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The following is a "Set of General Orders for Company D" (Davis Invincibles of Dougherty County),
18th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, Army Of Northern Virginia, C.S.A.

Submittal to:
Cobb County, Georgia GenWeb pages by Johnny Jones of Tifton, Georgia.

Company D

 Each morning the whole company must be in line when the Reveille ceases to beat. No soldier will be permitted to get in line after the first name is called. All absent except it be from absolute necessity, must be reported as such by the First Sergeant.

Punishment for delinquincey.

1st-offense-Camp Fatigue duty for two days extra of other duty.

2nd-offense-Mark time before the Captain's tent for one hour with a paper showing the offence, pinned to his back.

Mess property, as well as private property, must be sacredly respected. If any one is seen to enter the tent of another during the absence of its occupants, unless entering by permission of some one having authority to grant it, shall be considered guilty of criminal intent, and if reported, punished accordingly.

If any one shall interfere with, remove, exchange, or injure any clothing, guns, blankets, or anything whatever belonging to another, on conviction therof, shall be punished in such manner as the nature of the offence may require.

Cleanliness is a virtue so necessary to health that a want of it on the part of any soldier cannot be overlooked. All must keep themselves clean & free from vermin. If any soldier fails to regard this order, in addition to exposure, they will be otherwise punished, at the discretion of the commanding officer.

In order that this rule, so necessary & important, may be properly enforced, this company is hereby divided into 4 squads, each of which is placed under the immediate charge of a non-commissioned officer, who will be held responsible for the cleanliness of the men in his squad.

They shall see that each man's blanket is folded, & neatly put away each morning-

That the provisions are not scattered over the tents, & wasted.

That the clothing is either hung up on the pole in tent, or else packed away in the knapsacks.

That the straw is not scattered out of the tents, but kept inside & nicely packed down.

Tents Nos. 3,4, & 5, with their occupants are placed under the immediate charge of Sergeant Woodall.

Nos. 6,7, & 8---Sergeant Murray-

Nos-9, 10, & 11--Sergeant Hurley.

Nos-12, 13, & 14--Sergeant Hobbs.

The Corporals are to assist them in the discharge of their duty, & each sergeant & Corporal, while in the discharge of their duty, must be respected, & obeyed by every man.

Soldier, under pain of being sent to the Guard House, to be dealt with as a General Court Martial shall direct.

There will be an inspection of the Quarters every Sunday morning at 8 O'clock, precisely, at which time, the officers in charge of the squads & all the men must be present. The officers will be held responsible for the condition of quarters at that time, as well as all others.

The Chiefs of Squads must see that the men wash their hands & faces daily; that they comb their heads & beards; & that those who go on duty, put their arms & accourtriements in good order.

If any man shall be so negligent of his person as to become offensively filthy, or infested with vermin, he shall be ordered by the officers of his squad to apply the remedy immediately, & on failure to do so, or for a second offence, he shall be taken to the spring by a squad of men under charge of a commissioned & non-commissioned officer, & publicly ducked-this rule to take effect from & after Monday morning next, & will be most rigidly enforced.

If any one shall curse or abuse another in a provoking manner, under any circumstances, they shall be punished in such manner as the nature of the offence may require at the discretion of the Captain.

All complaints & grievances must be reported at evening Roll Call, & at no other time.

The men must not play with their bayonets by thrusting them at one another, nor must they snap their muskets except when on duty, & then only in obedience to a proper command from a superior. No man will be allowed to take his gun to pieces except by permission, & then it must be a case of necessity.

By order-

Samuel D. Irvin [Irwin]-

Captain Commanding.

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