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 Douglas County, Georgia

Morris Family of Douglas County, Georgia

Morris Family of Douglas County, Georgia
(Compiled by Joe Baggett, Douglasville, Ga., 2001)

John F. Morris, born Aug. 30, 1801, in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, was the ancestor of the Morris families of “Morristown” on Chapel Hill Road in the Interstate 20 area in Douglas County, Ga. He was the son of Philemon Morris who married April 8, 1794, Mecklenburg County, N.C., Mary Shaver, and grandson of William Morris and Elizabeth Ford, daughter of John Ford, of Mecklenburg Co., N.C. The will of William Morris was probated in Mecklenburg Co., in April 1804 (dated 1803), naming wife Elizabeth and children, including Philemon. The will of Philemon Morris (1847/1857) names wife Mary and children. The Morris family lived in a section of Mecklenburg County which is now part of Union County, N.C.

John F. Morris married July 22, 1830, Mecklenburg Co., Mary Caroline “Polly” McLarty, born Nov. 17, 1809. She was the daughter of John McLarty Sr. and his wife Mary Wilson, both buried in the McLarty Cemetery off Cedar Mountain Road near Winston, Douglas Co., Ga. John McLarty’s tombstone shows he “died Jan. 21, 1853, aged 77 years.” His birthdate has been recorded as Dec. 21, 1776 and also as Dec. 25, 1775. Wife Mary, whom he married Nov. 23, 1795, was born March 21, 1776 or, in another record, March 15, 1776. (The McLarty ancestry is found in Adelaide McLarty’s “McLarty Family of Kintyre, Scotland, and Mecklenburg County, N.C.”)

John F. Morris and the McLarty family moved to what is now Douglas County (then old Campbell County), Ga., in the mid-1830s. In the 1860s John F. Morris and some of his younger children moved to Cullman County, Ala. One source gives his date of death as 1879, another as 1888; his wife Polly is said to have died in 1885.

Children of John F. and Polly McLarty Morris:
1. Edwin Alexander “Sandy” Morris, April 20, 1837-Aug. 10, 1914, married Jan. 27, 1859, Campbell Co., Permelia Camp, Feb. 20, 1839-Dec. 24, 1913, daughter of Thomas and Letitia Lindley Camp of Campbellton. Thomas Camp, March 2, 1800- Aug. 27, 1857, son of Judge Joseph Camp, Dec. 13, 1777-Feb. 27, 1854, and wife Elizabeth (Camp), Dec. 30, 1791-1850, owned a plantation on the Chattahoochee River near Campbellton. Judge Joseph and Elizabeth Camp are buried in the Holly Springs Cemetery on West Chapel Hill Road south of Douglasville. Letitia Lindley Camp, 1803-1872, was the daughter of Jonathan and Nancy Blair Lindley of Walton County, Ga., and Powder Springs, Cobb Co., Ga. The will of Thomas Camp, proved Sept. 7, 1857, asks that he be buried in the family plot at the Campbellton Methodist Church; no grave markers are found there.

Edwin A. Morris served in the Civil War in Co. K, 1st Ga. Cavalry, CSA, and was captured near Campbellton and sent to Elmira federal prison in New York. His Confederate pension is on file at the Georgia Department of Archives and History in Atlanta. He and his wife are buried in the Douglasville City Cemetery.

Children of Edwin A. Morris:
1.A. William L. Morris, Dec. 16, 1859-March 19, 1937, buried in the Douglasville City Cem. with wife Alice Tapp, Aug. 31, 1859-March 14, 1925, and sons James Edwin Morris, 23 Dec. 1880-13 Jan. 1932, wife (m. 8 March 1916) Lou Huckaby, 6 May 1881-20 March 1954; and W. Lee Morris, 1 Nov. 1884-20 Sept. 1936, wife (m. 24 Aug. 1912) Jamie Winn, 30 Sept. 1888-19 Dec. 1971. James Edwin Morris died in Columbia, S.C., according to his obituary, where he was associated with James L. Tapp Department Store. William L. Morris was also the father of Oney Morris, born 1890, who married 18 May 1914 Zeb W. Ayers, born 1888. In 1920 William L. Morris’s household included Zeb and Oney Ayers and their children Morris W. Ayers, born 1915, Alice Ayers, born 1916, and Horace Ayers, born 1919.

