Herschel Victor Killebrew Section D
Hilda Timmons Section D
Hiram Douglas Hunt Section D
Holly H. Alston Section F
Homer Powell Harrison Section C
Horace Rudolph Cowart Section E
Howard “Plunk” Milner Section A
Howard Beason Section B
Howard J. Booth Section B
Howard Jernigan Section B
Hudgins Lot Section D
Hugh Dorsey Jordan Section C
Hugh E. Whatley Section B
Hugh Steven Cowart Section E
Huron Boynton Carter Section D
Ida Holder Sheffield Section E
Ida Horsley Jay Section D
Ida Lumley Section C
Ida M. Cowart Section E
Ike Martin Newberry Section B
immons, Sr. Section D
Irene B. Stewart Section G
Irene L. Beckham Section E
Irene Twitty Pullen Section E
Isaac Newberry Section E
J. A. Gassett Section D
J. B. Bostwick Section F
J. B. Lofton Section E
J. G. Collier Section C
J. G. McMillan Section D
J. J. Crawford Section E
J. M. Gore Section D
J. R. Thigpen Section D
J. W. Lofton Section E
J. W. Slocum Section D
J. W. Swords Section E
Jack Horace Garrett Section B
Jackson Stonewall Cowart, Jr Section G
Jacquelyn Bailey Wiley Section A
James Audley Maxwell Section E
James Brown Wade Section E
James C. Gore Section D
James Carlton Bostwick Section E
James Carlton Saunders Section D
James Clinton Bostwick Section E
James D. Evans Section G
James Dennis Goss Section C
James Dewitt Parr Section F
James Early Toole, Sr Section E
James Edward Butler Section D
James Franklin Murray Section D
James Green Killingsworth Section E
James H. Saunders Section E
James Harris Timmons Section D
James Horace Lofton Section E
James J. Perry Section F
James L. Odom Section D
James Lemuel Jay, Jr Section D
James M. “Buddy” Sheffield Section A
James Mark Garrett Section D
James Nathan Price Section A
James O. Bracken Section A
James Osgood McNeil, Jr Section E
James R. Beckham Section E
James R. Herring Section D
James Victor Johnson Section B
James W. Tindol Section F
James Wright Calhoun Section D
Jane Bruce Bostwick Section C
Janet Roberts Glisson Section A
Jean F. Van Rysselberge Section B
Jefferson McCall Allen Section B
Jerald “Buddy” Mathis Section G
Jerry Wayne Phillips Section G
Jesse Claude Embry Section B
Jesse Eugene Clements Section D
Jesse F/ Perry Section F
Jesse S. Calhoun Section C
Jessie D. Murphy Section C
Jessie Franklin Rabon Section D
Jessie Gladys Blalock Section A
Jessie Hughes Section D
Jessie L. Croft Section G
Jessie Robinson Belisle Section F
Jessie Roe Peavy Section B
Jewel Pace Johnson Section B
Jill Gleaton Section C
Jim Holley Daniels Section E
Jim Newberry Section F
Jimmie G. Lumley Section C
Jimmie Hodge Timmons, Sr Section B
Joe Clayton Collier Section A
Joe S. Mansfield Section B
John A. Ward Section C
John Allen Timmons Section D
John Aubrey Timmons Section D
John Barbara D. Daniels Section E
John Clayton Newberry Section B
John Clement Swords Section E
John Clement Swords Section E
John David Cook Section C
John Dudley Lee Section D
John E. Reynolds Section B
John Elkin Lofton Section E
John H. “Kiddo” Taylor Section B
John H. Hudgins Section D
John H. Jarvis Section A
John H. Perry Section E
John Harris Timmons Section D
John Harvin Swords Section E
John L. Jordan Section B
John Leon Murray Section B
John M. Seay Section C
John Martin Cowart Section E
John Price Jay Section D
John S. Parramore Section F
