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Baggett Family News
March 1, 2002 Issue No. 11

Dedicated to the Baggett families of the South and Southwest in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Baggetts of North Carolina and Henry and Troup Counties, Georgia

Frances Baggett, e-mail, seeks the ancestry of Silas M. (Mosley?) Baggett who moved from Georgia to Texas with wife Mary Ann Lambert. Mary’s dates are 18 April 1834 - 25 Nov. 1916, Freestone County, Texas. Children: Thompson, Crawford (Fuller), William, Nannie, Anna B., J. Frank, Lawrence, Mollie, Andrew. “I am also doing some research on a Jane Baggett (Bagget Bagot Baggot) who is buried in Barbados, St. Michaels Cemetery. She died in 1679 aboard ship en route to I believe the Carolinas. The ship stopped at Barbados and she was buried there. She came from England. The dates I have are from 'Passenger & Immigration List Index, 1st ed., Vol, 1, A-G, edited by P. W. Filby with M. K. Meyer."

Editor’s Note: Examination of all of the available records has led me to a new conclusion in the past few weeks. While I first thought the name was Silas Messer Baggett, quoting a descendant, I now think it was probably Silas Moseley or Mosley Baggett. I also think that Silas Moseley Baggett was a son of Lawrence “Larry” Baggett who married Martha Yarbrough (recorded as “Patsy Yarber”) in Henry County, Ga., 11 July 1823. “Patsy” was a nickname for “Martha,” and “Yarber” was a common misspelling for “Yarbrough.” Larry Baggett, aged 20-30, wife 20-30, three sons under age 5, are shown on the 1830 census of Henry County.

In October 1989, Don Baggett of Beaumont, Texas, wrote me that he was seeking the parents of his ancestor “Silas Messer Baggett, born March 28, 1830. He is on the census records in Georgia 1870 in Troup Co. with his wife Mary Ann Lambert and eight children. Legend has it that Silas’ father died and (Silas’ mother) Martha, maiden name unknown, married in 1846 a Seth H. Lambert. Silas married Mr. Lambert’s oldest daughter in 1853. In 1877 they came to Texas” (end of letter).

Martha Baggett, apparently a widow, m. 6 March 1845, Henry County, Ga., Seth H. Lambert. Lambert’s first wife was supposedly named Caroline, according to a Lambert family researcher. Silas Baggett m. Mary Ann Lambert 6 Nov. 1853 in Troup County, Ga. Don Baggett’s letter noted above is my only source for Silas M. Baggett’s middle name as “Messer.”

S.H. (Seth H.) Lambert is shown on the 1840 census of Henry County, Ga., p. 285, aged 20-30, wife aged 20-30, with five children. The only Baggett in Henry County on the 1840 census is Allen “Bagget,” page 325, aged 30-40, male 10-15, male under 5, female 20-30, female 15-20, two females 10-15, female 5-10, female under 5. Allen Baggett married Lucinda Yarbrough in Henry County, 31 Jan. 1829. This Allen Baggett does not seem to appear on any later U.S. census record, and there is no obvious earlier or later marriage record for this Allen Baggett.

Allen Baggett’s immediate neighbors on the 1840 census of Henry County were a Silas Moseley, aged 40-50, and a Silas Yarbrough, aged 30-40. The name “Silas Moseley” might lend credence to the possibility that Silas M. Baggett’s full name was indeed Silas Moseley/Mosely Baggett. Silas Moseley married Nancy Yarbrough (name recorded as Nancy “Year” on’s Henry County marriage transcriptions) on 25 May 1823.

One S. Baggett (Silas M.?), aged 18, is shown on the 1850 census of Henry County, Ga., living in the household of S. Phifer 62 SC. This Samuel Phifer lived in Henry Co. on the 1830 census adjacent Allen Baggett and Lawrence “Larry” Baggett (who m. 11 July 1823, Henry Co., Patsy “Yarber” or Yarbrough). Samuel Phifer also lived nearby Allen Baggett on the 1840 census of Henry County.

Lawrence Baggett, born 1800-1810, was probably a brother of Allen Baggett noted above. Lawrence was an ensign in the Henry County militia, 1823-24, and is shown as a freeholder in Henry County, 1836, 491st District. “L. Baggott” and “A. Baggotte” are shown on a list of voters in Henry County dated 7 Oct. 1833, and Lawrence is shown living in adjacent Coweta County while drawing in the 1832 land lottery.

