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Dade County, GA Genealogy

(Nov 1998 - June 1999)

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Seeking information about James B. Drake who married Isabell Kelly in Dade County, Georgia in 1870 then moved to Texas in 1872. Would like to know more about them and their parents and where they were born. Terry W. Hurst  Nov 22, 1998

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Interested in any information about the family of Zachariah O'Neal, b. abt 1800 d. 18 Apr 1885, early settler of Dade county. Wife: Katherine Perry; Children: William, John Wilburn, George Washington, Thomas J., James Allen, Elizabeth C. (Maxwell), Zilpha Caroline (Lymance), Permelia Jane (Torbett), Celia Adaline (Cuzzort), and Abraham D. (known as "Dock"). Zachariah's parents were Brittain O'Neal and Hannah Sherrill. Thanks. Laura O'Neal Woodhouse  Nov 23, 1998


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I am trying to learn anything further on Thomas and Louiza C. Lecroy who are listed in the 1880 census for Dade Co. GA. Thanks. Carol Brewer  Dec 01, 1998

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I am looking for information on Uriah Castleberry. He appears on the 1870 Census in Dade County. He was 44 at the time. Looking for marriage information and children to confirm that this is indeed my ggrandfather. Any information will be appreciated! Thanks. Cynde Johnston  Dec 01, 1998

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I am looking for information on the McBEE family from the Martin Springs, TN area in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Some family members are in Dade Co. and Catoosa Co. area. David Wilson  Dec 06, 1998

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I am searching for the forbears of my great-grandfather Charles Whifield Hoffman (also spelled Huffman in some records). A possible couple that might have been the parents of my great-grandfather was Carles (possible misspelling) and Eliza Huffman, who were living in Marion County TN in the 1860 census. They had a 3-year-old son named Charles, who would have been about the right age as my great-grandfather. Carles Huffman was born in Germany circa 1816, but his oldest child, 9-year-old George W., was born in Georgia. I found Charles Huffman in the 1850 census for Dade County. He was there with his wife Eliza, but of course had no children. Since Eliza was born in North Carolina, there is a good chance that Charles (Carles) may have emigrated into the United States via North Carolina. Unfortunately, I could not find Charles (Carles) and Eliza Huffman in the 1870 or 1880 Tennessee census. Perhaps the Civil War disrupted their lives. Has anyone in Dade County run across this family and have they any clue as to what happened to them? Michael P. Hoffman  Dec 06, 1998

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I am looking for the George Sutton Family, who lived in Dade County before the 1800's. Would like information on any children he might have had. Sharon Grissette  Dec 06, 1998


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I am working on the following lines in Dade county BROWN, CRAIG, CASE, BUFFINGTON, RAINES, PEARSON, WATTS. I would love to trade information with anyone else working on these lines  Dec 18, 1998


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Seeking information about a black family for the Hooker, Ga area late 1800: Thomas Owens who married Lucretia Solomon; Ross Owens born 1900; Horace Owens Sr. married Julia Ellen Chubb. Their children were Ruby Dee, Thomas, Calvin, Horace Jr, Mattie, Mable, Rachel, Meredith Sr. & J.C. Thanks in advance. Sandra Owens Fleming  Jan 14, 1999

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Annie Mae Bristol was born March 14, 1921 in Wildwood, GA. Her parents were James Lewis Bristol(born Sep. 3, 1883) and Bertha Loisann Swanson (born Sep. 16, 1890). Annie Mae Bristol married Edgat Larry Edwards from Hawkinsville, GA. She is my wife's mother. I would appreciate any information on this family. I would like to know how to get a copy of birth records, death records etc... Bob Eubanks  Jan 14, 1999


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I am looking for info on the families of Benjamin and William WOOD (brothers?). Both were living in Dade Co. in 1850. Benjamin married Lucinda ? and had at least 6 daughters: Barbara Ann ca 1834, Angeline ca 1836 (married a William ?Booher (Booker) ca 1847 and has daughter, Mary b. ca 1848), Clemendine ca 1838, Katharine ca 1840, Mary ca 1842, and Alda ca 1848. All listed in the 1850 census along with a son General G. WOOD ca 1846.

