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Submitted by Jackie Monson Purdy
Shingle Springs, California
This quilt top was embroidered by my Great Grandmother Eugenia Natalia Foy Dutton for her son, my Grandfather,
Thomas Absalom Dutton, for his 16th birthday, April 1, 1891.
It is done on muslin squares. Each square having the names, and also a flower or bird, embroidered in what is called REDWORK.
The names on the quilt are people who were near and dear to my family. The FOY, DUTTON, DASHER, BIRD, BIDDENBACK, MINDLEDORFF, BRINSON, EVERETT, TROWELL, OLIFF, SHEPPARD are all family connected. The others are good friends or neighbors in the Egypt, Effingham County, Georgia area.

My Great Grandmother Eugenia N. Foy was the youngest of 15 children born to George Foy and Ann Rebecca Dasher. She married Thomas Absalom Dutton, son of Samuel Dutton and Sarah Hagin from Bulloch County, Georgia.

The center square reads as follows:


These are the names embroidered on the quilt:

Mr. B.H. Dasher
Mrs. B.H. Dasher
Mr. C.E. Dasher
Mr. W.B. Lee
Mrs. W.B. Lee
Mr. S.B. Lee
Mr. O.H. Lee
Mrs. O.H. Lee
Miss Ila Lee
Mr. J.T. West
Mr. T.F. Churchill
Mrs. T.F. Churchill
Miss Gussie Churchill

Mr. Elmo Denton
Mr. Milton Denton
Miss Elies Denton
Mr. Dennis Denton
Mrs. Dennis Denton
Mr. R.J. Ready
Mrs. R.J. Ready
Little Sallie Ready
Mr. J.R. Collins
Mrs. J.R. Collins
Miss Alice Denton

Mr. R.W. De Loach
Mrs. R.W. De Loach
Miss E.O. De Loach
Mr. Z.T. De Loach
Miss M.M. De Loach
Mr. John De Loach
Miss Annie De Loach
Mr. B. J. Newton
Mrs. B.J. Newton
Miss Ida Hinley

Mr. R.W. Brewer
Mr. T. Brewer
Miss Essie Varnado
Mr. H.T. Brewer
Mr. Turner Brewer
Miss Lollie Brewer
Mr. Judge Brewer
Mrs. Judge Brewer
Miss Eastella Brewer
Mr. George Brewer

Mr. W. H. Foy
Miss Ola Foy
Miss Eloise Foy
Ann Lee Foy
Miss Nora Brinson
Mr. William Woodard
Mr. E.E. Foy
Mrs. E.E. Foy
Miss S. Ada Foy
Mr. John E. Foy
Mr. Shelton F. Foy
Miss Alice Foy

Mr. Wm. Spier
Mrs. Wm. Spier
Mrs. George Jones
Mr. M.C. Powell
Mrs. M.C. Powell
Mrs. M.D. Mc Neill
Mr. P. Sowell
Mrs. P. Sowell
Mrs. Ash Powell
Mr. S.C. Trowell
Mrs. S.C. Trowell
Miss Susie Trowell

Mr. S.S. Tullis
Mrs. M.T. Tullis
Miss Ola Tullis
Mr. John Tullis
Mr. R.W. Tullis
Mr. Lem Sheppard
Mrs. Lem Sheppard
Miss Laura Sheppard
Mr. Willie Hauht
Mrs. Willie Hauht
Mrs. Rebecca Tullis

Mr. Lamm Barnett
Mrs. G.W. Barnett
Miss Clyde Barnett
Mr. W.F. Barnett
Mrs. W.F. Barnett
Little Oscar Barnett
Mr. V.A. Menard
Mrs. V.A. Menard
Mr. Henry Menard
Mrs. Carry Menard
Miss Roberta Menard
Little Reba Menard

Mr. J.S. Tart
Mrs. E.A. Russell
Mr. Phillip Russell
Mr. J.S. Cooper
Mrs. J.S. Cooper
Miss Susie Reddy
Mr. C.W. Foy
Mrs. C.W. Foy
Ruby Foy
Mr. T.R. Cooper
Mrs. T.R. Cooper
Miss Lissie Smith

Miss Nerta Carter
Miss Bessie Carter
Mr. Johnnie Carter
Mr. E.R.Rahn
Mrs. E. R. Rahn
Mr. Troy Rahn
Mr. A.F. Rahn
Mrs. A.F. Rahn
Aunt Margaret Biddenback
Rev. R.G. Carter
Mrs. R.G. Carter
Miss Eva Carter