Neither Lawrence Baggett nor Martha/Patsy Baggett are shown on the 1840 Georgia census. However, the 1840 census of Fayette County shows what could be her family, living with her widowed mother: Martha Yarbrough aged 60-70, female 30-40 (Martha Yarbrough Baggett?), female 5-10, two males 10-15. The 1830 census of adjacent Henry County had shown a Thomas Yarbrough aged 50-60, wife 50-60.

Always take anything posted on the Internet with a pound of salt, but the following was posted in 2000 at, Yarbrough family, by Renee Smelley, e-mail Thomas Yarbrough, son of Littleton Yarbrough of Columbia Co., Ga., died in 1840 in Henry County, Ga. His wife Martha ____ was born in 1770 in South Carolina. Their six children included Silas Yarbrough b. 1805 who m. 1823, Henry Co., Nancy Ray; Nancy Yarbrough who m. 1823, Henry Co., Silas Mosely; Martha Yarbrough who married a Baggett; and Lucinda Yarbrough who married a Baggett. ~ If this information is correct, sisters Martha and Lucinda Yarbrough married (brothers?) Lawrence and Allen Baggett, and Martha Yarbrough Baggett possibly named her first son Silas Mosely Baggett after her sister Nancy’s husband.

It’s interesting to note that Silas M. Baggett, born 1830, who started this discussion, had a son named Lawrence Baggett, shown as aged 15 on the 1880 census of Leon County, Texas. Was this Lawrence named for his grandfather, Lawrence Baggett of Henry County, Ga.? Evidence points in that direction.

The 1850 census of (southeastern) Carroll County, Ga., no. 74, shows: Seth H. “Lambreth” (Lambert) 35, Martha 41, Nancy 17, John 18, Mary 16, Rhoda 14, Joseph 12, Ann 6, Seth 6, Risden 2, James 3 months. (Apparently only the two youngest children were by the marriage of Seth and Martha.)

The 1870 census of Troup County, Ga., shows Silas Baggett, age 40, works cotton mill, wife Mary 36, William 14, Crawford 13, Nancy 11, Franklin 9, Susan 7, John L. 5, Thompson 4, Andrew 2 months. On the same census: James Baggett 20, with Martha Lambert 64, Ann Lambert 37, works cotton mill. Also listed in Troup County on the 1870 census, but apparently the same family of James Baggett and Martha and Ann Lambert ennumerated twice, are: Martha Baggett 67, Nancy 38, James 20, Ellen Walton 20, Emily Walton 20. James Baggett m. 24 Jan. 1871, Troup Co., S.C. Carrel (Carroll?).

The 1880 census of Precinct 6, District 91, Leon County, Texas, p. 217, shows: Silas M. Baggett 50 GaNCGa, wife Mary 46 Ga, children Crawford 22 Ala., Nancy 19 Ga., Franklin 18 Ga., Susan 16 Ga., Lawrence 15 Ga., Thompson 13 Ga., Andy 12 Ga.; adjacent William H. Baggett 23 Ga, wife Sarah A. 19 Ga., niece Sarah E. Lambert 7 Ga., nephew William S. Lambert 6 Ga., brother Seth Lambert 35 Ga., widowed.

Silas M. Baggett served in Company H, 2nd Ga. Cavalry, CSA; enrolled 1863 at LaGrange, Troup County, Ga. The CSA pension of Mary Ann, widow of Silas Messer Baggett, was filed in Freestone Co., Texas.

The parents of Allen and Lawrence Baggett of Henry County, Ga., are unknown. Allen and Lawrence were not old enough to be heads of households on the 1820 census, and they do not fit into the age categories of Baggett families on the 1820 census of Georgia. One possibility is that they were sons of Uzziel Baggett, named as a son in the will of Thomas Baggett in Martin County, N.C., 1793. (Thomas was a son of Nicholas Baggett who left a will in Bertie County, N.C., 1753.)

Uzziel Baggett is shown on the 1800 and 1820 census of Anson County, N.C., and the 1810 census of Mecklenburg County, N.C. In 1810, the family of Uzziel (shown as “Zial”) included himself, aged 26-45, two males under 10, one male 10-16, female 26-45, three females under 10. Uzziel’ Baggett’s household in 1820 included himself, aged 45 or older, one male aged 10-16, one male aged 16-18, one female 45 or older, one female 26-45, one female 16-26, one female under 10. (Uzziel’s brother Allen Baggett, 1762-1823, of Anson County, N.C., and Walton County, Ga., is my direct ancestor.)

