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Sheriff Walter L. McCart - about 1940


The Shaws


skating in Milstead


Bob Elliott, Horace Baggett, and Octavia Livingston in Mr. Elliott's store


Members of the Milstead Golf Club - 1929

the dinky

Eating Snow in Milstead - 1933

military heros

covered dish

this n that

Tennis Champions - 1953

help requests

soap-box derby


Callaway Mills Employees - 1938


Ruth Shaw with Janice and Joan during World War II

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Night softball game at Milstead ball park

Callaway Mills Baseball Team - 1950s

Callaway Mills Mens Volleyball Team - 1950s

Callaway Mills Womens Volleyball Team - 1950s

25 Year Club

July 4th, 1912 Picnic

Jessie and Nellie Mae Wallace and Mammy Blankenship

Galen and Terry

Milstead children - 1940s

kids in Milstead - 1940s

Frank Smith

Family Groups

Milstead Midgets - 1940s

Lazy Summer Days - 1940s

5th Grade Class

Deed for Church of the Lord Jesus Christ facility - newspaper article

Milstead Ball Team - 1909


Boy Scouts


Milstead School Seventh Grade Class of 1934


McCluskey, Kelly and Hicks families


Milstead School Bus Trip - circa 1950


First Shift - Milstead Mill - 1933


Milstead Methodist Church - 1956


Milstead Parsonage


Ruel Barnett and the Dinky in 1949


more milstead midgets


Milstead Plant Basketball Team - 1925


Second Women's Basketball Team


Milstead Plant Office and Old Bell




Baptist Missionary Society, 1934 - 1935

  J. Baker Stewart

Milstead Plant Baseball Team - 1928 - 1929


Milstead School Teachers


The Superintendents


25 Year Awards - 1937


Weaving Employees - about 1912


Bubber Snider


Betty Herring  - More About Betty Herring


Residents of Milstead




That's the Way it Was


Ruth Shaw


Bob Elliott on the 1912 picnic


Myrl Foster and Sons - 1950s


Second Shift - 1933


Winnie Ruth Wilkerson


Baby photo of Frank Milstead


Andrew Milstead


Will A. Camp

    West Burnley
    Jessie S. Burnley

Kindergarten Class of 1953


Baseball team - 1948


James and Danny Shaw about 1956


Bob and Nell Barnett


Milstead Homeowners Association - 1991


Milstead Hunting Club - 1940s


Family Night - Milstead Gym - 1953


Tommy Phillips


Grover and Myrl Foster - 1950s


Ronnie, Galen and Gene Foster - 1950s


Grover Foster and Sons - 1950s


Beeler Foster - 1950s


Mrs. Robinson coming home from work 1957


another photo of Olin Ramey, Sr. - fishing in 1951


Olin Ramey, Sr. - fishing in 1951


The Wilkerson Sisters - 1962


Graduation from Porterdale High - 1943


Jerome Day


Yvonne Day's 10th Birthday Party


Milstead Korean War Veterans


The Phillips


Bliss and Brandon Foster


Kindergarten Class of 1952 at Christmas


Grammar School - 1946


Unidentified Soldier is identified as Roger Mills, Jr.


Jim Smith celebrates his 83rd birthday - Callaway Beacon


Milstead Volleyball Team - Callaway Beacon


Milstead Baptist Church Baptisms


Violet Norton Wins TV Set - Callaway Beacon


January 1950 Births - Callaway Beacon


Mrs. R. O. Barnett on Bowling Team - January 16, 1950 Callaway Beacon

    Milstead Baseball Team - 1950
    Wedding: Ruby Kate Mitcham andJohn Henry McWilliams
    Pfc. Edward W. Carver, Jr.
    Billy M. Garrish
    Milstead Kids - 1952
    Mr. and Mrs. Walker Potts
    Warehouse and Yard Employees - 1950
    Mrs. Carrie G. Wilson - 1949
    Scouting - 1949
    Know Your Reporters - January 1950
    Good Samaritan
    Minnie Wood Shaw - October 1955
    Leila Zachry
    Rev. and Mrs. M. C. Phillippi
    Milstead Teen Club - 1950
    Annie Foster's Retirement 1953
    Another photo of Annie Foster's Retirement in 1953
    W. E. DeLoach, Sr. Obituary
    Mrs. Mary Lou Walls Receives Award
    Charles and Mattie Wilkerson
    Charles and Eula Wilkerson
    Jessie Robinson and Family
    J. T. Robinson
    Faye Rooks - School Photo - 1949 - 1950
    Carl Sanders Obituary
    Milstead Methodist Sunday School Outing - 1940s
    James and Jackie Shaw at the Milstead Dam in the 1940s
    Rockdale High School Football Team - 1960
    Lillian Shaw - Christmas 1970s
    Kay Phillippi and Janice Shaw playing in Milstead
    James and Jackie Shaw at the Shoals
    Lewis Shaw with Lewis Shaw, Jr.
    Another picture of the Milstead Methodist Church Sunday School Outing - 1940s
    Barbara Jean Mills - 1940s
    Frank Smith has identified people in Callaway Mills employee picture from 1927
    Individual photos of Callaway Mills employees - 1927
    Dr. Joseph Brown
    Galen and Brenda Foster - 2005
    Ronnie Foster - High School Photo
    Ronnie Foster's Military Page
    Melody Foster - High School Photo
    Hopeful Golf Caddies
    Dick Ramey - 2005
    Major Michael Maddox Military Hero - page 2 - page 3
    Clyde Maddox Military Hero
    Gene and Galen Foster as Cowboys - circa 1952
    In Memoriam, Gene Foster
    7th Grade Graduation - 1950s
    Bliss and Brandon Foster - January 2006
    Papa Will Foster and Boys (circa 1925)
    Knight Family Photos
    new   Josephine Young



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