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Dade County, GA Genealogy
Bible Cemetery

Location : On Bible Cemetery Road off of Mason Road

Date surveyed : December 1990

Surveyed by : Deborah Hampton Yeary

With the aid of Donny Williams, a local long time resident of Rising Fawn, I surveyed 
this cemetery. Unless you have the help of someone who knows the area you will not find 
this cemetery. It is in a cow pasture.

The markers are recorded as found so as to be able to put family groups together. 
I recorded all fieldstones that clearly marked gravesites without markers and sunken graves without fieldstones 
or markers.  Where possible I confirmed with family members or other genealogical sources the names of persons 
and dates without markers.  When I was recording these cemeteries, I recorded them manually with pen and paper 
and also read the names and dates into a tape recorder which I then transcribed and compared the two.  Every 
effort was made to record this cemetery as accurately as possible, if there is a conflict with a date please use 
other sources to verify.  I cannot recheck this cemetery.

Abbreviations			My notes are in parenthesis
d/o=daughter of
s/o=son of 
w/o=wife of
h/o=husband of

BIBLE,  Edward Jackson					PHILLIPS, Ruby Frances
9 Oct. 1889						Born and Died 
8 Aug 1969						29 Sept 1919 d/o J. E. & Minnie Phillips

BIBLE, Willie Grace Christy				BIBLE, Lloyd G.
26, June 1902						31 Dec 1920
3 Apr 1960						9 Nov 1922 s/o Charles & Edith
Married 25 Apr 1925					(other source gives 7 Nov as birth date)

STEPHENS, Martha					BIBLE, P.G.
22 Oct 1840						1862-1949
21 Jun 1904						

CAMPBELL, Jennie B.					Three (3) FS
1890-1964						Two (2) unmarked


BECKHAM, William T.					HAMIC, John W.
15 Nov 1873 (other source says born in 1879)		2 March 1853
6 July 1946	(FATHER)				18 Feb 1921

BECKHAM, Martha Ann					STEVENS, Eveline w/o
19 Mar 1874						J.W. Hamic
17 Oct 1932	(MOTHER)				11 June 1843
(other source gives Apr as birth month)			26 Jan 1928 (Dade Co. Marriage Book, 2 Sept. 1875)

HAWKINS, James Carl					BIBLE, Washington Jackson
10 Dec 1940						18 Dec 1846
13 Dec 1940 s/o Carl & Gertrude				6 Oct 1869  (rock crypt)

MOORE, Middleton M.					BIBLE, George Washington (FATHER)
8 Mar 1909						18 Dec 1868
16 Apr 1912						27 May 1935 Masonic Emblem 

10 Jul 1901						6 Jan 1871
19 Sep 1901						27 May 1935 Order Eastern Star 
							(other source gives 11 Nov 1925 as death)

Four (4) illegible stones				Six (6) FS

BIBLE, Louis A.						HAMIC, Mary A.
1 Oct 1898						19 Apr 1823
10 Nov 1898						8 Jul 1899

BIBLE, James N.						HAMIC, Joseph
1 Sep 1886						17 Jan 1825
22 Mar 1904						23 Feb 1904

BIBLE, Mary E.						HAMIC, Rev. W.R.
4 Jun 1888						19 Aug 1879
9 Aug 1907 w/o G.A.R. Bible				16 Nov 1928
(George Adams Rice Bible)				
							His wife
BIBLE, G. A. R.						HAMIC, Mary Gilbreath
(George Adams Rice Bible)				26 Sep 1880
10 Oct 1841						(No other date)
28 Jan 1920 (MASONIC EMBLEM)

BIBLE, John Franklin					BIBLE, John David
30 June 1865						17 Dec 1951
28 Jan 1926						17 Dec 1951

Other sources are from Dewey & Margaret Bradford records as told to Sue Forrester 5 Apr 1991
Which include the following:

BIBLE, Louisa J.

LEWIS, John Franklin
(Uncle Frank)

The memorial erected (for Rev. Hamic) by Rev. Hamic's churches and friends as a memorial to a true man of God 
and friend to man 1929. (Reads as follows)  For we know that if our earthly house of this tabernacle were dissolved 
we have a building of God and house not made with hands.