Elisha Hill (1777-1856) &

Martha Patsy Stubbs (1784-1829)

Submitted by Sara Jane Overstreet of Griffin, GA, direct descendent

Elisha Hill and Martha Patsy Stubbs were early settlers of Fayette County, Georgia. They were married in Marlboro County, SC around 1810. It is unclear at this time where Elisha Hill was born, or who his parents were. There is a census record from 1850 that lists him as being born in Alabama. His obituary in the Southern Christian Advocate notes that he was born in Maryland. A Harp descendent has listed his birthplace as Bath Co., NC.


Martha Patsy Stubbs came from a well-documented family in what was first called the Cheraw District of South Carolina. Her parents and grandparents had been land-owners. They were listed in court documents, left their estates in wills, and were mentioned in the earliest written histories of the area. Martha Patsy Stubbs’ father William and paternal grandfather John Stubbs, Sr. are Revolutionary War Patriots recognized by the Daughters of the American Revolution.


In Bishop Gregg's book History of the Old Cheraws (1867), the Native Americans and the earliest European settlers were described. The lifestyle of early settlers was well-documented. Specific members of several branches of Martha Stubbs' family were mentioned. There is a note that "In Nov. 1753, John Stubbs obtained a grant for lands on Cat Fish. He was probably the ancestor of the large connexion of that name, since known in Marlborough District" (p. 87).


In Rev. Thomas' book A History of Marlboro County (1897), the Stubbs' and other families in Martha's line were documented. With regard to Martha's family, Rev. Thomas recounted a memory of Martha's paternal grandparents as follows:

...Mr. William F. Stubbs, of Anson County, North Carolina, who is now [book published in 1897] entering his [Wm. Stubbs’] 92nd year, says: "My grandfather informed me that his father, John or William, came from England before the Revolutionary War and settled in Marlboro County," and further says, "He was a small man, a weaver by trade, and married Miss Rebecca Conner, a very large lady, who became the mother of five sons...(p. 184). The book then proceeded to follow the descendents of John and Rebecca (Conner) Stubbs. It is noted in the short sketch that followed that the author tied Martha's paternal family in with the maternal family in several places!


The Stubbs family has also been documented in their own family book--The Descendants of John Stubbs (1966). This book outlined the first Stubbs' as coming to America in the middle 1600's to land bought by the family while still in England. Martha's branch of the family moved from Virginia to the Carolinas--as was the common path of migration.


The ancestors of Martha Stubbs Hill included some of the founding families of the United States. Martha was the daughter of William Stubbs, Sr. (1748-1839) and his first wife Elizabeth Hubbard (c. 1748-1830). Martha “Patsy” and Elisha Hill were mentioned in William Stubbs, Sr.’s will. William Stubbs, Sr. and his brothers served as soldiers in the Revolutionary War, and William Stubbs, Sr. drew a pension. After his death in 1839, the pension was paid for years to his second wife, Anne. His widow continued to receive the pension after William’s death in 1839 except for the period during the War Between the States when pensions to Southern recipients was terminated until after the War (White, 1992; Andrea & Hill, 1964).


William Stubbs, Sr.’s parents were John Stubbs and Rebecca Conner. John, the father, being too old for combat is listed as a DAR Patriot because he supplied material goods for the military. The sons of John are listed in deed records in Marlboro County, SC. Rebecca Conner Stubbs was the first of John Stubbs’ wives, and was the mother of his children (Andrea & Hill, 1964).


Rebecca Hubbard Stubbs (12-22-1748 to 6-26-1829/1830), the mother of Martha Stubbs Hill, was the daughter of Peter Hubbard (c. 1720-1773) and Agnes Chiles (1726-1773). Peter and Agnes Hubbard been married in Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting (Quaker) in Virginia in 1744. In 1750, Peter Hubbard was noted in the Meeting minutes to be denied membership with the Quakers and soon thereafter the couple moved from Virginia to Carolina (Andrea & Hill, 1964).


Agnes Chiles Hubbard was part of a very distinguished and well-documented Virginia family. She was born to Manoah Chiles (c. 1706-1760) and his first wife Elizabeth Terrell Garland--child of Joel Terrell and Elizabeth Oxford. Manoah was the son of Henry Chiles and his second wife Mary. Henry Chiles--born in Jamestown VA--was the son of Walter Chiles II and his wife Susannah. Walter Chiles II was born in England, and came to Virginia with his father, Walter Chiles I. Walter Chiles I had come to Virginia on the ship The Blessing, bringing with him his wife Elizabeth and their sons. The Chiles house site at Black Point has been partially excavated for archaeological research and has helped to provide information on the lifestyle of early settlers. The father Walter I and the son Walter II both served in the House of Burgesses (Andrea & Hill, 1964; Davis, 1989, 1998; Hill).


