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Galen Foster - Ft. Benning


Picture #1 is of my Honor Guard unit performing for President Johnson. He inspected us also.

Picture #2 is of the Firing Squad just before a funeral. I was a body bearer that day.

Picture#3 is of one of the members of the Color Guard passing out that day with President Johnson. We stood at the position of attention one hour that day. When the guy passed out the guy next to him reached and took the flag to prevent it from touching the ground.

'HITS THE DECK - Sgt. Francis Doerr of Lindale, Pa., passed out during ceremonies at Fort Benning's Doughboy Stadium Friday for President Lyndon B. Johnson. Doerr, a member of the five-man colors guard, fainted while standing at attention with the American flag. A fellow serviceman at Doerr's left kept the flag from falling when Doerr fell to his knees. Another serviceman was reported to have fainted during the ceremonies. - Enquirer photo by Allen Horne.'

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Galen Foster Meritorious Service

~submitted by Galen Foster, July 6, 2005



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