John Thomas Daniels Section E
John Thomas Holder Section A
John W. Dennis Section B
John W. Guice Section G
John W. Harrison Section F
John W. Taylor Section B
John Ward Section D
John William Newberry Section B
John William Taylor Section D
John William Taylor, Jr. Section F
John Wright Tindol Section F
Johnnie Butler Collins Section E
Johnnie G. Daniel, Jr. Section C
Johnny Milton Fincher Section F
Joseph B. Price Section D
Joseph Bryant Timmons Section D
Joseph Earl Blanton Section F
Joseph Earl Key Section A
Joseph Elwood Martin Section C
Joseph H. Fincher Section D
Joyce Johnston Section D
Julia A. Brooks Section D
Julia Ann Monfort Section F
Julia Faye Murray Section D
Julia Nancy Murray Section D
Julian Lee Archer Section F
Kate Newberry Section F
Kate Newberry Taylor Section D
Katherine Newberry Parkerson Section E
Kathleen W. Hinton Section B
Katie B. Swords Section F
Katie Miller Calhoun Section B
Kenneth Boynton Section D
L. L. Lofton Section E
Lamar Hugh Oliver Section C
Langdon Hinton Boynton Section D
Larry Eugene Calhoun Section C
Larry Eugene Swords Section E
Larry Woodfin Hunt Section D
Laslie Watson Hatcher Section B
Lattie L. Lyon Section D
Laura Bostwick Allen Section F
Laura Elliott Reeves Section C
Laura Spurlock Section C
Laura Whatley Simmons Section C
Lavinia Angel Beason Section C
Lee Morgan Monfort Section F
Leland E. McLendon Section F
Lelia Daniels Price Section D
Lelia Mae Robinson Section F
Leon Earl Daniel Section G
Leonard I. Rice Section D
Leroy Kimbrel Section B
Leslie Ray Taliaferro Section B
Lester H. Taliaferro Section B
Lester Slocum Section D
Lewis Sheffield Section A
Lewis Tree Cunningham Section E
Lewis Williams Section F
Lewis Williams Fulks Section D
Lillie Cowart Hatcher Section F
Lillie I. Jordan Section B
Lillie T. Lewis Section A
Linda Bowman Gore Section D
Linda Weathers Hatcher Section C
Linton L. Wiley Section D
Little Billy Ray Section E
Little Joe Taliaferro Section C
Little Naomi Davis Section E
Little Sister Bryan Section F
Lonnie Marvin Lane Section C
Lora Turner Bostwick Section F
Lorraine Weed Taylor Section B
Louellen Gore Section D
Louis Matthew Carnes Section B
Louisa Sylvania Calhoun Section D
Louisa Sylvania Wilson Section D
Louise Bostwick Section E
Louise Bowen Bell Section B
Louise V. Saunders Section D
Lovie Sheffield Timmons Section D
Lowe Easterlin Nance Section F
Lozzie Collier Section C
Lucile H. Cowart Section E
Lucille Monfort Raulerson Section A
Lula Belle Johnson Section D
Lula L. Beckham Section E
Lula M. Lane Section C
Lula Paul Blanton Section F
Lula Pratt Carter Section F
M. Ella Fincher Section D
M. Ray Stewart Section G
Mabel Cook James Section C
Mabel Ivy Saxon Section B
Mable Arnett Putnam Section G
Mack Daniel Sasser Section A
Madelin Garrett Section A
Mae Moore Robert Section D
Mae Moore Roberts Section F
Maggie Collier Section C
Maggie E. – Stella A. Section E
Maggie Tooke Section D
Mahaly M. Johnson Section D
Majorie Leone Saunders Section E
Mamie Lee Killebrew Section D
Mamie Lee Sasser Section A
Mamie Louise Colley Section E
Margaret Blocker Singleton Section D
Margaret E. Killebrew Section D
Marguerite Story Section C
Marie E. Murchison Section F
Marmaduke N. Killebrew Section D
Martha Ann Delaney Perry Section F
Martha C. Coleman Section E