In addition to Allen and Lawrence of Henry Co., Ga., another possible son of Uzziel Baggett was Irwin Baggett who married Judy Rodden in Mecklenburg County, N.C., in 1818. “Erwin” Baggett served in Captain Lanier’s Company, North Carolina Militia, in the War of 1812, with “Ezzell” (Uzziel) Baggett in the same company.

The name of Irwin Baggett shows up in Walton Co., Ga., on the 1820 census (one male aged 16-26, one female 16-26). Irwin was a lieutenant in the Henry County, Ga., militia, 1822-23; served as the first surveyor of Coweta County, Ga., commissioned 15 May 1827; lived in Fayette County, Ga., 1827, 1830 (census shows one male 30-40, two males under 5, one female under 5, one female 30-40). Irwin was a lieutenant in the Fayette County militia, 1825-27, and a captain, 1837-38.

A widow Lurany Baggett, aged 40-50, is shown on the 1840 census of Fayette County, her household including one female 15-20, one female 10-15, two males 10-15, two males 5-10, two males under 5.

Children of Allen Baggett, 1762-1823, continued from February 1 issue of “The Baggett Family Newsletter”

2. Martha Baggett, born 17 May 1787, called Patsy, died after 1860, m. James Brumbelow, born c. 1791 in N.C., died by 1860. Lived Anson Co., N.C., 1810, and by 1818 moved to Rutherford County, Tenn. He was a lieutenant in the Campbell Co., Ga., militia, 1829-36, and in the 1830s moved to Powder Springs, Cobb County, Ga. One son was James A. Brumbelow, 12 Jan.1818 – 7 April 1876, buried in the Powder Springs Cem., Cobb Co., m. Rebecca Smith, 1830-99; nine children. Descendants lived in northwest Georgia and north Alabama.

3. Asa Baggett, born 28 Feb. 1789, was a veteran of the War of 1812, Maj. Cameron’s Command, in North Carolina. The 1810 census of Anson County, N.C., shows Asa and wife aged 16-26, with a male under 10. By 1820 he followed his sister Martha Brumbelow to Rutherford Co., Tenn. Asa served as a 2nd lieutenant In the Walton County, Ga., militia, 1826-28, and moved to Campbell (now Douglas) County by 1830, where the census shows him living alone near his brother Burton Baggett. In 1840 and 1850 he lived in Cherokee County, Ga. The 1840 census shows Asa and one male under 5, one male 5-10, two males 10-15, one female 20-30, and one female under 5. The 1850 census shows Asa with son Irvin or Irwin, aged 14, daughter Atlanta, aged 11. In 1860 Asa lived in Pickens County, Ga., alone. (Pickens was created out of Cherokee County, 1853.) . Said by the late family historian Herbert Kimzey of Cornelia, Ga., to have married Mary Keller.

To be continued


Missy McPherson, e-mail, is researching the ancestry of John Madison Baggett, born 28 Feb. 1851 Cobb County, Ga., who m. 22 Dec. 1874 Margaret Matilda Smith, moving to Douglasville, Douglas County, Ga. Children: Maude Modena (Dena) b. 3 Oct. 1875 m. 1896 Nenien Coatsworth McPherson; Alma Laura b. 13 Oct. 1878 m. 1904 William Clay; Esma Gertrude b. 5 Nov. 1878 m. 1904 David Gurley; Mattie Dora b. 13 May 1885 m. 1908 Roy Watson Boatright; Annie Mae b. 8 Dec. 1888 m. 1st Carl Hoffman, 2nd Harold Mansfield; Hoke Smith Baggett. 1894-1957.

Editor’s Note: The obituary of John Madison Baggett in the Douglas County “Sentinel” of 23 Feb. 1917 states that he died at home on Sunday after being taken ill suddenly on Saturday. His children are listed, including daughter Annie, wife of Carl Hoffman of Charleston, S.C.; son Hoke of Cedartown did not attend the services. John Madison Baggett was a Douglasville merchant and city councilman in the 1890s and is shown as the president of a coffin factory on the 1900 census.

John Madison was a son of Garrett J. “Gary” Baggett, 1822 – 8 Dec. 1863, who died of typhoid during the War Between the States while serving in the 24th Battn. Ga. Cavalry, and is buried at Laurel Hill Cem. near Savannah, according to research by descendant Sherri Freeman of Birmingham. Gary’s wife Lucinda Rakestraw, April 15, 1826 – April 5, 1881, is buried in the Powder Springs Baptist Cem. A descriptive list and account of pay and clothing for G(arrett) J. Baggett after his death shows that he was aged 42, blue eyes, fair hair, light complexion, 6 ft. 1 in. tall, born in “Anderson” (Anson) County, N.C., a farmer, enlisted 6 Aug. 1863 in Cobb Co., Ga.

