The Dorman Family

Rev. Alfred Dorman (1804-1876)

Rev. Hiram Dorman (1805-1894)


Rev. Alfred Dorman was the assigned pastor at Liberty Chapel in 1848, 1849, 1851, 1859, 1866

Submitted by John W. Lynch, Senoia, GA, direct descendent to Sara Jane Overstreet


Lineage: John W. Lynch born 1948, son of Alice Mae (Dorman) Lynch b. 1922, daughter of Wesley Parker Dorman b. 1887, son of George William McIntosh Dorman b. 1857, son of Richmond Dorman b. 1817, son of John Dorman b. circa 1775


Family legend has it that the Dormans came to the United States from the Netherlands. There were many Dorman immigrants to arrive in Virginia and Maryland in the 1600's. Our ancestor, John Dorman was born in Delaware between 1770 and 1780. There are some indications that John may have been a merchant sailor or served in the U. S. Navy as a young man. He migrated to North Carolina about 1797 and married Miss Lucinda Fann (b. 1768), daughter of Jesse and Wilmouth Fann. They followed the William Hightower family to Clarke County, Georgia around 1800. William Hightower had married Lucinda's sister, Sarah. Both families are believed to have lived in the area between Athens and Jefferson. The following children were born to John and Lucinda Dorman in Clarke County: Alfred (b. Jan. 10, 1804), James Hiram (b. 1805), Sanford (b. 1806), Finnie (Lucinda?) (b. 1810), Richmond (b. 1817), John (b. 1822) and Mary Ann (b. 1824). The family apparently followed the Hightowers to Fayette County, Georgia settling here in 1826. John Dorman owned land in the Land Lot #73, 5th District, Fayette County (purchased in 1833). John died in 1851; Lucinda died in 1855. Their burial sites are unknown.


Two of John and Lucinda's sons became circuit rider preachers, and there is some speculation that John may have been a circuit rider preacher also. Alfred, the first son, united with the Georgia Methodist "Traveling Conference" in Columbus, Georgia in 1836. He was assigned to the Zebulon circuit. He had given all of the money that he owned for a Bible when he arrived in Fayette County in 1826 and immediately became leader of his local Sunday School class. In 1827 he married Gracey Ann Padgett (b. 1805), daughter of John and Catherine Padgett of Jefferson County, Georgia. Alfred had a limited education but developed an extensive knowledge of the Scriptures. Father Dorman was very devoted to his calling. The life of a circuit rider was often a lonely one with long, tiresome rides. Oftentimes a preacher of this sort arrived at his destination well after dark, and sometimes had to sleep over at a nearby family's home. Many houses of this period had a room set off from the rest of the house, often to one side of the front porch so that the visiting parson could enter without disturbing the sleeping family. Dorman also was well adapted to his profession. He was a tall, slender man and always wore a tall beaver hat. His horse was equipped with a sheepskin thrown over the saddle for comfort, with a hole in it for the horn to come through. He preached at the Fayetteville M. E. Church in 1847, 1848, 1858, and 1866. He also preached at Inman M. E. Church (1st known as Liberty Chapel) while on the Fayetteville circuit. He was one of the first preachers of the First United Methodist Church of Dekalb County and also preached at Franklin, Powder Springs, McDonough, LaGrange, Franklin, Jackson, Gwinnett County, and many other churches in his circuit. Father Dorman was known as the "Walking Concordance" by his fellow clergymen because of his broad knowledge of the Bible. He kept a diary and made many notations of his travels and services performed. From notations in this diary, it was concluded that he must have preached at least 8000 times. He also made a notation that he had read his last Bible through 53 times. It is unknown how many other Bibles he wore out from use. Alfred's first wife died in 1858, and later that year he married Ann McKelvy. In 1871 Father Dorman donated a portion of his land in LL73, 5th District of Fayette County for a small Methodist meeting house or chapel. The trustees of the church were Richmond Dorman, Morgan Dorman, and Reverend John Murphy. It was stipulated that if the church did not get off the ground that the property would revert back to the Dorman family. The deed description gives no name for the chapel, but at least one source has said that the name of the church was to be "Liberty Chapel". Why they would name this small church the same as the one at nearby Inman is still a mystery. At any rate the church did not make it and all that remains on the site (at the dead end of Dixon Circle) are the remains of an old log cabin and across the road, the single grave of Reverend Alfred Dorman, who died in Paulding County, Georgia on April 1, 1876, after preaching his last sermon in Douglas County.