Martha Stubbs Hill’s family migrated from Virginia to Marlborough County, SC, where Elisha Hill married Martha Patsy Stubbs. Records from Georgia (Cemeteries and Tracks, 1986) suggest that Elisha Hill moved from SC to Indian Springs in Butts County, Georgia following the treaty with McIntosh in 1825. Oral tradition is that the family moved with one wagon, and all except the youngest of children and the parents walked most of the distance over the poor roads of the period. Martha was in failing health and it was held by the Native Americans that the waters of Indian Springs had healing powers. Indeed, Elisha Hill is listed in Butts County on a tax digest in 1827 in Captain McLin's District. In 1827 he was also on the tax list in Fayette County, GA (Ancestors Unlimited, 1988). That is where he lost his wife. She apparently died due to complications from the birth of their last son. Elisha Hill married again (Fayette Co. census 1850), but apparently all of his children were with Martha. His children are listed as follows:

Nancy Hill m. (Dr./Rev.) John Murphy

Mary Hill m. John Story--see below

Ann Hill 1810-1851 m. (Rev.) Elias W. Story--separate biographical information

John W. Hill 1812--1884 m. Elvirah McGriff--see Bible record below

William N. Hill 1816--1857 m. Mary Ann Kelley

Sara(h) Hill 1820--1909 m. (Rev.) Mozee Harp--separate biographical information

Martha Rachel Hill 1822--1890 m. (Rev.) Thomas F. Luncford--separate biographical information

Elizabeth Hill 1824--1887 m. Andrew J. Henderson--separate biographical information


All of these children were probably born in SC, but they all seemed to have married after the family moved to Fayette/Henry/Clayton Co., GA area. The youngest child was born after moving to Georgia: Elisha Griffin Hill 1829--1847


The family moved to middle Georgia when land opened up to white settlers. Apparently Martha's brother William Stubbs, Jr. was also a settler. William Stubbs, Jr.’s son Rowland Stubbs inherited some of the land, and signed over a plot for the second Liberty Chapel--on Hill's Bridge Road in Fayette County, across the street from the current cemetery site. Other Liberty Chapel families seem to have moved from Marlboro Co., SC to Fayette Co., GA at about the same time.


The earliest deed indicating Elisha Hill's acquisition of land in this area is located in the Fayette County Courthouse showing that Hill bought land on the East side of the Flint River--in what is now Clayton County. At the time the land was purchased, it was located in Fayette County, and the land is still very near the Fayette County line. The oldest known deed reads as follows:


Fayette County Deeds, Book B, Page 87

Georgia, Jasper County--This indenture made this 26th of October in the year of our Lord One Thousand eight hundred & twenty six between Davis R. Andrews of the one part and Elisha Hill of the other part both of the State & county aforesaid Witnesseth that the said Davis R. Andrews for and in consideration of the sum of Three hundred Dollars to him in hand paid at & before the Sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt. Whereof is hereby acknowledged hath granted bargained & Sold And do by these presents grant bargain & sell unto the said Elisha Hill his heirs and offspring all that tract or parcel of land situated lying and being in the County of originally Henry but now Fayette distinguished in the plan of said County as No. fourteen in the 5th district (No. 14th in the 5th District). To have and to hold said tract or parcel of land unto him the said Elisha Hill his heirs and offspring together with all and singular the rights members and appurtenances thereof to the same in any manner belonging to his heirs own proper use benefit & hereof for ever in fee simple.

And the said Davis R. Andrews for himself executor and administrator the said bargained promises unto the said Elisha Hill his heirs and offspring will warrant & forever defend the right & title thereof against themselves and against the claim of all other persons whatever.

In witness where of the said David R. Andrews hath here unto set his hand & seal the day & year above written signed sealed & delivered in presence of

Elizabeth Dunce

Henry Jackson, J. P. D. R. Andrews seal.


