Daniel Shell  was born Feb. 29,1790 in VA. the 7th.child of Rev. Stephen Shell and
Jane Ellis Shell of Newberry Co. S.C.

Daniel's first wife was Lucinda Griffin and she was the mother of the children on the 1850 census shown below.

HH # 39 - Daniel Shell, Age 60, b. VA

                  Fressia, Age 40, wife, b. SC

                  George Rufus, Age 19, son, b. GA

                  Francis L., Age 15, dau, b. GA

                  Richard Baxtor, Age 12, son, b. GA

                  Mary Griffin, Age 12, b. GA

Terrissa Martin was Daniel's second wife.  They were married in Pike County, Ga on 29 Sept 1844. (Source - Pike County Marriages 1840-1854, pg. 25.)


HH#66, Daniel L. Shell, age 70

               Terrissa Shell, age 49, b. SC

               B. R. (should be R. B.) Shell, age 21

               Sally  Chatham, age 5

               John Griffin, age 17

HH#567, Rufus G. Shell, age 29

                  Fanny Shell, age 18

                  D. H. Shell, age 1, (male)

                 William Shell, age 10/12


Post Office - Fayetteville

HH#567, R. B. Shell, age 31, Farmer, b. GA

                  E. A. Shell, age 24, Keeping house, b. GA

                  C. R. Shell, age 8, male

                  Mary L., age 4, b. GA

HH#569, Sarah F. Shell, age 30, Keeping house, b. SC

                  William A. Shell, age 12, Farm labor, b. SC

                   Mary L., age 9, b. SC

HH#570, Daniel Shell, age 80, Farmer

                  Freesia Shell, age 57

                  Mary Hamlin, age 26, At home, b. GA

Daniel Shell served in the War of 1812 and his widow received a pension.

"War of 1812 Pensioners Living in Georgia During the 1880's."
The Gregath Company.

Fayette County GA.
25,645 Shell, Terresey  Brook's Station  widow 1812  8.00  July 1879.

Two of Daniel Shell's sons served in the Civil War. On May 6, 1862 Richard Bunyon Shell and George Rufus Shell joined the fifth company to be organized in Fayette County, Company G. 44th Georgia Regiment Volunteers, the
"Huie Guards" It was organized March 2, 1862. John Huie and an older gentleman raised a company after he had passed three score years of age and was elected captain.

Members of the Company G 44th GA.
John Huie-Captain

 Robert Matthews -1st Leiut

 John L. Blalock - 2nd Lieut.

Thomas J. Edmondson Jr. -2nd Lieut.

 Pitt W. Milner -1st Sergeant,

James Rush - 2nd Serg.

John N. Hightower - 3rd Serg.

 Mathias B. Strickland - 4th Serg.

James M. McBride - 5th Serg.

John D. Pope - 1st Corporal

John C. Jenkins -2nd Corporal

Lewis P. 3rd Corporal

William H. Jenkins- 4th Corporal

William Danville Banks - Musician.


From "History of Fayette Co." 1821 -1971 page 364-5 Privates in 44th GA.  -

Shell, George Rufus
Shell, Richard Baxter


The Major Battles of 44th GA. were
Seven Days Battle - June 1862
Seven Pines - May 1862
Ellerson's Mill - June 26, 1862
Gaines Mill, VA. - June 27, 1862
Malvern Hill, VA. - July 1, 1862 George Rufus Shell was killed in this
Sharpsburg, Maryland - Sept. 17, 1862
Fredericksburg, VA. - Dec. 13, 1862
Chancellorsville, VA. - May 2, 1863
Spotsylvania, VA. - May 1863
Cedar Creek, VA. - Oct. 19, 1864
Wilderness, VA. - May 1864
Gettysburg, PA. - July 1863
Petersburg, VA. - July 9, 1864
This company suffered severely in its casualties, lost about 50% - second only
to Co. F. 13th GA.
Richard Baxtor Shell became 1st Sarg. in 1864 and was on the roll of
Prisoners of War April 24, 1865.

Fayette Co., GA Probate Records

Pages 413 - 415.  

In the name of God Amen.  I Daniel Shell of the state of Georgia County of Fayette being of advanced age but of sound and dispassion mind and memory.  Knowing that I must shortly depart this life.  Deem it right and proper both as respects to my family and myself that I should make a disportion of the property about which a kind fiancer has helped me - I do therefore make this my last will and Testament, hereby revoking all other wills made by me.

I desire and direct that my body be buried in a decent and Christian manor suitable to my circumstances and condition in life-- My Soul I trust shall return to rest with God, who gave it as I hope for Salvation through the merits of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

And I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid after my death as soon as possible.

 3rd. I give and bequeath to my wife Terrissa Shell all my Estate both Real and Personal, during her natural life with conditions and reservations as hereafter made.

4th I direct and devise that all my personal property which may prove a burden or be useless be sold after my death by my Executors.  My wife making the decision as to what could be sold.  The proceeds of such as may be sold. ( after burying cost) become a part of my moneyed estate to be kept at interest by my executors

5th. I devise and direct that should my stock at this time together with my financier be insufficient to defray the reasonable expenses of my wife.  what may be necessary for her comfort by paid out of my money belonging to my estate, the remainder of my money being kept at interest. 

6th I further desire and direct that after my wife's death that all of my estate be sold and with all moneys, property or rights due me be divided between my children equally- that may be living and the grand children of any of my children that may desire to receive their fathers' or mother's share. 

7th.  I further devise to my grandchildren , the children of Charles C. Shell, one note payable to myself - by said Charles C. Shell, the principal and interest be counted as a portion of their inheritance in my estate. 

 8th. I hereby constitute and appoint my wife Terrisa Shell and Henry G. Holcomb Executris and Executor of this my last Will and Testament in the  presence of us who signed as Witnesses, in the presence of the said Testator at his special request. 

 Daniel Shell   January 22, 1874   John D. Stewart, G. W. Cook, Alex M.  Speir

Richard Baxter Shell, son of Daniel Shell and his family removed to Lee County, Alabama and then to Little Rock, Arkansas.  Richard Baxter Shell & his wife died in Little Rock, Arkansas.  They had one son and four daughters.


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