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Cities of Cobb County, Georgia

 Marietta - (See Photograph at Top-Glover Park - the Square in Marietta. Also Visit the Welcome Ctr.
Marietta's town square features beautiful Glover Park which is lined with restaurants and shops on all sides. It was donated to the city in c. 1852 by Marietta's first mayor, John H. Glover. <More Photographs will be uploaded.> <The Historical Side of Marietta virtually> Glover Park was the original site of the Cobb County Courthouse that today sits modernized on the SE corner of the Square. This Turn of the Century square is filled to the brim with quaint shops, restaurants and businesses. The Park is a lunch-time favorite spot to nearby businesses and is quite often used for concerts and outdoor events.

Kennesaw - "Billed as 'Freedom First' - and the town where everyone owns a gun - actually is more well known for its "train tracks" to the "The Historic Depot" and "The General" - The Historic and Preservation Commission has overseen the overhaul of the Depot - the depot is being used to house museum exhibits, a collection of artifacts, and photographs relating to the history of Kennesaw. All exhibits were designed and fabricated by Murphy & Orr Exhibits of Forrest Park, Georgia. The exhibits focus on the history of Kennesaw. Story boards include a timeline highlighting historically significant events in the community's history, a history of the depot, a history of how the community was named, African-Americans in Kennesaw, the Civil War in Kennesaw, Kennesaw 1900-1930, Kennesaw 1930-1950, and Kennesaw 1950 - present. In addition, an exhibit housing artifacts relating to the history of Kennesaw and an exhibit housing artifacts unearthed during the archeological dig of the site of the historic Lacy Hotel (artifacts include stone ware, bullets from the Civil War, Confederate and Union officer uniform buttons, and arrow heads) have been developed. "The General" On April 12, 1972 the General was officially enshrined in her permanent home in Kennesaw, Georgia...just 100 yards from the spot where she was stolen on April 12, 1862. The Andrews Raid was one of the most intriguing episodes of the American Civil War. The plan was for a group of 22 volunteers from the Union Army to steal a train, then head North and destroy the Western and Atlantic Railroad, the main supply line for the Confederate Army. However, due to the stubborn persistence of the General's conductor, William A. Fuller, and his group of pursuers, the plan failed. Eight of the Raiders, including Andrews, were hanged, eight escaped and six were exchanged as prisoners of war. Participants in the Raid were the first to receive the newly created Medal of Honor from the United States Congress. The locomotive is housed in a former cotton gin that was renovated to make a fitting home for this famous Civil War exhibit. For more information: The Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History - Telephone: 770-427-2117 - Website: - EMail:

Acworth - Billed as the Lake City - Home to "Allatoona Lake" - History - The population of Acworth is approximately 4519 and the approximate number of families is 2093.

Austell - City Directory - Austell was established in 1885

Powder Springs - The City of Powder Springs was incorporated as Springville in 1838 in the lands of two Cherokee Indian chiefs, Chief Nose and Chief Ana Kanasta (Sweetwater). Gold had been discovered in Georgia ten years earlier, and the first area settlers came to find gold. They found little in the mines at Lost Mountain and off Brownsville Road. It was at about this same time that the Cherokee Indians were forced off their land and marched to Oklahoma on the "Trail of Tears." Over 4,000 died on the way. The name Springville was changed to Powder Springs in 1859. This name was derived from the seven springs in the City Limits. The water in these springs contains some 26 minerals. Minerals that turn the surrounding sand black like gunpowder – hence the name Gunpowder Springs. The Seven Springs Museum is located in Powder Springs Park in downtown Powder Springs. The museum offers a glimpse into local history and affords visitors to see one of the original seven springs just across the park. Operated by the Powder Springs Historical Society, the museum is open part time. Call 770.943.7949 for hours of operation.

Smyrna -The City of Smyrna was established in the 1830's as a religious campground for a multitude of denominations. The town evolved through the years from a tiny frontier village to a thriving community during the railroad boom in the 1840's. The Civil War also left its mark on the town, with the Battle of Ruff's Mill being fought around the Concord Road Covered Bridge and Sherman's visit reducing the town to ashes during the Battle of Smyrna on July 5, 1864. The Concord Covered Bridge Historic District -Concord Drive, near Smyrna This district includes Ruff's Mill (c. 1850), Miller's House (c. 1850), The Rock House (c. 1900), the Concord Woolen Mills and the Concord Covered Bridge. The original covered bridge, constructed in the 1850s, was burned during the Civil War. The stone masonry supports on the current bridge are original.

Mableton - Mableton has one High School Pebblebrook which is one of the finer arts Schools in the State. Mableton is also home of a Governor, Roy Barnes, whose Brother owns a Hardware Store on Veterans Memorial Highway. Mableton is located just the other side of the Chattahoochee River from Atlanta. I did not find a current Mableton website.

Randy's Links to Cobb County is a good resource for City Information and History.

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