Georgia, Jasper County--Eliza F. Andrews wife of the named Davis R. Andrews did this day appear before me and being ?? & separate and apart from her said husband examined by me did declare that she freely voluntarily & without any compulsion dread or fear of any person whatever renounced released & forever relinquishes unto the said Elisha Hill his heirs and offspring all her interest and estate and also her right and claim of Dowery in and to all singulars the premises mentioned in the within deed.


In witness when of the said Eliza Andrews has set her hand and seal to these presents this 23rd of December 1826.

Thos. S. Wilson, J.P. Eliza Andrews

Recorded 1st November 1827

Hiram Strawn, Clerk


Elisha Hill was listed in the 1827 Tax Digest for Fayette County as owning 2 slaves and 202&1/2 acres of land. This was located in District 5, Lot 14. He was neighbors with other early members of Liberty Chapel.

In the 1830 Census, Elisha Hill and his brother-in-law were listed as follows:

Elisha Hill 2 slaves

1 male under 5 1 female under 5

1 male 10-15 1 female 5-10

1 male 15-20 2 females 10-15

1 male 50-60 1 female 15-20

Note that his wife had just died. He is about 50 at this time.


William Stubbs 3 slaves

1 male under 5 2 females under 5

1 male 5-10 2 females 5-10

1 male 10-15 1 female 10-15

1 male 15-20 1 female 15-20

1 male 50-60 1 female 40-50

1 female 80-90


In Fayette County Deed Book C, Page 152, a deed dated Oct. 10, 1832, there is a deed for Liberty Chapel Methodist Church (near Elisha Hill's land) in the 4th District, Lot 242. Elisha Hill is listed as one of the trustees of the congregation buying an acre of land from Daniel R. Thomas at the minimal cost of $1.


By the 1833 Tax Digest he had acquired more property as follows:

4 slaves

101-1/4 acres Dist. 3, Lot 94, Henry County

202-1/2 acres Dist. 5, Lot 14, Fayette County

101-1/4 acres Dist. 4, Lot 243, Fayette County

101-1/4 acres Dist. 4, Lot 244, Fayette County

101-1/4 acres Dist. 4, Lot 239, Fayette County

106 acres Dist. 17, Lot 280, 1st section new land in Cherokee


There are several other acquisitions of land documented in the Fayette County records as follows:

1--Elisha Hill bought land from Elias Story on Jan. 5, 1832 listed in Book C., Page 52. The land was in the 4th District of Henry now Fayette County, in Lot No. 239. Witnesses were John N. Hightower and Peterson Hubbard. Eli Edmondson, J.P. Joseph Lamberth, Clerk recording May 28th, 1834.


2--Elisha Hill bought land from Jeptha Roberton on Dec. 19, 1832 listed in Book C, Page 153. Hill paid $810 for the "West half of Lot number two hundred & forty three & the north side of two hundred & forty four to an agreed upon line according & stack pine stump to be run East & West thru said Lot in fourth District of Fayette County formerly Henry County. Containing one hundred & ninety two & half acres more or less..." Witnesses were Nancy & Giles Newton. The clerk was Lambreth who recorded the deed on May 31, 1834.


3--Elisha Hill bought land from Daniel R. Thomas on Jan. 8, 1838 listed in Book D, Page 133. Hill paid $450 for "a certain half tract or parcel of land situated and lying in this State and County of Fayette it being all the East half of Lot No two hundred and forty three in the fourth district of formerly Henry now Fayette County containing one hundred one and a quarter acres more or less Bounded by the fifth district on the north and two hundred and forty two on the East together with all and singular the rights members..." Witnesses were John Thomas and John W. Hill. Hiram Dorman, J.P. R. S. Heflin, Clerk.


4--On Feb. 6th, 1849 the Liberty Chapel congregation accepted an acre of land just West of the Flint River for a new church. The deed is listed in Deed Book F, Page 299. Elisha Hill is again listed as a trustee for the church.


Elisha Hill gained property and importance in the community. He was several times listed in court documents and newspaper articles. He was listed as a "commissioner" in legal notices in Fayette County land records. He is listed among the Free Masons in 1847 at Mt. Moriah Lodge (History of Fayette County, 1977) He apparently married again, and the wife's name was Elizabeth (as per census record). It had been reported that his second wife was Elizabeth Russian Harp, the widow of Cullen Harp. She had already had her children in her first marriage as well. Elisha's will in Book A in Fayette County, GA was executed Aug. 12, 1856 and probated January 5, 1857. He named his wife Elizabeth. He listed his sons and sons-in-law all together as sons--John Hill, William H. Hill, Moze Harp, John Masskey and Andrew Henderson (names spelled so in document). He listed daughters as Ann (deceased), Mary Story, Martha Lunsford, and the children of his daughters as heirs. He directed William A. Hill, Thomas W. Hill and William L. Chambers as trustees for his daughters and their children. He noted that one acre of his land was a permanent cemetery, and that is where he was buried. His executors were his sons John and William, as well as William Chambers his friend and another of the earliest land owners in the area.