Children of Alfred Dorman and Gracey Ann Padgett Dorman:

1. John S. (b. 1828)

2. Mary A. J. (b. 1829)

3. Elizabeth (b. 1831) married Ben H. Fortson 12/23/1848 (see attached record)

4. Mary Ann (b. 1833)

5. Sarah (b. 1835)

6. Morgan B. (b. 1836) married Martha Bottoms 11/16/1865 believed moved to Texas

7. Nancy E. (b. 1841)

8. Louisa A. (b. 1849)


James Hiram, the second son of John and Lucinda also became a Methodist circuit rider preacher. He joined the Georgia Conference in 1833. He married Mariah Cox (born 1805) on February 26, 1827. She was the daughter of Asa and Mildred Mariah (Roundtree) Cox. They moved to Harris County, Georgia, where they raised 12 children, and later to Tallapoosa County, Alabama. One of their sons, Isaac Wilburn Dorman, also became a circuit rider preacher and was a pillar of the Methodist circuit in Alabama. James and Mariah are both buried in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He died on January 1, 1894. She died in 1898.

Children of James Hiram Dorman and Mariah Cox Dorman:

1. Martha

2. Mary L.

3. James Fletcher

4. Isaac Wilburn b. 1834 (married Emile A. Rogers)

5. Cary F.

6. John L.

7. Janette

8. Lucinda Isabella

9. Emily E.

10. Charles A.

11. Mariah Antoinette

12. Exa

(Note: A more detailed chart of this family was done by Mr. Kenneth O. Sims and can be obtained at the Alabama Department of Archives and History in Montgomery, Alabama.)


Sanford, the third son, lived a different sort of life than his brothers. He became a First Lieutenant in the State Militia at an early age and served from 1833-35. He served as a private from Fayette County in the Creek Indian War of 1836. He listed his occupation as "Master Mechanic". In 1855 he was among a group of Fayette Countians to move to Cherokee County, Texas via wagon train. Sanford stayed about a year before returning to Fayette County. He brought with him a pet bear that he had "adopted" while in Texas. He was a good natured and quick witted man and was known around Fayetteville as "Uncle Sanford". He married Nancy T. Ward from South Carolina on December 31, 1865 at age 59. There are no children on record. Although he did not become a member of the Methodist Church at an early age like the rest of the family, he did get up once at an old time revival near Fayetteville and give a testimony of sorts. He advised the young people present to accept Christ at an early age and not to do as he had done and "sin away the days of grace". Sanford Dorman died in 1888. No record of his burial site exist.

Finnie Dorman is believed to be Lucinda Dorman (born 1810) who married Franklin Banks in July of 1845. He was the son of Wiseman and Martha Banks. They lived near the Dorman's in Fayette County. They had two (possibly three) children. Franklin died between 1850-1860. Lucinda died in 1906. (Family Bible says Finnie died in 1896)

Children of Lucinda Dorman and Franklin Banks:

1. John W.

2. Emily E. (or A.)

3. Elizabeth ?

4. Mary Jane Stephens (shows up in 1870 census)


Richmond Dorman, the fourth son of John and Lucinda Dorman was born in 1817. He was a wheelwright by trade, having a shop near the Methodist Church on Church Street in Fayetteville. He built and repaired wagons, and was known to occasionally make coffins. He married Mary Ann Emily Parker (born 1814) daughter of Reverend W. C. and Nancy (Pace) Parker of Hancock County, Georgia on March 19, 1839. They had 11 children. In keeping with the family tradition of being a loyal Methodist, he was a founding trustee of the Fayetteville Methodist Church as well as a devoted member. He refused to do any business in his shop while any kind of meeting was being held at the church. He was a Mason as well as a Justice of the Peace for the city of Fayetteville. Richmond fought in the War Between the States. He died in 1899; MAE died in 1892. Both are buried in the Fayetteville City Cemetery.

