Calhoun County Cemeteries

This website has a map locator for many Calhoun cemeteries:  

Against Oblivion: A History of Calhoun County  has a great list of old cemeteries.  Ms. Dozier has graciously given permission to use the cemetery transcriptions from the book on the website.  Thanks to John Johnson for putting these into a digital format for this site. 

Thanks Ms. Dozier ! 


Bell Family  (white) 

Bethel CME  (African) 

Coleman Family  (white) 

Cordray’s (or Lizzard Lope)(white)

Daniels Family  (white) 

Dickey (white)  Edison  

Dickey Presbyterian (white)Edison

Duke Family (white) 

Ebenezer (African) 

Elam Church (White)  Morgan   photo

Furlough (African) 

Gethsemane (African)

Harmony or Parksville (African)  

Holt (African) 

Hopewell (African)  

Jacob Chapel (African) 

Leary City (white) 

Mars Hill Primitive Baptist (white) Bluffton

Mills – Beckcom (white)  Bluffton 

Monroe Family (white) 

Monroe – Martin (white)  

Morgan Baptist (white) 

Morgan Methodist (white)

Mt. Carmel FWB Church  

Mount Nebo (African)  Morgan

Mt Ebel (African)  

Mt Mary (African)

Mt Zion (African)

New Hope (African)

New Light   (white) Morgan

New Point (African)  

Oak Grove (white)  

Old Pachitla (white)  Edison  

Parkins (African)  

Parksville (African) original 

Philadelphia (white) 

Pine Bloom (African)  

Pine Island (African) 

Pleasant Grove (African)  Bluffton  

Pleasant Hill (African)  Bermuda 

Pruett Family (white) 

Ragan (white)  Edison  

Ragan Family (white)  Edison 

Rivers (white) 

Rogers (white)  

Salem (white)  Edison   

Saxon (white) 

Spring Creek (African)  Holt

St Luke (African)  Holt  

St Mary Land (african)  Morgan  

St Paul AME (African)  Holt

St Paul Baptist (African)  Holt

St Peters (African)  

St Stephens (African)  Edison  

Sweetfield MB (African)  

Tennille Chapel (African) 

Timmons (white)  

Todd (white) 

Union Baptist (white)  

?: Bethel Association Office (white)

?: Graham Pecan Grove (African)

?:Kolomoke Plantation (African)

?: Perryman Place (African)

?: St Joe Paper Co (african)






Conley   Morgan




Other Transcriptions: 

Submitted by: R N Rogers

Mt. Nebo Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
(Morgan, Georgia---Calhoun County)

Willie Haynes
Born 10/22/1903 and Died 12/25/1984

Mary Lee Washington Byrd
Born 07/03/1946 and died-unknown
Interred: 10/10/1998

Christian Cemetery
(Edison, Georgia---Calhoun County)

Minnie Lee Lewis
Born 12/15/1897 and Died 06/13/1989
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tucker

George "Junior" Blackmon III
Born 01/28/1951 and Died 03/29/1981

St. Stephens Cemetery
(Edison, Georgia--Calhoun County)

Mary Lizzie Hamilton Butler
Born 02/25/1914 and Died 02/01/1986

Ada Lee Bell
Born 06/16/1929 and Died 09/28/1998

Mars Hill Cemetery
(Edison, Georgia---Calhoun County)

Huie Jones, Sr.
born 03/15/1905 and Died 05/16/1992

Pine Island Freewill Baptist Church Cemetery
(Edison, Georgia---Calhoun County)

Jack Cooper
Born 09/30/1915 and Died 02/09/1990

Freddie Dean Zackery
Born 05/21/1996 and Died-unknown
Interred; 10/31/1982

Ruby Williams
born 07/14/1940 and Died-unknown
Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Newt Zackery



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