These individual's are listed in 1850 as farmers:

Mozee Harp (son-in-law)--6 slaves

Elisha Hill--10 slaves

Wm. N. Hill (son)--11 slaves

Elisha Hill was listed as living in the household of Sarah A. E. Hightower. The census showed that Elisha Hill was 70 and born in Alabama. His second wife Elizabeth was 70 and born in Virginia. There is speculation that this Elizabeth was the widow of William Cullen Harp.

Elisha Hill's obituary was listed in the Southern Christian Advocate in the January 29, 1857 issue. It has been abstracted as "Elisha Hill was born in Maryland, Jan. 12th, 1777, and died in Fayette Co., GA., Dec. 20th, 1856, in his 79th year...member of the M. E. Church about 40 years...." (Holcomb, 1984, p. 447).

Elisha Hill is buried in the cemetery on his (former) land near the Flint River in what is now Clayton County. The cemetery is in a wooded area about 1/2 mile off Panhandle Road on a farm tractor path north of Inman Road. Elisha Hill and his first wife Martha were said to be buried in the center large cradle-like graves made of large local stones. Some other graves have more elaborate markers and certainly some have better documentation regarding who is buried beneath--but these Hill graves are definitely the most central and the most prominent in the cemetery. Those buried with the couple seem to be descendants for about 3 generations, as well as many small graves marked only by an upright stone of the same material as Elisha Hill's grave that may be slave graves as well as others. There are many of these smaller graves. Some of Elisha Hill's children were buried nearby at Inman cemetery. It is unclear if Elizabeth--the second wife--is buried here. She was most likely buried with her first husband--the father of her children. There are several graves of early community settlers in this cemetery. It is not clear of they were all of family connection or if this served as a community/church burial ground at one time (All known cemeteries, 1986).


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John Story (1811-1868) & Mary Hill

submitted by Mary Harper, Titusville, FL

John Story b. 6 May 1811 in Jackson, Cape Giradeau Co., MO, d. 7 Dec 1868 in Smith Co., TX. He married Mary Hill on 4 Sep 1833 in Fayette Co., GA. He is buried in the Center Methodist Church Cemetery in Tyler, Smith Co., TX where he lived and raised his family.

a. Caleb Story b. 1836.

b. James W. Story b. 17 Dec 1840, d. 14 Nov 1896 in Tyler, Smith Co., TX; m. Susan Winifred Curry.

(1) Ed Story b. 14 Feb 1868

(2) Lula Story b. 31 Mar 1869.

(3) Walter Story b. May 1871.

(4) Eli D. Story b. 17 Dec 1872.

(5) Allie Sue Story b. 19 Jun 187?

(6) Minnie Eva Story b. 8 Aug 1877

(7) Era May Story b. 5 Apr 1880.

(8) Clyde Bunch Story b. 29 May 1881, d.28 Feb 1935; m. Addie Mae Mink 25 Nov 1909.

(a) Vera Mae Story b. 23 May 1911.

(b) Archie Story b. 11 Nov 1913, m. 25 Dec 1943 to Virginia Loraine Dodson.

(c) Hazel Gertrude Story b. 13 Oct 1915

(d) Edith Sue Story b. 2 Feb 1919; m. Harmon Sheppard Phillips

(f) Anna Belle Story b. 2 Mar 1924 m. Breckenridge

c. William D.Story b. 1841.

d. Martha Ann Story b.1842, m. S. D. Marlow

e. Nancy Story b. 15 Jan 1845, m. C. N. (or N.G.) Thompson

f. Sarah Story b. 1849, d. 1936 m. 1869 Henry Reed.

g. Thomas B. Story b. 1852; m. Nan Thompson (No issue).

h. Typhena D. (Fena) Story b. 10 Jan 1853; m. Daniel Lambdin; m. (2) Amry Conner

i. Mary Lou Story b. 1861-1936; m. 1885 Clinton E. Conner


John Hill (1812-1884) &

Elvirah S. McGriff (1831-1898)

Document located in GA Dept. of Archives and History, Microfilm Drawer 199, Box 25. Copied by S. J. Overstreet


John W. Hill's parents were Elisha Hill and Martha Stubbs of Fayette Co., GA.

