Frank Reeves (b. 1918)

By himself

Submitted by Sara Jane Overstreet



My earliest ancestors in Fayette County, from various records, were the Reeves and Jones families. Wylie (Wilie) Reeves came to this county in the early 1820s along with several grown sons and their families. One of the sons was William Reeves who married his second wife, Martha Ann Black, in 1833. One of their children was Henry Clay Reeves, my grandfather.


William Jones, born in Virginia, was the father of Francis Patterson Jones, the father of Permelia C. (Jones) Reeves, my grandmother. This family record has been traced back to a Robert Batte, b. 1583, a student at Oxford University.


The earliest record of Methodist church affiliation is my grandmother, Permelia Catherine Reeves (born 9-26-1850). This shows that she united with Liberty Chapel Methodist Church by certificate on March 25, 1894. My Aunt Emma Reeves joined by vows August 17, 1894. She was the daughter of Permelia Catherine. Maggie Barronton, who later married my uncle Ed Reeves, joined by certificate on April 25, 1898.


I attended Sunday School from 1921-24 when my family moved from Inman. After moving back in 1934, I became a member in August 1937. My mother, Rachel Powell Reeves, became a member 8-27-1939.

I have no knowledge of any other family member being a member of Liberty Chapel.

My early offices were as Sunday School superintendent, treasurer, and steward, possibly in the late 1930's or early 1940's.

I became a Sunday School teacher by 1950 but not full time. I have not been church treasurer continuously but have probably served fifty years altogether. I have been a delegate to numerous District and Annual conferences and served on the North Georgia Conference Town and Country Commission for twenty years.


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