Children of Richmond Dorman and M.A.E. Parker Dorman:

1. Carrie Elilicia Dorman (b. 1840) never married

2. Alfred Summerfield Dorman (1842-1867) died in Texas

3. Addie Lucinda (1843-1917) married Joseph H. Murphy Jr. (1843-1935) son of Joseph H. and Sarah Ann (McIntosh) Murphy. 4 children

a. Emily S. Murphy married Joseph B. McPherson: 4 children

....Effie McPherson married a Linsey (1 child)

....--S. Richard Linsey

....Emily McPherson never married

....Grace McPherson married Melvin Berg

....Anna McPherson married a Reece 1st, (1 child)

....--Robert Reece

Anna married 2nd a Cassell. No children

b. Joseph R. Murphy married Jessie Cloud 1st; 2 children:

....Olive Murphy married J. C. Brown (1 child)

....--Shirley Brown

....Jane Murphy

Joseph married 2nd Ollie Puyeres

c. William P. Murphy went to New York

d. George T. Murphy married 1st Susie Winters; 2nd Nancy Elder

4. William Parker Dorman (1845-1932) married 1st Mattie Maxwell (1854-1911), 2nd Mary Louise Conley (1861-1913), 3rd Lucy Ann (Taylor) Davies (1868-1960) no children

5. Richmond N. Dorman (b. 1847) Died young?

6. Emily Dorman (b. 1849)

7. John L. Dorman (1851-1867)

8. Thomas C. Dorman (b. 1854) Died young?

9. George McIntosh Dorman (1857-1937) married Alice Ophelia Marshbourne (1860-1945), daughter of Sam W. and Susannah Wesley (Gilbert) Marshbourne. 4 children

a. Joseph W. Dorman (1880-1906) married Annie Dennis; no children

b. George Ruffin Dorman (1882-1947) married Lucille Sewell. 1 child

....Ethelene Dorman (b. 1905) married Lee Timmons

c. Carrie Mae Dorman(1884-1967) married J. P. Porter. 2 children

....Grace Porter (1905-1986)

....Pearl Porter (?) married Clinton Bowen (2 children)

....--Carolyn Bowen (b. 1936) married J. W. Kinnard (2 children)

....--*Glenn Kinnard

....--*Gary Kinnard

....--Eugene Bowen (b. 1948) married Barbara? (2 children)

....--*Angela Bowen

....--*Amie Bowen

d. Wesley Parker Dorman (1887-1961) married Johnie Mae Dickson (1892-1985), daughter of John M. Dickson and Nancy T. (Gilbert) Dickson. 3 children

....Alice Mae Dorman (1922-1989) married Dewey Lee Lynch (1916-1981), son of George Warner Lynch and Fannie Lou (Whatley) Lynch. (4 children)

....--Harry Lee Lynch (b. 1947) married 1st Christine Chason (2 children)

....--*Angel Lynch (b. 1971) married Mike Stowers (b. 1967) (2 children)

....--**Brittany Alyssa (b. 1992)

....--**Shayleigh Michelle (b. 1993)

....--*Richard Joseph Lynch (b. 1972) married Teresa DeGonia (b. 1969)

Harry married 2nd Wanda (Christmas) Copeland (1 child)

....--*Justin Lynch (b. 1989)

....--John Warren Lynch (b. 1948) married Brenda Lou Mann (b. 1950), daughter of Lyman Ware Mann and Gladys (Matthews) Mann (2 children)

....--*Karyn Alisa Lynch (b. 1967) married David Moorman (b. 1958)

....--*Karla Ann Lynch (b. 1969) married 1st John Clay Blanton (1965-1994) (1 child)

....--**Jonathan Clay Blanton (b. 1985)

Karla married 2nd Gary Lee Conner (b. 1958)

....--Douglas Wayne Lynch (b. 1950) married Betty Jo (Byrom) Britt (b. 1949) (2 children)

....--*Kimberly Anne Lynch (b. 1977)

....--*Kerry Allison Lynch (b. 1981)

....--Gary Wesley Lynch (b. 1964)

....John Wesley Dorman (1926-1996) married 1st Frances Landers (b. 1934) (3 children)