Elvirah's parents were Sarah Beasley and Thomas McGriff (his father was James McGriff) Sarah & Thomas McGriff were married in DeKalb Co., GA in 1830. This was written by Mrs. Lois Hill Fowler of Acworth, GA, who owned the Bible at the time it was microfilmed.

Holy Bible

St. Louis, MO

pub. J. H. Chambers, & Co.

no publication date given


Marriage record: J. W. Hill to E. S. McGriff at home of Tomas McGriff on 13 November, 1849.

In presence of Joe Willon & Dick Corns

Signed Hiram Whitworth



J. W. Hill & Elvirah S. McGriff Nov. 15, 1849

Jack Lunsford & Mary Hill Oct. 1874

George Hill & Anny(?Aurry) Gurmon Feb. 19, 1879

Ey Hill & Tinnie Chitwood Mar. 5, 1885

J. M. Hill & George Russon Feb. 24, 1887

Griffin Hill & Alice Baldwin May 20, 1890(?1)

Benjamin Hill & Octa Westbrook Sept. 12, 1899

G. W. Adier & M. E. Hill Dec. 16, 1876

George Hill & Emma Campbell

B. H. Hill & Gannie Lester Sept. 1913

Lois Hill & A. R. Fowler Feb. 21, 1920

Irene Hill & Edward E. Skelton June 26, 1917

Sara Elizabeth Hill & W. H. McClesky May 10, 1919

Elmer D. Hill & Myrtle L. Allgood May 24, 1925

Charles G. Hill & Lula Mildred Dameson Aug. 13, 1932

Jiann Skelton & Sam A. Davis, Jr. Oct. 15, 1938

Margaret Fowler & Lewis Willis June 23, 1945(?6)

Kay Fowler & Dorothy Richards 1946

Wilma Fowler & H. S. Pendley Dec. 8, 1945



J. W. Hill was born Jan 15, 1812

Elvirah S. Hill Sept. 23, 1831

Elisha G. Hill Nov. 16, 1850

Sarah E. Hill Mar 22, 1853

Mariam O. Hill Mar 2, 1855

John T. Hill July 25, 1857

William G. W. Hill June 28, 1860

Edward Y. Hill April 24, 1863

James M. Hill Sept. 10, 1866

Elisha G. Hill Sept. 14, 1869

Benjaman H. Hill Dec. 2, 1874

William N. Hill Children

Mary E. Hill born Jan. 19, 1850

John C. Hill Feb. 5, 1851

Alice Hill May 15, 1874

Irene Hill Aug. 12, 1892

Agness Hill Aug. 29, 1894



Elisha G. Hill died July 17, 1853

Sarrah E. Hill Mar. 27, 1858

John T. Hill June 29, 1864

William N. Hill Dec. 5, 1857

John W. Hill Nov. 27, 1884

Sarrah McGriff Sept. 31, 1890

Mary Agness Hill Oct. 12, 1894

Izma Elvirah Hill Apr. 12, 1897

Elvira S. Hill Feb. 2, 1898

Infant of E. G. & Alice Hill Jan 11, 1907

J. M. Hill Mar 3, 1913

Homer Hill Dec. 25, 1913

Minnie Lunsford Oct. 1913

Mary Sue Hill June 13, 1915

G. W. Hill Dec. 6, 1915

Edward N. Hill July 26, 1915

Griffin E. Hill Apr. 7, 1928

Mary P. Lunsford Mar. 4, 1925

Sara Elizabeth Hill McClesky June 8, 1930

Alice Baldwin Hill Apr. 17, 1956

(Further information from Bible on microfilm)


Another installment of lineage of Elisha Hill’s wife Martha Patsy Stubbs and her brother William Stubbs to moved from Marlboro SC to Fayette GA. By S. J. Overstreet, direct descendent.


