1860 Federal Census

The 1860 Census date was June 1, 1860. Schedule 1 of the census collected the following information:

The lowercase r and v of this enumerator were difficult to distinquish at times. I transcribed the Colquitt County Census and a full transcription has been submitted to the USGenWeb Census Project and the Archives. If you have any corrections or suggestions to the transcription, please contact me.

The pages below do not include if the person married within the year, attended school within the year or if the person was unable to read and write. Please see the full transcription for that information. However, corrections will show on the pages below.

The color column on the form was left blank except for the Thompson family, family #168 on pages 571-572 and Moses Thompson, family 240 on page 580. The Thompsons were identified as black, with the exception of William Thompson who was identified as mulatto.

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