Martha Emeline Killebrew Dudley Section D
Martha L. Pepper Section E
Martha Lovett Section E
Martha M. Goolsby Section B
Martin Edward Chancey Section D
Marvagene C. Edwards Section A
Mary Alice Newberry Section F
Mary Anna Wellons Section E
Mary Brown Sharp Section B
Mary C. “Wink” Gleaton Section F
Mary Carter (Mamie) Ray Section C
Mary D. Lawrence Section D
Mary E. Cowdrey Section D
Mary E. Swords Section E
Mary Elizabeth Timmons Oliver Section D
Mary Estelle Land Section D
Mary Idella White Section A
Mary J. Hargrove Section D
Mary Jane Gliddens Section D
Mary Jane Jarvis Section A
Mary Jean Evans Section G
Mary Jordan Simpson Section D
Mary Layman Melton Section D
Mary Leone Hand Section C
Mary Lewis Wallace Section D
Mary Louise Calhoun Section E
Mary Martin Cowart Section B
Mary Millison Arnett Section G
Mary Nelle Hatcher Edwards Section B
Mary Powell Section D
Mary Powell Avery Strickland Section D
Mary Prattie Calhoun Section E
Mary Roba Boynton Section D
Mary Sue Parramore Section F
Mary Sue Timmons Section D
Matilda A. Gore Section D
Mattie B. “Doll” Archer Section F
Mattie F. Murphy Section C
Mattie Irma Lofton Watkins Section E
Mattie Mae Lewis Cook Section C
Mattie Ruth Tindol Section D
Mattie T. Collier Section C
Mattie Taylor Horsley Section D
Maude Alston Howell Section D
Maude Baughn Taylor Section B
Maude D. White Section A
May Price Kaleel Section C
McClain Ray Section D
McDonald Calhoun Section D
Melissa Michelle Swords Section A
Mell R. Belisle Section B
Mellie Sanders Section D
Memory of D. B. Wallace Section D
Meta E. Section C
Mettie Calhoun Section D
Millard P. Jones Section E
Minnie Easterlin Nance Section F
Minnie Lee Newberry Section E
Minnie Mae Hewett Section A
Mittanna Thigpen Section D
Mortimer Lane Dudley Section D
Mrs. A. S. Calhoun Section D
Mrs. Ben Poer Section C
Mrs. C. E. Garrett Section D
Mrs. Cencilla Fudge McMurria Section E
Mrs. Claude Johnson Section A
Mrs. Eliza T. Swearingen Section F
Mrs. Jessie K. Rice Section D
Mrs. Jessie Lofton Weaver Section E
Mrs. M. H. Thigpen Section D
Mrs. Mary A. Leonard Section E
Mrs. Mollie Gassett Section D
Mrs. Nettie McCall Allen Section C
Mrs. Nola Elizabeth Spurlock Section C
Mrs. P. C. Simmons Section C
Mrs. Robert S. Rice Section D
Mrs. Sara Thompson Section E
Mrs. Willie Crymes Jester Section C
Mrs. Willie Fudge Mason Section E
Myrtice M. Swords Section E
Myrtle R. Lee Section D
Nan Collier Section C
Nancy Elizabeth Peek Section C
Nancy Shaw Gleaton Section D
Nancy Sue Smith Section D
Nathan P. Garrett Section C
Nell Francis Alston Section F
Nellie H. Blackburn Section B
Nellie Kate Timmons Mansfield Section C
Nellie M. Jarvis Section A
Nellie S. Taliaferro Section E
Nellie Smith Saxon Section B
Nettie Clay Bass Calhoun Section D
Nettie Estelle Clements Section D
Nettie Lou Lawrence Johnston Section D
Nettie Louise Saunders Section D
Newman Wiggins Section E
Nina Colley Preston Section D
Nola Byrd Lane Section A
Nola Missouri Roughton Section F
Nora Ellen Pittman Section D
Norman Noal Clower Section G
O. C. Johnson Section E
Obrey Kimbrel Section B
Ola A. Daniels Section D
Olin Crawford Johnson Section E
Ollie Daniels Tooke Section D
Opal Norman Pearson Section B
Oscar Allen Brooks Section G
Oscar Powell Section E
Ossie T. Belcher Section B
Otho William Bledsoe Section D