General married Martha J. WALLACE (born February 1847 in AL) in Dade co. 15 April 1866. They had 7 kids, 2 born in GA: Lucinda ca 1865 and George W. ca 1868; 5 born in Carroll Co. or White Co. IN: James 1871, Martha 1876, William S. June 1879, Charles W. 10 March 1884, Leroy August 1890. General was living with William and Nancy CARTER WOOD in Carroll Co.,IN in 1870.

WILLIAM WOOD (b 14 May 1814) married NANCY JANE CARTER (b. 5 July 1814) in TN about 1836. They have Martha E. b. 21 July 1837 and married Samuel DOTSON (both Martha and Samuel have apparently died by 1870 as their children, Joseph Franklin b. 9 May 1858, and Nancy b. 3 Feb 1863, are living with grandparents William and Nancy in Carroll Co.,IN in 1870. Another daughter, Mary P. b. 4 Feb 1860 and d. 21 Oct 1861.) Mary D. b.30 July 1839, d. 20 apr 1864; Nancy Jane b. 28 Apr 1843 d. 4 June 1917 in IN, marries James Francis TANKSLEY.They have one daughter, Nancy Isobel b. 14 Mar 1865 d. 18 Nov 1876. James d. 15 Nov 1878. Benjamin Franklin b.23 Feb 1844 d.8 Sept 1927 IN; Jacob E. b. 27 May 1847 d. 8 Feb 1920 IN; John G. b. 29 Aug 1850 d. 16 Sept 1850; James M.M. b. 27 June 1853 d. 28 Nov 1856; George w. b.12 Feb 1857 d, 17 Oct 1861.

Need names of parents of Ben and William and Nancy Jane Carter. Also, would like any info on Ben's kids. Thanks !!! Terri Brown  Feb 05, 1999


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Looking for information on Samuel Dodson born 1840 in TN and married Nancy (Ballinger?) on 8 Oct 1865 in Dade Co. He died April 1901. I found that Nancy applied for a pension for Samuel's service with the 39th Reg of GA Volunteer Infantry, although his name does not appear on the roster. There is also a Samuel in Co F 34th Reg Vol Infantry. Are these two different people or do they have the wrong military info? I found a Samuel Dodson in the 1860 census in Dade Co, wife Martha and children Joseph and Mary. The Samuel in the 1870, 1880, and 1900 census is my great great grandfather. I descend from his son John, and would love to have any information on this family. Please email me at Anita Gilreath  Mar 05, 1999

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Augustus Parks ELLISON : b. 1842 in Walton County Ga. a one arm Civil War vet married Mary Key-Quick in Dekalb County Ala. Nov.26,1867, they moved to Jackson County Ala on the mt. above Trenton in Dade County Ga. At one time A.P. and his brother Washington W.L. ELLISON owned the land what we now call "Castel Rock" mines. A.P. and Mary had 6 known children: Alice 1866 - Thomas 1868 - May or Mary 1872 - Frank 1876 - Joesph 1878 - Gola 1880. I lost these children in 1880 and can not pick them back up, if you have any infomation on them please e-mail me. Thanks. Marilyn Houser  Mar 05, 1999


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I am searching for ancestry of Robert Carter, who was sheriff of Dade County, lived in Trenton, in last half of 1800's. He died around 1925, and is buried in Trenton. He was born somewhere in East Tennessee, but lived in Dade County all of his adult life. Thank you. Irma Kaslow  Mar 05, 1999


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Seeking information on the family of Albert and Mary Dickens Gatlin of Dade County. Known children are Eliza Ann who married James M. Wallin, Mary and Buddy. Deborah Hebert  Mar 08, 1999

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I am looking for information of Thomas PACK who died in Dade County between 1840 and 1845. His land was divided in 1845. Can someone tell me where No 9 and 10 in the 19th district might be? I have a transcribed copy of his will but have no idea where he was talking about. If any one might know where I can find more details about him or his heirs I would appreciate it. John T. Pack  Mar 08, 1999


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Searching for John Allison and/or Mary Sutton Allison, his death 23 Jan 1844 near Trenton, she died before 1844 near Trenton. Thanks. Gil Allison  Mar 08, 1999


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Researching the family of Jasper BREEDLOVE born abt. 1857 in TN. We think Jaspers parents were Elisha and Elizabeth J. BREEDLOVE. They are in Walker Co. GA in the 1860 and 1870 census. In 1880, Elisha and his family are in Jackson Co. AL. Jasper has married Sarah AVANS and has 2 children living in Jackson Co. AL. also. Later Jasper moves into Dade Co. and raises his family: James M., Lecil, Jourdon P., Josephine, Betty, Lucy J., Walter L., Delia and Nelia, William B., and Mamie. Any information on Jasper or Elisha is appreciated. Suzie and Benita  Mar 30, 1999

