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McLarty Family Cemetery

Submitted by: Sandy Whittington


The McLarty Cemetery is in the Dark Corner area of Douglas County -- on Brittain Road about 475 feet north of its intersection with Cedar Mountain Road. Heading north

it is on the left side of the road, some 460 feet up the hill. There are approximately 300 graves in this cemetery, the vast majority of them marked with fieldstones only. There is also one area that an experienced archaelogist believes to be a mass grave, which corresponds to stories about a group of children being buried together during an epidemic

of some sort. It is in the older black section of the cemetery -- could it be related to the typhoid epidemic in the summer of 1897? The first burials are dated 1842, and the cemetery continued in active use (at least in the black part) until the 1940s. If anyone can identify any other burials in the cemetery the trustees would appreciate it very much.

There is currently one large marker in the geographic center of the cemetery

that reads, "FOR THOSE WHO REST HERE KNOWN BUT TO GOD." If you need further information or are interested in being on the mailing list for the annual clean-up effort, contact Sandy Whittington at


The McLarty family section contains approx. 50-60 graves. Some have only fieldstone markers, but the inscribed markers are as follows:

P.V. Enterkin (nee Polly Virginia McLarty)

w/o David Fletcher Enterkin)

December 19, 1838

December 15, 1912

John McLarty Senior

December 25, 1775

January 21, 1853

Mary McLarty (nee Mary Wilson)

w/o John McLarty Senior

March 15, 1776

February 3, 1866

S.K. Enterkin (Samuel Kanada Enterkin)

August 13, 1825

April 13, 1888

J.C. Morris (James Columbus Morris, Co. C, 30th GA Infantry)

September 8, 1834

June 19, 1903

S.E. Morris (nee Sarah E. Polk)

w/o J.C. Morris

April 16, 1843

October 22, 1909

E.V. Enterkin (nee Esther Virginia McLarty)

w/o S.K. Enterkin

May 9, 1830

July 26, 1906

Charles Thomas Polk

November 23, 1860

August 12, 1916

M.A. Polk (nee Margaret Ann Freeman)

w/o C.T. Polk

March 17, 1855

March 18, 1907

Trannie C. Polk

d/o C.T. and M.A. Polk)

January 16, 1884

May 15, 1905

J.E. Polk (James E. Polk)

December 9, 1845

November 7, 1888

Cathrine Polk (nee Cathrine McLarty)

w/o C.S. Polk

January 16, 1821

March 26, 1907

Mattie J. Polk

d/o C.T. and M.A. Polk

February 12, 1882

September 4,1884

C.S. Polk (Charles Shelby Polk)

May 29, 1814

July 10, 1879

S.W. McLarty (Samuel Wilson McLarty)

August 28, 1799

July 11, 1863

Mary McLarty (nee Mary "Polly" Polk)

first w/o S.W. McLarty

August 13, 1810

May 21, 1848

Mary McLarty

d/o John and Martha McLarty

January 20, 1832

November 12, 1842

(Note: She died at age 10 just one day after her mother died -- probably

an infectious disease of some sort.)

Martha McLarty (nee (Martha White)

first w/o John McLarty Junior

November 11, 1801

November 11, 1842

John McLarty Junior

March 7, 1802

March 14, 1856

Sarah E. McLarty (Mrs. Sarah Eleanor {McLarty} Anderson)

second w/o John McLarty Junior

July 27, 1814

March 4, 1881

J.W. Anderson (James W. Anderson, Co. C, 30th GA Infantry)

June 14, 1838

June 28, 1881

Martha E. Anderson Dorris (nee Martha Benson)

married first to J.W. Anderson, then to James Dorris)

January 7, 1849

February 2 1926

Harriet C. Benson (nee Harriet Caroline McLarty)

w/o James LaFayette Benson

January 31, 1826

April 7, 1896

James LaFayette Benson

April 15, 1822

May 9, 1902

(Charter member of Ephesus Baptist Church in 1874)