1.B. Thomas Edwin “Ed” Morris, March 5, 1862-June 16, 1937, married 15 Nov. 1883 in Campbell County to Georgia Mae Camp, May 1, 1866-Oct. 6, 1964, daughter of Sheriff John L. Camp, 1838-1921, and wife Salina Elizabeth McClure of old Campbell (now south Fulton) County. (The marriage is recorded as “Edward” Morris to Georgia May Camp, performed by Rev. Spencer Harvey. According to grandson Edwin Baggett, T.E. Morris had married previously, having no children.) “Ed” Morris, who served as Douglasville city clerk, is buried in the Douglasville City Cemetery with his wife. Their children were:

1.B.a. Coburn Morris, 29 Sept. 1885-28 April 1960, married 20 Nov. 1904 Douglas County Sheriff A. Seawright Baggett, 18 Oct. 1875-14 June 1959 (children were Edwin H. Baggett married Rubye Suttles, Julia married W. Lawrence House, Virginia married Ralph C. Morris, Bill Baggett married Louise Hyde, John Baggett married Essie Hines, James C. Baggett married Juanita Matthews, Mary Bowden married Charles Glenn McKelvey, Dan Baggett married Bettie Barrows);
1.B.b. W. Homer Morris born 1886 married Annie Lee Krisler;
1.B.c. Lizzie Morris, 16 Aug. 1892-27 July 1972, married 24 Nov. 1912 Dewitt Talmadge Wood, 24 Dec. 1888-10 Nov. 1973; buried in Douglasville with daughter Catherine, 1916-1919. The 1920 census of Douglasville shows the family on Chicago Avenue with children Mildred b. 1914, Dewitt b. 1919;
1.B.d. Mattie Permelia Morris, 2 Oct. 1894-14 Aug. 1986, married 11 Nov. 1913 Johnny C. Harding, 3 July 1892-2 March 1962, and Ray Kerley; buried in Douglasville with daughter Mae Bell, 16 Nov. 1918-25 Sept. 1995, and husband (m. 27 Feb. 1937) Richard W. Kerley, 1917-2000.
1.B.e. Eddie Mae Morris, born 1898, married 30 Nov. 1917 Floyd W. Sharp, born 1895, moving to Alabama (he was a telegraph operator in Douglasville in 1920);
1.B.f. Marjorie Morris born 1907 married 21 Jan. 1933 Houston L. “Jack” Phillips of Columbia, S.C.;
1.B.g. Fred Langly Morris, 4 Feb. 1901-16 Feb. 1992, Douglasville druggist, m. 12 June 1924 Annie B. Clarkson, 1 Sept. 1902-6 Dec. 1986. He joined O’Neal’s Pharmacy in 1928 after nine years in the drug business. Children were Robert E. Morris and Miriam Morris who m. Philip Kesler of Douglasville.

1.C. Joseph Benjamin Morris, born 1867, died 3 July 1928, married Ada Tapp, born 1868, sister of Alice Tapp. Their children were: Kinard F. Morris, 1897-1969, buried at Beulah Baptist Church with wife (m. 9 Jan. 1921) Pearl Rice, 1899-1971 (parents of J.T. Morris, deceased by 1987, and Ralph Morris of Cobb County); Chester F. Morris, 1902-1924, died of tuberculosis in military service (the Douglas County Sentinel of 24 Oct. 1919 states that he was returning home from WW I service overseas); Joe Neal Morris, 1903-91, worked at the Georgia State Bank in Montezuma, Ga., 1920s, moved to Florida; Jefferson L. (“Jeff”) Morris born 1895 married 24 April 1915 Ruby McTyre, living in 1920 at Lithia Springs with children Jack H., aged 3, and Ada M., aged 1. Joseph B. Morris was a grocer in Douglasville in the 1920s; his firm was known as Morris & Bobo until 1923.

1.D. John C. Morris, 1871-1928, married 20 Oct. 1897 Jenny Camp, 1876-1942, daughter of Sheriff John L. Camp of Campbell County; no children; buried Douglasville City Cemetery.

2. James Columbus Morris, Sept. 8, 1834-June 19, 1902, is buried in the McLarty Cemetery with wife Sarah E. Polk, April 16, 1843-Oct. 22, 1909. He was a sergeant in Co. C, 30th Ga. Infantry, CSA, and guarded prisoners at Andersonville. Their children were:

2.A. Harriet C. Morris, 1875-1945, married 1892 Emanuel T. Vansant, 1870-1962, both buried at Ephesus Baptist Church. Children were Robert, Ray, Morris, Lottie b. 1894, Clyde b. 1896, and Sallie Lou b. 1899 (married Carl Willoughby).