Otis E. Garrett Section A
Our Angel, Laura Spurlock Section C
Parramore Child’s Grave Section F
Patrick C. Simmons, M.D. Section C
Patsy Section A
Paul G. Mayer Section B
Pearl Crawford Saunders Section E
Perry W. Murphy Section C
Posey Ridgeway Taylor Section E
Preston Lot Section D
r & Ida Martin Cowart Section G
R. E. Collier Section C
Rachel Ann Roberts Section F
Rachel Bostwick Section E
Rachel Cowart Cunningham Section E
Rachel E. Jordan Section C
Rachel Harrison Section D
Rachel Jordan Section C
Rachel N. Watson Section E
Ralph D. Archer Section F
Ralph L. Archer Section F
Ralph McCoy Calhoun Section E
Rausey Calhoun Section D
Raymond C. Tooke Section D
Raymond Trawick, Jr. Section D
Rebecca E. Cowdrey Section D
Rebecca Elizabeth Powell Section E
Reuben Harris Jones Section D
Rev T. M. Thomas Section D
Rev. Thomas K. Leonard, M.D. Section F
Richard C. Ward Section B
Richard O. Nixon Section F
Riley Eric Preston Section B
Robert C. Taylor Section D
Robert Coleman Section E
Robert Dudley Land Section D
Robert Edward Rice Section D
Robert Ephrim Land Section D
Robert Felton Andrews, Sr Section B
Robert H. Lanier Section E
Robert Hilton Bostwick Section F
Robert Lane Dudley Section D
Robert Oliver McNair Section B
Robert Roy Powell Section C
Robert S. Rice Section D
Robert W. Parr Section E
Roberta Lee Killebrew Section D
Roger Fincher Section A
Rosa Allie Cox Smith Section B
Rosa Crumbley Miller Section D
Rosa E. Mansfield Section B
Rosa Martin Newberry Section E
Rosalie Glenn Manry Section C
Rosie Nell Wacaster Section G
Roth Moye Ingram Section B
Rowena Cobb Ward Section D
Roy Beckham Section E
Roy Randolph Powell Section C
Roy Samuel Landrum Section C
Rubbie Abigail McMurria Section E
Ruby Bostwick Sanders Section B
Ruby E. Walker Section B
Ruby Mae Lewis Section D
Ruth O’Keefe Section D
S. D. Tindol Section D
Sallie B. Taylor Section B
Sallie C. Cunningham Section D
Sallie N. J. Sirmons Section C
Sallie O. Perry Section E
Sallie T. Davis Section A
Sam Fortson Section C
Sam Hatcher Section C
Samuel Garner McNeil Section D
Samuel J. Wilson Section D
Samuel Lee Mansfield Section B
Samuel T. Taylor Section D
Samuel Thomas Nance Section B
Samuel Thomas Nance Section F
Saphronia R. McGowah Section F
Sara Adams Johnson Section E
Sara Alice Bledsoe Section B
Sara Harrison Sims Section D
Sara Nell Rabon Section C
Sara Tuck Nance Section B
Sarah A. Harrison Section F
Sarah Ann Garrett Section C
Sarah E. Davis Section E
Sarah Katherine Shivers Section A
Scott Howard Smith Section C
Sena Bostwick Arnold Section F
Sena W. Bostwick Section F
Shirley G. Thomas Section E
Shirley G. Thomas Section E
Shirley Lee Mansfield Section B
Sidney Holt Saunders Section D
Sidney Paul Blanton Section F
Soldier, CSA Section C
Soldier, CSA Section D
Soloman David Betton Section A
Stella S. Boynton Section D
Stephen L. Ham Section B
Sue G. Byrd Section F
Susan Musgrove Price Section A
T. E. Pickrun Section C
T. G. Johnson Section D
T. J. Lanier Section E
Talmadge Aubrey Parker Section B
Talmadge E. Whatley Section B
Taylor Parramore Section F
Tedy Swords Section D
Thelma Madge Alston Section F
Theo Richmond Manry Section C
Theodora Easterlin Ashley Section F
Theodore O’Hara Grant Section D
Thomas A. Johnson Section E
Thomas Byron Watkins Section E
