Dodge County Marriages


Below is a list of grooms that were licensed to be married in Dodge County, Georgia.
If you would like to add  to this list, please contact Sheila Rawlins or Jennifer Braswell.
No living entries will be added to this list.

GROOM BRIDE Marriage Date
Bowen, Stephen E. Parkerson, Carrie Elizabeth 28 April 1913
Braswell, Elmer Parkerson, Bessie Pearl 18 October 1919
Butler, William F. Coleman, Emily Priscilla 18 August 1907
Giddens, Benjamin A. Parkerson, Mary Ann 12 Mar 1875
Giddens, H. M. Thompson, Mary Jane 16 March 1877
Giddens, James R. Rawlins, Dilla 24 March 1894
Giddens, John Riley Parkerson, Tempy C. 12 April 1877
Giddens, John Benjamin Sr. Mullis, Nancy Jane 20 January 1898
Parkerson, Charlie Mathew Giddens, Bertie Mae 31 December 1922
Parkerson, Isaac N. Peacock, Vianna 5 December 1888
Parkerson, James M. Wise, Melvinian L. 14 August 1896
Parkerson, James M. Weeks, Carrie 2 December 1896
Parkerson, John Daniel Livingston, Vinnie 27 April 1871
Parkerson, John James Embry, Lois 11 July 1917
Pruett, James Hughie Butler, Mary Etta 20 August 1916
Pruett, Henry Giddens, Bedie C. 18 September 1895
Pruitt, Guy Henry Bryan, Johnnie 19 June 1923
Rawlins, Arthur W. Peacock, Hattie Loraine 11 July 1909
Rawlins, Hilton K. Pruett, Myron Mizelle 23 November 1946
Rawlins, Luther A. Bonds, Cora 27 May 1900
Rawlins, Samuel Jones Parkerson, Mollye Louise 18 August 1907
Rawlins, Walter T. Harrell, Nora 18 September 1898

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