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1850 Carroll County Georgia Census

 Submitted by Wally Smith


The 1850 U. S. Census for Carroll County Georgia was the Third Census for Carroll County. It was ennunnerated by T.S. Martin begining August 5, 1850 and ending November 10, 1850. The Census Form consisted of 13 columes. The first colume was to be the dwelling number in order of visitation. The second colume should have been the family number in order of visitation, but Mr. Martin chose to use the first colum for the household and the second to count the people within. No big deal there. But the rascal didn't give us the district the folks were counted in. He showed the total population as being in the eleventh division. There are 1391 households and 8256 people. The following table was extracted from a microfilm copy of the original records by Wally Smith. I have included the household number, the number of the person within, first and last names, age, sex race where stated, and place of birth of all persons counted. Most names are spelled as they appear on the microfilm as best I can determine. Some were abbreviated and were changed to the complete name, such as Geo to George, Jno to John etc. The hand writing was fair for the most part. But there were some difficulties encountered with it. It is impossible to tell a capital I from a capital J. It's hard to tell a double s from a ps. Some small d's are hard since he made them like small capital D's. some single capital letters are hard to decipher. I have made every effort to provide an accurate transcription. Some of the names of heads of housholds were checked against other records. But even with all this some mistakes, are still likely in a transcription of this magnitude. I will continue to update and maintain this file. If you find an error that I have made, please let me know. If you have access to records for this County and want to help with this effort let me know.The Index is split into four seperate files; A-D, E-J, K-R, and S-Z. Just click in the table to see the file and use the back button on your browser to return.





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