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The Dodge County, Georgia Mailing List is an e-mail list for genealogical research in Dodge County, Georgia.
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Welcome Message and Guidelines for the GADODGE-L mailing list:

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE MESSAGE before you post a message to
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receive every posting made to GADODGE-L as a separate e-mail.
The directions on how to change to "digest mode" are given below.
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1. Purpose.
The GADODGE-L list is for discussion of the history of Dodge County,
GEORGIA, and the genealogy of Dodge County families.
Discussion of history and genealogy of the area of south Georgia that became
Dodge County in 1870 is also welcome.

2. How to unsubscribe.
Send a message to 
GADODGE-L-request@rootsweb that contains (in the body
of the message) the command   "unsubscribe"  (sans quotes) and no additional
text (if you have difficulty removing your signature lines, you can put the
word "quit" on the line after "unsubscribe"). If your E-mail address goes
bad or your mailbox fills up, you'll be automatically unsubscribed by the
mailing list software after the fourth message in a row bounces back to
RootsWeb. in this case you are welcome to subscribe again. If you will be
away from your research for a while,  you may unsubscribe for that period of
time, and catch up by reading the archives for this list.


3. How to subscribe.
Whatever you just did worked, or you'd not be getting this message. But for
future reference (for instance, if your subscription is cancelled for
whatever reason and you want to resubscribe), just send the command
"subscribe" to 

4. How to change to digest mode
(several postings are combined and sent to you together as a single large
There are two steps. First, send the command "subscribe" to
 to start receiving digests. 
Second, send the command   "unsubscribe"   to 
GADODGE-L-request@rootsweb.com to discontinue mail
mode. (do NOT include the quotes in your message)

 To change from "digest" to "mail" mode,  just reverse this procedure.

5. How to change to NOMAIL mode.
There is no formal NOMAIL mode. All you have to do is follow the directions
above and unsubscribe when you want the messages to stop, and then when you
want them to start again, simply subscribe again.

6. To post a message so everyone on the mailing list receives it, just send
it to GADODGE-L@rootsweb.com. 
It will then be sent on to everyone in both
mail and digest mode. Don't send it explicitly to both mailing lists.

7. I am Jennifer Sherwood Braswell, the manager of the GADODGE-L list.
 If you have problems getting unsubscribed from the list or have any other
difficulties with the list, write to me (not to the list) and I'll try to
resolve the problem.
I can be contacted at 

8. Even if you decide not to save this message...
 please try to remember that, like all the COUNTY-L lists at RootsWeb, the
subscribe and unsubscribe messages go to 
GADODGE-L-request@rootsweb.com, not to the 
GADODGE-L-request@rootsweb.com list itself. 
If such messages do appear on the list,
 I'll send a private reminder about the correct procedure.

9. This is a RootsWeb.com mailing list.
For more information about RootsWeb, see 
It's not necessary to pay anything to subscribe to any of its mailing lists.

10. Message format and attachments.
Please submit messages only in plain text, and don't submit attachments.
Many of our subscribers are using software that cannot read attachments.
(RootsWeb does not allow virus laden mail to reach our lists. if you are
subscribed to list mode and you receive a message with an attachment that
"appears" to be from the list, be careful, it was most likely forged from
someones address book and is carryng a virus)
 *** Please note that if you are using Outlook Express,  that the digest
comes as a collection of posts that appear as a group of attachments...this
is how OE handles these digests, and since they are from Rootsweb, they will
NOT carry viruses.
*** Also, note that if you are using OE and have ticked the box to not open
suspicious attachments, then you will not be able to open your RootsWeb
digests, as this features blocks all attachments  whether they are safe or

11. Subject lines... for  best results.
Please, always use a helpful subject line like "John DOE d. 1880 in DODGE Co GA",
rather than a generic one like "inquiry about my family line".
Specifc subject lines are more likely to lead others to open and read a
post, therefore making your post more efficient.

12. Advertising.
Technically, RootsWeb has a "no commercial use" policy. Like all RootsWeb
policies, though, the last thing that we want is for policy to get in the
way of our doing genealogy. Therefore, the GADODGE list will accept brief
announcements of books and other resource material for sale that is
specifically related to this county. Don't include prices and ordering info;
just include a pointer to a URL, a commercial mailing list, or an E-mail
address where the complete ordering information can be found. 
Notices of meetings and reunins , etc, will be handled in the same manner
In case of doubt, send the message to me, the list manager, Jennifer Sherwood Braswell,
and I'll review it and forward it to the list if appropriate.

13. Copyrights.
Any person sending a message to this list retains the copyright to it. By
sending the message, you grant to the list hostess, and to her heirs, and
assigns forever, permission to distribute copies of the message to other
list members, to store archival copies of the message, and to make the
archival copies available to the Internet community at large. You also grant
to other list members the right to quote your message in part or in total as
a part of their replies sent back to this list, but not to others without
their permisson.

14. NO-NOs.
Please do not submit virus alerts, chain letters, or other off-topic
material to the list. Don't send copies of copyrighted material. Vulgarity
and personal attacks on other list members are also unwelcome. Don't send
messages exceeding 20 kilobytes in length. If someone else violates these
rules, please do not send their message back to this list! That just
magnifies the problem, and defeats our anti-spam defenses at Rootsweb. as
list manager,  I will handle violations of these guidelines.

15. For your verification, a transcript of the original subscription request
is included below.

These guidelines are here to help each of us reap the most benefits from
those posting to this list.
I hope you enjoy your visit here.

Jennifer Sherwood Braswell

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