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Researching Edward and Aley (Davis) PAGE. Edward was born June 7th, 1828 in TN, Aley was born Feb. 10th, 1828 in Marion Co. TN. Thier children were: John Page born abt. 1849, Margaret Page born Nov.16th, 1850, Siney Elizabeth Page born Aug., 1854, William Sr. Page born Jan. 8th, 1858, Sarah Page born Oct. 1859 and Ephraim James Page born Oct.,1865. Any information on who the parents of Edward Page are will be appreciated. Suzie  Mar 30, 1999


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Looking for informaton on Joseph BUFFINGTON born April,1859. He married Mary Jane WATTS Nov. 5th,1885 in Dade Co. GA. Their children were: James, born Nov. 1886, John, b. April 1888, Lucinda, b. Aug. 1889, (Luella ?) b. Jan. 1890, Mike, b. Nov. 1892, Mays, b. May 1894, Clark, b. Oct. 1894, Charlie, b. April 1898; Lawrence, b. Nov 1899. Information taken from 1900 Dade Co. census. Suzie  Mar 30, 1999

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Looking for information on Sarah J. PORTER born about 1827 in TN, listed in Dade Co. census for 1860. She is listed with 3 children and no husband. Children are: Araminda b. abt. 1846 in AL, Elijah B. b. abt.1850 in GA, and Louisianna D. b. abt. 1853 in GA. We think her husband may have been Henry Porter, who may be the Henry Porter shot and killed in 1859 in Jackson Co. AL. Any information is appreciated. Suzie  Mar 30, 1999


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DUGAN, William was born about 1823 and had children in TN of two unions. Wm DUGAN is last noted in the second of these 2 unions in Sequatchie Co., TN in 1860 census. In 1886 he is listed in a deed/estate settlement of A.H. LOCKHART as a resident of Dade Co., GA. I only can suspect his first wife was a child of A.H.L. Any news of William greatly appreciated. I suspect the two Wm DUGANs listed among WWI draft registrants as from Dade Co., GA are of enquired William DUGANs lineage. Pete Coker 1770 Lake Street, Oviedo, FL 32765-8929 (407)365-5205  Apr 04, 1999

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My ancestor Henry McAnary Johnson, b. 1830 moved to Dade Co. from Gwinnett Co., GA. His wife was Mary Elizabeth Brand. Henry's parents were Joseph and Jane Johnson and Joseph was born in SC. Where in SC? What was Jane's maiden name? I have more info on the Brand family I would be glad to share. H.M.C. Johnson was a Civil War veteran and helped found two churches, Cloverdale Baptist and Head River Baptist. Would like to share info with any descendents. Linda Wilson   Apr 09, 1999


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My g-g-grandmother Martha J. Forester, 1829, m. Alexander Hawkins, b. 1821. Her parents were Thomas Calendar Forester and Catherine. Thomas Calendar and Catherine were in Dade Co. in 1850, moved to Arkansas for a while and came back and settled in the Cedar Grove community in Walker Co., GA. I would like to find other descendents of Thomas Calendar. I also need to know Catherine's maiden name. Most Forester researchers say that Thomas Calendar is son of Francis, but I have no documentation of that. Linda Wilson   Apr 09, 1999


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Are the Dade County Pearsons connected to Pearsons just across the state line in Marion County, TN? Some of my Marion County Pearsons were born in GA. If there is a connection, I have information back to NC and VA to share. Virginia Howell Yancy   May 13 , 1999

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Ira PRINCE married F.A.ELLISON in Dade County , GA 22 Oct. 1875. Who was F.A. ELLISON? Was Ira PRINCE a brother to John PRINCE who married Amanda ELLISON? Were F.A. ELLISON and Amanda ELLISON sisters? Marilyn Houser   May 13 , 1999


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Who were May VOILES parents? She married 16 June 1917 in Dade County, GA to Dave MOORE. Also who were Frank VOILES parents? Frank VOILES married 29 July 1900 to Miss Corlee or Parlee PRINCE in Dade County ,GA. Marilyn Houser   May 13 , 1999