....--Georgia Ann Dorman (b. 1950) married Lennie Anderson (b. 1945), (2 children)

....--*Angela S. Anderson (b. 1972)

....--*Ashley Leanne Anderson (b. 1979)

....--Jerry Wesley Dorman (b. 1951)

....--Edna Fay Dorman (b. 1953) married Dwight Garrison, divorced (2 children)

....--*Misty Garrison (b. 1978)

....--*Joshua Brandon (b. 1989)

John married 2nd Mary Lynn (Harris) Farr (b. 1921) (2 children)

....--John Daniel "Danny" Dorman (1959-1988) married Lisa Palumbo (1 child)

....--*Amanda Nicole (b. 1985)

....--Donna Mae Dorman (b. 1960) married Gary Ledbetter (b. 1948) son of Ralph and Dorothy Ledbetter. Donna has 1 child.

....--*Heather Adonia Wooten (b. 1985)

John married 3rd Sarah Anna Carter (b. 1926-1997)

....Lela Opal Dorman (b. 1930) married Wilbur Whitlock, Jr. (1 child)

....--Ronald Whitlock (b. 1949)

10. Hiram T. Dorman (b. 1859) died young; not in 1860 census

11. Paul Dorman (no dates) died young, not in 1860 census


John Dorman, the last son of John and Lucinda was born on June 22, 1822. He married Mary King on November 2, 1849. They are believed to have three children. They lived in Fayette County until at least the 1860's. John died on December 9, 1879. No other information.

Mary Ann Dorman, the last child of John and Lucinda Dorman was born in Clarke County, Georgia on September 4, 1824. She was a teacher in Henry County, Georgia in her younger years. She married James A. Chambers, son of Joseph S. and Frances (Stinchcomb) Chambers of Henry County. Joseph Chambers was a Methodist Minister. Mary Ann and James Chambers lived near Inman, across the Flint River in Clayton County and were faithful members of Liberty Chapel (Inman Methodist Church), as were many of their children and descendants. This can be attested to by a look at the church membership rolls. They had 9 children. More information on this family can be obtained from the Chambers Family Record by Sadie Chambers Burdett at the Georgia State Archives.

Children of Mary Ann (Dorman) and James A. Chambers:

1. Joseph Alfred Chambers (1852-1914) married 1st Margaret Lewis, 2nd Lillian Bohannon

2. Sarah A. E. Chambers (1853-1876) married F. P. Dorton

3. John William Chambers (1855-1928) married Iola Celestia Womack

4. Mary Frances Chambers (1856-1931) married John Archer

5. James Absalom Stinchcomb Chambers (1859-1938) married Minerva Frances McLucas

6. Martha Caroline Chambers (1861-1934) married David Young Jones

7. Lucy Catherine Chambers (1862-1932) married Lemuel Evans Womack

8. Daniel Wesley Chambers (1866-1940) married Lizzie Ophelia Martin

9. Dora Chambers (1867-1920) married Ned Whitmarsh


There is some indication that there may have been more children born to John and Lucinda although they do not show up in the family Bible which was sketchy at best. The 1820 census shows John Dorman as having 3 female children under 10 years of age. Finnie (Lucinda) is the only one accounted for in that age group. A possible daughter could have been Serena Dorman who married Travis Ivey in the 1830's. She is mentioned in John Dorman's probate records. Another possible daughter could be Perthena Dorman (born 1814), who married Godfrey Bedsill in Fayette County, Georgia in 1833. Godfrey Bedsill (or Betsill) died in 1837. Perthena later married Dr. W. H. Blalock. George W. M. Dorman, my great-grandfather, referred to her in his notebook as "Aunt Porthina" Blalock. This would indicate that she was a sister to George's father, Richmond and therefore a daughter of John and Lucinda. Perthena died on June 3, 1882. Dr. Blalock died on Feb. 26, 1876. Both are buried in the Fayetteville City Cemetery.


The Dorman name is all but gone in Fayette County now, but in the early years of the county the name was quite prominent and prevalent, not only in the county's history but in the annals of the Methodist church as well. Descendants of this family should be very proud of this most priceless legacy that has been left to us.

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