Margaret Matilda Smith, wife of John Madison Baggett, was a daughter of William Smith, 4 May 1829 - 11 Feb. 1871, buried in the Powder Springs Cemetery with wife Louisa E. Sorrells, 30 Nov. 1836 – 4 Sept. 1886, daughter of Russell B. Sorrells, 3 June 1814 – 19 March 1907, and wife Rosannah Lindley, 25 Jan. 1819 – 5 July 1906, buried in Macland Cemetery north of Powder Springs. Rosannah was a daughter of James and Mary Blair Lindley of Powder Springs. (I have posted the Lindley Bible record at, Cobb County.) William Smith, 1829-1871, was a son of Job Smith, born c. 1791 in S.C., and wife Ruth Lindley of Walton County, Ga., and Powder Springs.

The parents of John Madison Baggett were Bennett Baggett, 13 April 1796 Anson County, N.C. – 15 Jan. 1846, Powder Springs, Ga., who m. February 1820, Anson Co., Mary Sikes, 1801-22 June 1873, buried in the Choats Cemetery in St. Clair County, Ala. She and her younger children moved to St. Clair Co. in 1853, while her older sons Garrett J. and Joshua A. Baggett remained in Powder Springs, Ga. These Baggetts will be covered in more detail in “Descendants of Allen Baggett, 1752-1823,” in upcoming issues.

The 1850 census of Powder Springs shows Garrett J. Baggett, 27, wife Lucinda, 23, living adjacent William Rakestraw 48, born in S.C., wife Annie 43, born in S.C., and children Edward 25, John 22, Lucinda 23 (repeat of Lucinda Rakestraw Baggett?), Sarah 20, Frances 15, William 13, George 11, Thomas M. 9, Julia A. 5, Andrew Jackson 1, and Edward Rakestraw 26, Mahala 25.

On the 1860 census of Powder Springs, page 305, Garrett and Lucinda Baggett lived adjacent this same William Rakestraw, aged 59, shoe and bootmaker, with Frannie 24, William 21, George 19, T.M. 16, J.A. (female) 14, A.J. 10. The name of William Rakestraw is shown on the 1830 census of Gwinnett Co., Ga., and 1840 census of old Campbell (now Douglas) Co., Ga.

Baggetts on the 1880 U.S. Census of Texas, continued

Travis County, 3rd Ward, p. 194: John E. Baggett 29 N.C.N.C.N.C. machinist, wife Alice 22 Ga.Ga.Ga., unnamed daughter 2 months.\

Travis County, 8th Ward, p. 249: (repeat of the household above) John E. Baggett 29 N.C.N.C.N.C. sewing machine repairer, wife Alice 22 TexasTexasTexas, daughter Alice 2 months.

Williamson County, Precinct 8, p. 542: A.G. Baggett 53 Tenn.N.C.Ky., wife Susan 42 Tenn.Va.Tenn., dau. Mary E. 32 Tenn.Tenn.Tenn., J.M. Bradberry 22 Tenn.

Williamson County, Precinct 8, p. 583: George T. Ray 25 Tenn.Tenn.Tenn., wife Marthey 23 Tenn.Tenn.Tenn. … dau. Sarah E. Baggett 25 Tenn.Tenn.Tenn. widow, grdau. Mattie A. Brown 9 Tenn.Tenn.Tenn., grandson Walter J. Baggett 1 TexasTenn.Tenn.

Wise County, Precinct 5, p. 210: Catherine Rowlett 46 N.C.N.C.N.C. … John L. Baggett 22 Tenn. __ __.

Wise County, Precinct 6, p. 228: Spencer Baggett 27 Tenn.Va.Pa., wife Elizabeth 26 Mo.Tenn.Tenn., dau. Margrett 4 months TexasTenn.Mo.


Jim Hobbs, e-mail, updating information in the previous issue, writes that his ancestor Abner Jackson who married Isabella Baggett is the second of the two Abners shown on the 1840 census of Butler Co., Ala. The other Abner, originally from Pike Co., Ala., usually used the middle initial M.

Omitted from the list of Baggetts on the 1880 U.S. Census of Georgia:

Thomas County, Cairo, p. 389: Mary M. Baggett 29 Ga., husband William K. 35 Ga., son William G. 8 Ga., son Rufus A. 5 Ga., aunt Pricilla Blakely 61 Ga.

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