Thomas E. Allen Section F
Thomas E. Lane Section A
Thomas Edwin Sasser, Jr Section D
Thomas Frank Daniels Section D
Thomas J. Miller Section D
Thomas Michael Glisson Section A
Thomas Taylor Watkins Section E
Thomas Tennyson Daniels Section D
Thomas Watson Whatley Section B
Thurman L. “Sang” White Section D
Tom Newberry Section F
Tommie Lee Collins Riley Section A
Tommie R. Bryan Section F
Tomzon A. Grant Section D
Turner Enoch Roughton Section F
Twilla M. Milner Section A
Val Hogue Section F
Vandella Perry Section D
Viola Bracklin White Section F
Vollie Boyd Keel Section A
W. C. Wiggins Section E
W. E. Clements Section C
W. E. Cook Section C
W. L. Calhoun Section D
Wade R. Bracklin Section F
Wallace Davis Sheffield Section E
Walter Beason Section B
Walter Burton Section B
Walter E. Calhoun Section E
Walter E. Calhoun, Jr Section E
Walter Ernest Saunders, Jr. Section D
Walter Eugene Howell Section D
Walter Harper Section B
Walter W. Ray Section D
Walter Wyatt Ray Section D
Warner Jefferson Rice Section D
Welburn J. Roberts Section F
Welton C. Sasser Section A
Wilber L. Lewis Section G
Wiley W. Monfort Section A
Willard Daniels Section E
William A. Beckham Section E
William A. Jernigan Section B
William A. Walker Section B
William Burrell Byrd, Sr Section F
William C. “Leck” Gleaton Section F
William C. Bryan Section F
William Charlie Tindol Section D
William D. Calhoun Section E
William D. Cowdrey Section D
William E. Bostwick Section F
William E. Johnston Section D
William Earl Gleaton Section C
William Early Bostwick Section F
William Ebert Hewett Section A
William F. Mills Section G
William Frank Simpson, Sr. Section D
William G. Carter Section C
William Grandel Hewett Section A
William H. Daniels Section E
William Hardy Moody Section G
William Heard Ballard, Jr. Section C
William Henry Davis Section E
William Henry Douglas Section E
William Henry Gordon Section A
William Herbert Harms Section E
William Home Collins Section B
William J. Jordan Section D
William Joseph Horsley Section D
William Lawton Collins Section E
William M. Carter Section C
William Madison Riley, M. D. Section A
William Mansfield Section C
William Nelson Lane Section C
William P. Lewis Section A
William Ray Section E
William Robert Harris Section D
William Robert Thompson Section B
William Thomas Jester Section C
William Wright Calhoun Section B
William Wright Calhoun, M.D. Section D
William Wyley Yates Section G
Willie A. Smith Section B
Willie Beason, DDS Section C
Willie Dee Johnson Section F
Willie Drayton Douglas Section E
Willie E. Harrell Section D
Willie Hugh Bostwick Section F
Willie Jenkins Strickland Section C
Willie Leila Price Section A
Willie Mae S. Thornton Section A
Willie Mae Taliaferro Section C
Willie Maude McBride Lee Section D
Willie McClain Harrison Section D
Willie O. Miller Section D
Willie P. Beckham Section E
Willie Price Holder Section A
Willie Warren Garrett Section C
Willis G. Sanderson Section D
Winnie W. Jordan Section B
Wm. H. C. Cunningham Section D
Woodrow Wilson Mainor Section F
Wyatt Swords Section G
Wyolene Saunders Section E
Y. W. Fudge Section E
Y. W. Fudge, Jr. Section E
Z. V. Putnam Section D
Zack Daniel Section A
Zeph Saunders Section E
Zilpha Lofton Section D


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