My particular line of STUBBS from Marlboro Co SC goes like this:

Sara Jane Overstreet--myself

my father Winton DeVann Overstreet, Jr.

his mother Sara Nancy Banks Overstreet

her mother Lula McLucas Banks

her mother Sara Jane Lunsford McLucas

her mother Martha Rachel Hill Luncford

her mother Martha Stubbs Hill (b. c. 1784, d. 1829) (came Fayette Co GA from Marlboro Co SC), wife of Elisha Hill

There is so much information in Rev. Thomas’ 1897 book A HISTORY OF MARLBORO COUNTY SC that it cannot be put in this document. Copies of reprints are available at this time, and SJO has a copy at home. There is a copy in the GA Dept. of Archives and History in Atlanta.--Sara Jane Overstreet

This is what SJ has from research:



p. 25--Elizabeth (X) Quick s. 14 July 1823 p. 3 May 1832

Daus: Rachel, Rebecca, Clarisa, Ruth

Sons: Burrel Quick, Solomon Quick

Gr.children: Tilly Quick, Aley Quick

Excr: Lebean Temple, James Irby

Wit: Labon Temple, James Irby, James Hewett

p. 182

p. 28--William (X) Stubbs s. 20 Apr. 1837 p. 1 July 1839

Wife: Anne F.

Sons: William, Peter

Daus: Ann Morris wife of William Morris

Fanny Moor wife of Benjamin Moor

Nancy Odom wife of Jacob Odom

Betsy Welsh wife of Henry Welsh

Patsey Hill wife of Elisha Hill

Grandchildren: Henry Easterling son of dec’d. dau. Rebecca; Anna, Lucy and Mary daus. of dec’d. son James; William F. son of dec’d. son James

To: Sarah French late widow of dec’d. son James

Excr: Thomas Stubbs sr., John Terrell, William Adams Sr. and Holden W. Liles

Wit: John Jones, John Pearson, David Stubbs Jr.

p. 200

Codicil 31 May 1839 dau. Nancy Odom has died--her share to her children--not named--same witnesses.

p. 207

p. 76, Giles Newton’s will is witnessed by Peter Stubbs 1804

HISTORY OF THE OLD CHERAWS by Right Rev. Alexander Gregg, 1867. reprinted 1991 with index by Southern Historical Press. In possession of S. J. Overstreet. Can be ordered through Boyd Publishers where I got mine, or from other sources I’m sure.


page 87--In Nov. 1753, John Stubbs obtained a grant for lands on Cat Fish. He was probably the ancestor of the large connexion of that name, since known in Marlborough District.


page 90--About this time (1756), the names of Joseph Brockinton, John Kimbrough, Abraham Odam, John Holloway, James Sweeney, Charles Lowder, (or Lowther), Samuel Windes, James and Alexander M’Kown, and (in the following year) George Nettles, are found among the records of our early settlements.


page 91--...James Sweeney is supposed to have been the progenitor of the present family of Henegan.


It is known that this was called the Sweeney family at an early period. When or why the change took place, is not known to the present generation.

Barney, who was probably the son of James Sweeney had two sons, Darby and John. Darby was the father of the late Dr. B. K. and Ephriam L. Henegan, or Marlborough. His daughter were Drusilla, who married L. E. Stubbs, and Lucretia, who married Alex. McCollum.

John Sweeney married a Miss Ridgel, and died young. John S. Henegan was thr first of that name. The families became connected, and two generations back, took the name of Henegan. They lived first in Marion, where a portion of their descendants yet reside; the other a highly respectable branch of the family being in Marlborough.


page 98&99--Daniel Sparks married Martha Pearce, and had three sons--Alexander, Samuel, and Daniel. Alexander married Jeanette M’Kearly; Samuel married Ann Hurry; and Daniel, a French lady in Louisiana. The daughters were Martha, who died single; Polly, who married John Crosland; Lucy, who married Alexander Stubbs, and subsequently Thomas Stubbs; and Sarah, who married William Pouncey.

Daniel Sparks, the father, was a noted Captain of Militia in the Revolution, and rendered valuable service to his country.


Martha's (and her brother William’s) parents were William Stubbs (1748-1839) and Elizabeth Hubbard (c. 1748-1830). William and his father John Stubbs were both Revolutionary War Patriots--as I recall Wm. was a soldier (as were like 4 of his brothers) and John his father provided supplies for the Continental Army.


Thanks to Marilyn Santiago for sharing this documentation from her trip to Salt Lake City. Marilyn mailed me some pages, and Zaroga had already mentioned this work. I’ll just type it all out and reproduce what Marilyn sent to me via snail-mail. (Please note--there is a print copy of this book in the GA Archives in Atlanta, donated by the author Mr. Hill.  7-8-1999 I have now reviewed the book at GA Archives in Atlanta.  It is in the family book section under HILL author, and is over 300 typed pages.  sjo)

From LDS. There is a number on this document of 69500.



