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Cobb County is richly blessed with historical and genealogical content.  Unlike Atlanta and Fulton County to the south, Cobb County and Marietta have made great efforts to maintain some of the historical landmarks and history.

Cobb County came into being with the passage of the December 26, 1831 law regarding Cherokee lands. Prior to this time, it was unlawful for any white men to live in what is now Cobb County.

Cobb County was named in honor of Thomas Willis Cobb , U.S. Representative , U.S. Senator and Georgia Supreme Court Justice.

The county seat, Marietta, is named after his Thomas' wife.  John Glover was the first mayor of Marietta and a very prominent early businessman here in Georgia.  Many of his descendants continue to live and be influential in Cobb County.  The park in the Marietta Square is named Glover Park in honor of Mayor John Glover.  The train pictured below is believed to have been the last train made by the Glover Iron Works of Marietta, GA and was found in the factory many years after the closing of Glover Iron Works and prior to the destruction of this building to make way for other commercial enterprises.  This train is on display just off of the Square not far from the old railroad depot and the Fletcher House stand, where the Great Locomotive Chase started.

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