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I would like to get some information on my grandparents, both were residents of Trenton, GA. My grandfather was Eugene Clark Bates, and he married Lola Mae Wise. They had 3 children, Mary Louise Bates (Lou, my mother), Betty, and Kathryn. My grandfather passed some 15-17 years ago, grandmother two years ago. I am just now beginning to construct my family tree, any help is appreciated. Thanks. Jay Burchfield   June 1, 1999

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Researching Noah FUGATT b: abt 1807 in Crock Co. Tenn and -m- (1) Susannah GABLES (2) Susan Tuner. 1st family: William Martin b: 1833 -m- Dicy Weathers; Rachel b: 1839; Elias b: 1842 -m- Abt. 1867 to: Sarah b: 1843 in Ga; Barmabas b: 1843; Nancy b: 1845. -- 2nd family : John b: 1858 -m- Sallie b: 1862 and buried at Mt Plesant Cem.; Sarah b: 1862; Eleanor b:1868; Joshep b: 1870; Henry b: 1877. Marilyn Houser   June 1, 1999

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Looking for information on John Sutton Allison (DOB 3-22-1832 GA or TN - DOD 6-19-1909 TX) and Mary Elizabeth Wakefield Allison (DOB 5-12-1837 GA - DOD 5-8-1872 TX) in Dade Co area, possibly Trenton 1850 - 1854, at least two children, George S (DOB 10-18-1854) and Dona. John's parents could have been John and Mary Sutton Allison from GA or TN. Any information appreciated. Gil Allison   June 1, 1999


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Searching for information on Silas B. Wakefield family, listed on 1860 Dade Co census. (I think on page 64, it's hard to read.) Thanks. Gil Allison   June 7, 1999

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Searching for family of Susan STEWARD 1843 AL - 1871 Lawrence Co, MO. She married Simeon H. JONES c1865 probably Dade Co, GA. Simeon's family lived in Dade Co, GA, from the mid 1840's until the late 1860's. I believe Susan was the Susanna in the following 1860 census: #138 Rising Fawn Post Office John STEWART c1808 TN farmer; Mary c1815 TN; Robert c1834 AL; Alexander c1841 GA; William c1843 GA; Sarah A. c1845 GA; Joseph c1849 GA; Virginia c1855 GA; Susanna 1843 AL; Margaret c1844 AL. It appears that Susanna and Margaret were probably sisters, and nieces of John and Mary. There is also a George Stewart c1837 AL enumerated in household #185 - of Alexander B. HANNA c1807 KY and Matilda W. c1808 TN, who is probably related to the other STEWART's. No other STEWART families appear on the 1860 census for Rising Fawn Post Office. Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. Ronald Peterson   June 15, 1999


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I'm searching for Shafer and Lee, family of Samuel Powell Shafer & MaLinda Lee. She was the daughter of Allen Lee (1812-1898) in the Valley Head and Ft. Payne, Ala. Area. Samuel died in 1912 and MaLinda 1927. Gloria S. Seymour   June 15, 1999

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I am looking for the family of ROBERT L. 'B' KENNEDY/KENADY/KEADY b 1848 TN. He had three children by a first wife name unknown. Children: John b 1867 md Daisy Dean Canipe d/o Ike Canipe, bricklayer and Lerah 'Lea' Williams d/o Turner Williams depot master at Whitwell (oral history). John owned a butcher shop on the Northeast corner of the Square in Jasper, Marion Co., TN. Oral history has it that he sold it and went to work for the RR in Sheffield, AL. He later moved to St. Clair Co., AL to help build a cement plant and then moved on to Birmingham AL, where he became a butcher again.

Sam b ca 1880 I know very little of. He was a saleman and later by newspaper accounts he worked for Loveman's Dept. store in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co.,TN. Lem was an entertainer with his half sister Mary W. I am told they worked the minor vaudeville circuit. 2nd wife of Robert was a ?Maggie? and the Mary W. referred to above was their daughter. Any information on this family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Sue Kennedy Horn   June 30, 1999

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Searching for the ancestors or descendants of Oscar HALE of Dade County. He had at least three children: R. Della, Ben, and Michael. I only have dates of birth and death on R. Della. She was born July 21, 1887 in Dade County, and died August 22, 1930 in Hamilton County, TN. She was married to Lycurgus GUINN. Any help on this family is greatly appreciated. Gina Guinn   June 30, 1999


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