Charles O. Enterkin

April 24, 1864

April 2, 1906

Posey Newton Brown (h/o Mary C. McLarty Brown)

June 13, 1849

July 17, 1896

Mary C. McLarty Brown (w/o Posey Newton Brown)

Oct. 31, 1846

Apri. 30, 1885

Mark McElreath

Born 1811

February 21, 1858

Jane McElreath (nee Jane McLarty)

w/o Mark McElreath

June 1, 1823

Mary 22, 1878

C.S. McElreath (Carson S. McElreath, Co. A, 56th GA Infantry)

s/o Mark and Jane McElreath

March 27, 1842

November 13, 1881

Martha McElreath (nee Martha VanSant)

w/o Carson McElreath

Born 1845

Death date unknown

Our Baby (child of Carson and Martha McElreath)

No further information.

In addition to the actual burials, there are eleven memorial markers for

the grandsons of John and Mary McLarty who died in the War Between the

States and are in unknown graves all over the South:

Lt. Alexander W. McLarty, 31st Mississippi (killed at Franklin, TN)

Corp. James K. Polk McLarty, 29th Mississippi (killed at Murfreesboro, TN)

Pvt. William L. McLarty. 4th Mississippi

Pvt. Wilson Lafayette McLarty, 4th Mississippi

Sgt. Samuel Manon McLarty, 30th Georgia

Pvt. William Wallace McLarty, 41st Georgia (killed at Perryville, KY)

Pvt. William Alexander McLarty, 56th Georgia

Pvt. George W. Hartsfield, 56th Georgia

Pvt. Archibald DeKalb McLarty, 56th Georgia

Pvt. Joseph R. Farmer, 30th Georgia

Pvt. Mangum Calhoun Maxwell, 41st Georgia (died in hospital, Oxford, MS)

That wraps up the McLarty Family part of the Cemetery.

There are many black graves, but sadly most of them have only fieldstone markers. These graves are in two separate black sections that are on either side of the white section of the cemetery.

Old Black Section (ca. 1862 - ca. 1920)

Sally Polk

Died 1862

(crudely inscribed fieldstone)


Peter James Carnes

Born and died Nov. 17, 1882


Walter Scales

Born April 3, 1890

Died June 22, 1891


W.H. Scales

Born Sept. 26, 1891

Died Dec. 27, 1896


Clark McCLarty

Birth Unknown

Died June 23, 1906

(actually he was born ca. 1830, for he was 70 in the 1900 census)



Died Aug. 10, 1912


Peter Carnes (h/o Sophia Carnes)

Died Aug. 30, 1920

Aged 87 years


Sophia Carnes(w/o Peter Carnes)

no dates inscribed

Note: Peter and Sophia share a large double marker.


New Black Section (ca. 1912 - ca. 1945)


Nrcy McLarin

1858 -1912

Thad Hollomon (s/o Fannie Hawkins Hollomon)

Born Aug. 4, 1893

Died Jan. 1, 1919

Co. B 516 Eng.

Stev. Bn.

(This marker is especially fine, with a U.S. flag cut into it. Family

members tell us that Thad served in France in WWI and died aboard ship on

the way home after the war. May have been a result of mustard gas.)


Fannie Hawkins Holloman (m/o Thad Holloman)

Apr. 24, 1879

Nov. 3, 1945

Sellers Brothers Mortuary


William Harris Hawkins

Nov. 26, 1889

Mar. 7, 1923

(also has a US government marker as a WWI veteran)


W.M. Sutton

Born June 17, 1903

Died Oct. 18, 1925

Daughter of Mrs. Studders

(crudely inscribed fieldstone)


M.C. Connell

Mar. 8, 1926


Mrs. C. Shelton

Died Jan. (rest of date illegible)


Mrs. Margie Taylor Hart

May 17, 1910

Jan. 20, 1944

Age 33

Sellers Brothers Mortuary


George W. Hawkins

May 27, 1871

Aug. 20, 1944


Amanda L. Hawkins

Jan. 12, 1888

No death date inscribed

Note: George and Amanda share a double marker)

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