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Will of John Hammack


Will of John Hammack
Wills 1826-1922 – Georgia Court of Ordinary (Taliaferro County)
LDS Film No. 220541
Taliaferro County, Georgia Will Bk. B, Pages 55-57
Transcribed by Rhoda Taylor Fone

Dated June 14, 1872
Proved November 4, 1872

Georgia Taliaferro County. In the name of God Amen.
I JOHN HAMMACK of said State and County being in feeble health and
advanced in age but of sound mind and disposing memory do make, declare and
publish this my last will and testament concerning the property I may
die possessed of:

Item 1st. I will and bequeath to MY SON HENRY T. HAMMACK that part of
my lot of land on the south side of the Georgia Rail Road and adjoining
his lot the said lot herein given being in the possession of the said
Henry. I also give him my Double barrel shot gunn which he now has in
his possession;

Item 2d. I give MY SON JOSEPH D. HAMMACK my single barrel shot gun and
also my watch, both of which are now in his possession;

Item 3rd. I give to MY DAUGHTER NANCY CHENNEY the sum of Five dollars
to be paid to her by my Executor;

razor and shaving instruments – also my Rifle gun which I wish him to
have the use of when old enough to use them and I wish him to keep them
for life as a gift from me;

give my lot whereon I now live on the north side of the Ga R. Road also
my interest of one half in a lot of land of forty acres in Forsyth
County Georgia known as No. 1278 – 14th - District 1st Section originally
Cherokee County and my personal property of every kind not otherwise
disposed of in this will which may be left after paying my just debts to
be used or disposed of by them as may be best for their support; and at
the death of one of them the said property in this Item given them to
go to the survivor to be used and disposed of as she may see proper;

Item 6th. I hereby appoint my SON JOSEPH D. HAMMACK and MY DAUGHTER
JULIA A. HAMMACK Executor and Executrix of this my will with full power
to sell, use or dispose of the property or any part of it, hereby
conveyed in the 5th item in such way as to them may seem best for the support
of my said wife and daughter Julia A. Hammack. In witness whereof I
hereunto set my hand and seal this June 14th, 1872.
/s/ John Hammack [Seal]
Signed, Sealed and declared by the testator, John Hammack as his last
will and testament in our presence we signing as witnesses hereto in the
presence of testator and of each other at his request. This June the
14th 1872.
John W. Darracott
Joseph W. Farmer
William J. Norton

Georgia, Taliaferro County. Court of Ordinary of said County November
term 1872:
The last will and testament of John Hammack, Deceased having been
offered for probate in common form, the same was proven by the oath of two
of the subscribing witnesses to wit: John W. Darracott and William J.
Norton who swear they saw the testator sign the said will in their
presence and in the presence of each other; and that they signed the same in
his presence and at testators request, and that he done the same
voluntarily and of his own accord and was of sound mind and disposing memory;
and that they saw Joseph W. Farmer one of the subscribing witnesses,
sign the same and at the request of testator, and in his presence.
Subscribed and sworn to in open Court, and in the presence of Charles
A. Beazley Ordinary this November 4th 1872.
John W. Darracott
William J. Norton
Whereupon it is considered and adjudged by the Court that the will was
duly proven in common form of law and ordered that the same be admitted
to probate and record and that the Executor have leave to qualify
Charles A. Beazley, Ordinary.

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