2.B. Katherine “Kitty” Morris, 10 Jan. 1878-29 May 1969, married 13 Sept. 1894 John Thomas Feely, 11 Dec. 1872-20 March 1953; both buried in Douglasville with Blanche Feely White, 18 July 1902-11 Nov. 1982, husband Warner Young White, 18 Feb. 1901-27 April 1979, Mildred Feely Perry, 28 March 1918-30 Aug. 1992, husband James Hilliard Perry, 30 July 1915-18 Sept. 2000, and Katherine F. Murchison, 4 April 1911-19 Aug. 1994. At home in 1900 were children Floyd b. 1895 and Bessie b. 1896; six children in all.

2.C. Nola Morris (also shown as Mary), born 1880, unmarried.

2.D. Nellie Morris, 1887-1964, married 16 June 1907 William W. Winn, born 1883; buried in the Enterkin-Winn Cemetery at Winston. At home on the 1920 census of Winston was daughter Maxine E. Winn, aged 4.

2.E. Minnie C. Morris born 1883 married John Thomas Camp, 1882-1951, buried at Ephesus Church, son of John T. and Jane Duke Camp of Paulding County. The 1920 census of the Conners (Winston) District shows children Jimmie 16, Shelby 14, Frank 12, Fred 10, Huland (?) 8, Ruby 5, Louis 3, and Ruth 1.

3. John McLarty Morris, July 27,1846-Feb. 25, 1926, is buried in the Douglasville City Cemetery with his wife Sarah C. McElreath, Jan. 24, 1846-April 24, 1925, whom he married July 5, 1868. Their children:

3.A. William M. (“Will”) Morris, 1870-1965, married 24 Oct. 1894 Maude Collins, 1875-1963; both were Douglasville schoolteachers. They lived on Chicago Avenue and are buried in the Douglasville City Cemetery. Children: (Emma) Jeanette, 1896-June 1992 (m. Burns C. Cox, having children Burns C. Cox Jr. of Tucker and J. William Cox of Carrollton; buried Arlington Memorial Park); (John) Lyman, 1898-1952; (Sarah) Ruth b. 1901; (Willie) Frank (“Frankie”) b. 1903 (m. a Walter, living 1992); Wilbur Marion, 1905-65; Eugene Glenn, b. 1907 (wife Virginia D. born 1915); Mary b. 1910 married Vachel V. Chapman (died 12 Aug. 1995); Marvin B. b. 1912; Harold Mark, 17 April 1915-29 Dec. 1954, m. Ruth Rice, having son Mark Morris; Howard b. 1917.

3.B. Marion John Morris, April 21, 1876-26 Nov. 1946, buried in the Douglasville City Cem. with wife (m. 15 Dec. 1901) Rilla Darnell, 27 Dec. 1880-25 Feb. 1967. He was a Douglas County commissioner, 1933-37, and state representative, 1935-38. Children: J. Robert Morris b. 1903, to Clearwater, Fla.; William H. Morris, 1906-86; Sarah Lee Morris 1908-22; Max D. Morris, 1910-83 (wife Mildred; no children); M.J. (Marion) Morris b. 1918, Douglasville merchant (wife Opal, daughter Eileen); Charles A. Morris, 1919-78 (wife Virginia, son Tony); Edna Jean Morris, 10 Jan. 1922-21 June 1997 (m. Marine Col. Norris C. Broome, 6 July 1922-16 May 1992).

4. Mary Morris, May 15, 1831-March 11, 1887, married Dec. 10, 1856 , Campbell County, Reuben Perry Bullington, Feb. 23, 1829 Spartanburg, S.C.-Oct. 31, 1911, died at the Confederate Soldiers Home in Atlanta. He was a veteran of Co. C, 30th Ga. Infantry, CSA. (His second wife, m. Aug. 10, 1888, was widow Franciney Smith Stewart.) Children included David A. Bulllington married 1881 Jo Harris; J. William Bullington m. 1885 M.E. Thompson; Newton J. Bullington; Joseph B. (“Joe”) Bullington, 10 Nov. 1874-11 Sept. 1960, buried New Hope Church (now called Chapel Hill Church), Chapel Hill (“father”), with wife Viola, 17 Jan. 1869-5 April 1963; twin Benjamin J. “Ben” Bullington, 10 Nov. 1874- 7 Aug. 1919, buried New Hope Church. In 1920 Joe Bullington and wife Viola lived at Chapel Hill with his father-in-law Joseph Warren Wingo, 30 June 1825-15 Aug. 1920, also buried at New Hope with wife Nancy A., 1833-1911.

5. William J. Morris, born June 26, 1839.
6. Margaret Morris, born May 21, 1844.
7. Philemon Newton Morris, born Nov. 4, 1848.
8. Simon Morris, born May 5, 1853.


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