Mr. Herman Tarson
Miss Maud Wolfe
Miss Emma Wolfe
Mrs. E. N. Dutton
Mr. W.M. Foy
Little Lula G. Foy
Mr. Charles Edmondson
Mrs. Charles Edmondson
Mrs. A.C. Wright
Mr. George Mills
Mr. Robt. Rogers

Mr. H. Griner
Mrs. Hamp Griner
Miss Maud Griner
Mr. J,M. Spier
Mrs. J,M. Spier
Mr. Gazzie Griner
Mrs. G.A. West
Miss Eliza West
Mr. J.T. West
Miss Neta West
Miss Effie Mc Loud

Mr. Robt. Dasher
Mrs. Robt. Dasher
Miss Anna Dasher
Mr. E.A. Mingledorff
Mrs. E.A. Mingledorff
Mr. Henry Mingledorff
Mr. T.A. Griner
Mrs. T. A. Griner
Mr. Ben Griner
Mr. W.T. Boykin
Mrs. W.T. Boykin
Miss Anne Wylly

Mr. H.J. Biddenback
Miss Laura Biddenback
Miss Dora V. Read
Mr. G.T. Rogers
Miss Kate Hawkins
Miss Mamie Arden
Dr. H.E. Archer
Mrs. H.E.Archer
Mr. Henry Bird
Mr. Robbie Rogers
Mr. M.C. Davis
Mrs. S.H. Omer

Rev. H.J. Amett
Rev. J.M. Cross
Rev. G.W. Hunt
Rev. W.L. Kilpatrick
Rev. F.L. Adams
Rev. T.H.Blenus
Rev. R.V. Omer
Rev. W.R. Thompson
Rev. R.R. Lee
Rev. G.W. Walker
Rev. W.W. Lee

Mr. John Newman
Mrs. John Newman
Mr. Y. Lester
Mrs. Y. Lester
Miss C. Lester
Mr. Dean Newman
Mrs. Dean Newman
Mr. W.R. Bartley
Mrs. W.R. Bartley
Mr. R.I. Newman

Mr. G.W. Foy
Mrs. G.W. Foy
Mr. W.M. Foy
Mr. E.J. Foy
Mrs. E.J. Foy
Mr. Johnnie Ash
Mr. J.H. Ash
Mrs. J.H. Ash
Mr. George Ash
Dr. J.M. Kelly
Mrs. J.M. Kelly
Hattie Kelly

Mr. O.A. Foy
Mrs. O.A. Foy
Little Miriam Foy
Mrs. E.A. Foy
Miss Cynthia Hunter
Mr. Shelton Hunter
Mr. B.L. Perkins
Mrs. B.L. Perkins
Miss Folsom Perkins
Mr. W.K. Tearce
Mrs. W.K. Tearce
Little Frank Foy

Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Everett
Mr. Eddie E. Everett
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Everett
Miss Hattie Everett
Mr. Wilton Everett
Miss Alice Everett
Miss Anna Everett
Mr. O.C. Everett
Mrs. O.C. Everett
Miss Lou Everett

Mr. J.E. Freeman
Mrs. J.E. Freeman
Miss Jesse Freeman
Me. S.W. Huff
Mrs. S.W. Huff
Niss Neta Kemps
Mr. W.W. Oliff
Mrs. W.W. Oliff
Mr. Henry Oliff
Mr. A.B. Keiffer
Mrs. A.B. Keiffer
Miss Georgia Keiffer

Mr. A.K. Towers
Mrs. A.K. Towers
Mr. Vance Towers
Mr. Milton Towers
Mr. Bruce Towers
Miss Ona Towers
Miss N. Towers
Miss R. Towers
Mr. Jim Engle
Mr. Hugh Towers

Mr. Robert McIntire
Mrs. Robert McIntire
Miss Missie Ambrose
Mr. A.A. Nichols
Mrs. A.A. Nichols
Mr. Fred Nichols
Mr. Robert E. Mather
Mrs. Robert E. Mather
Miss Lillie Ambrose
Mr. J.H. Ambrose
Mrs. J.H. Ambrose
Miss Agie Ambrose

Col. R.E. Lee
Col. Wm Cliffton
Col. U.H. McLaws
Mrs. Leon A. Rimes
Mr. C.J. Smith
Miss Cillis Young
Mr. T.A. Dutton
Miss Nonie McNeill
Miss Rosa Carswell
Mr. John McLaws
Miss Lizzie McLaws
Miss Rebecca Dupont

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