Leonardo Andrea

4204 Devine Street

Columbia, 25, S.C.


Joseph Edward Hill

507 S. McDonough St.

Decatur, Georgia

Copyright 1964 Joseph Edward Hill and Leonardo Andrea

page 1


When or where this pioneer was born is unknown. His age can be approximated only by the ages of his children and other circumstances. His oldest son, William Stubbs was born in 1748, and his youngest, Thomas Stubbs, the only one who was not a soldier of the revolution was born between 1765 and 1770. John Stubbs the pioneer sold the last of his thousand acres in Marlboro 8-29-1788 and does not again appear in the records, or the 1792 census. He doubtless died between those dates. His wife REVECCA CONNER, is described on page 184 “History of Marlboro”. Where she came from is unknown, although one of her descendents told Rev. Thomas that he thought the Conners came from Maryland. She had a brother Thomas Conner who died 9-12-1802, aged 75, indicating birth 1727. Reverend Wilson Conner born in Marlboro 7-7-1768 and died in Georgia, was son of Thomas Conner and nephew of Rebecca Conner Stubbs. Among the entries in his interesting Bible are the following:

Thomas Conner, Junr. Junr. died Sept. 12, 1802, aged 75 years.

Ann Conner died Sept. 1791, aged 60 years.

Thomas Conner, Senr. Senr. died Aug. 14, 1768 aged 90.

Margaret, his wife, died ---- aged 60 years.

John Beverly died 1786 aged 80 years

Ann Beverly died 1787 aged 81 years.

His mother Ann Conner was doubtless the daughter of John and Ann Beverly.

But the Conner data is uncertain. Since there is a difference of 49 years between the date of birth of Thomas Conner, Sent. Senr., and Thomas Conner, Junr. Junr. It appears likely that he left out his grandfather, whom he might have called Thomas Conner, Senr. Junr.

This given for the benefit of anyone wishing to continue the Conner search. A complete copy of this Bible data is at the Georgia Department of Archives.


Whether John Stubbs came from England, as his great grandson William Fuller Stubbs thought, or whether he was descended from John Stubbs of Gloucester County, Virginia, is uncertain. The latter seems more likely, although there was a John Stubbs who came to Williamsburg, South Carolina in 1738. Professor Thomas A. Stubbs has visited the Virginia Family, and he thinks that the resemblance is so great between them and the South Carolinians of the name, that they are doubtless of the same family. Lewis Stubbs, one of the younger sons of John Stubbs and Rebecca Conner, states in his pension application, that he was visiting in Granville Co. N.C. at the beginning of the revolution. There was living there at the time a William Stubbs, possibly the brother of John.


William Stubbs, eldest son of John Stubbs and Rebecca Conner, says in his pension application “I was born in Cheraw District South Carolina, December 22, 1748.” But at that time and for many years afterward the state lines were unknown. The first location at which the family has been found is on Mountain Creek, Anson County, N.C. In 1767 William Stubbs took out a warrant of survey for 100 acres, “including the place where John Stubbs now lives”. But he never did pay the 50 shillings for the survey and grant. Instead, beginning four years later in 1771 his father John Stubbs started obtaining grants from the South Carolina authorities. Between 1771 and 1774 he took grants for 1000 acres in the “beauty Spot” in what is now Marlboro County. After 200 years of use and abuse, this is still beautiful land. Prior to 1770, land and game was so abundant and living was so easy, that most people living on the frontiers avoided taxes and fees by living on the land without title.


The known children of John Stubbs and Rebecca Conner are as follows:

William Stubbs R.S. (1748-1839) m. Elizabeth Hubbard

[sjo note--second marriage later to Ann]

James Stubbs R.S. (1755-1825) m. (1) unknown. I believe his first wife was Sarah, daughter of Dickson Pierce, but there is no real proof. She was mother of all but one child. m. (2) Sarah Tallant, widow of Abner Miller.

John Stubbs R.S. (1754-1792) m. Mary Bridges.

Lewis Stubbs R. S. (1760-1845) m. Elizabeth Bridges.

Thomas Stubbs died 1847 m (1) Feribe Beverly. She was mother of all his children except one. m (2) Lucy Sparks, her third marriage.

Stephen Stubbs R.S. his age unknown. He served in the regular army during the revolution, as a Patriot, and either died during the war or immediately afterward. No known wife or child.


The revolutionary service of this group is proved as follows:

John Stubbs, Sr. the father was too old for combat, but he furnished supplies and services to the Patriot army. He was paid for this service after the war, by the State of South Carolina. My daughter, Joyce Ann Statham, got his name on the DAR roll of honor by using his record to establish her eligibility.


page 3 William Stubbs (1748-1839) the oldest son, lived long enough to qualify for a Federal Pension, under the act of 1832, which did not require that the applicant be destitute. All prior laws had had this requirement, so that the percentage of the soldiers who became pensioners is small.

James Stubbs (1755-1825) did not live long enough to qualify under the Pension Act of 1832, and was never destitute. The only proof of his service is in the pension application under the Act of 1832, of his brother Lewis Stubbs, among the service claimed by Lewis, was “served as a substitute for James Stubbs and William Stubbs.” When Charleston was captured by the British in 1781, the Militia Officers surrendered all the troops in a body and the troops were then paroled. The records were also captured. Of the thousands of Militia Troops paroled at this time, unless they later violated their paroles or lived long enough to apply for a pension, so record of their service exists.


John Stubbs R.S. (1754-1792) m. Mary Bridges. But there is doubt that she was the mother of his first two children, Lewis and John Stubbs. Their mother may have been a Miss Fraser. John is readily distinguished from his father John Stubbs, by the fact that he signed his name rather than using a mark. Receipts in Indent Files suggest that he was an Officer in the Revolution, but of what rank I do not know. He represented his deceased brother, Stephen Stubbs, as Administrator after the war. After he died in 1792, his brother William Stubbs applied for letters of Administration on the Estate of Stephen Stubbs. John served with the Rangers in 1775, where his age and description are given.


Lewis Stubbs (1760-1845) Applied for pension under Act of 1832. Stated that he was very young when he first served as substitute. It is likely that he was helping his older brothers, who had families.


Thomas Stubbs The youngest of the Stubbs brothers was too young for service in the Revolution.

That the five above named, were the sons of John Stubbs the Pioneer, is proven by two facts. Mrs. Holden W. Liles, of Marlboro, left a diary, which has been abstracted by the Pee Dee Chapter D.A.R., in which she names the four brothers of her father, James Stubbs R.S., as William, John Lewis and Thomas. She gives most of the children of these. But this proves only that the five were brothers and not that they were the sons of John. That they were sons of John is proved by Marlboro County Deed Book F-1, Page 327, when William Stubbs, Feb. 10, 1802, appeared in open Court and made oath that he recognized his father’s mark on a Deed “aned further, that he has frequently heard his father say he had made such title within mentioned.” This concerned a sale that John Stubbs had made in 1786 to Thomas Dean of land that had been granted him in 1771.



[sjo--I have to write this as one column so that I can send as e-mail TXT, so I have put column one in open text and column 2 in parentheses]


(No will of administration)

He was in South Carolina before 1748

REBECCA CONNER...First wife and mother of his children, viz:

(Data from Thomas History of Marlboro, Gregg...The Old Cheraws, Boddie...History of Williamsburg)

WILLIAM STUBBS...son 1749-1839





Above sons all proved

(Series of Marlboro County deeds signed 2 Oct. 1786, 16 Sept. 1786, 24 May 1774, 5 Oct. 1771. Mentioned in deeds by his sons Signed 28 Feb. 1812, 20 Oct. 1807)

STEPHYEN STUBBS...Likely a sons died at end of Revolution

Likely daughers...No proof so far

(Ms. file of Elizabeth Stubbs Liles, Granddaughter of John Stubbs, Sr.

EDITH STUBBS...Second wife of John Stubbs, Sr., after 1785

(Book by Mr. Carter Stubbs)

THOMAS CONNER and his wife ANN CONNER (Nee Beverly) mentioned in the deeds 1 Jan. 1764

Witnesses to deeds David Goodwin, Elisha Abney, Thomas x Stubbs, Lewis x Stubbs, William x Stubbs, John Stubbs, Jr., Daniel Sparks, Abel Kolb, William Lister, Joseph Pledger, Shadrach Fuller, and others.

(Marlboro Co., S.C. JOHN STUBBS Sr. Sale of 1000 a. of land in various deeds A-163, F-327, A-238, GG-294, A-149, G-234, B-195 Letter for Deed Book numeral for page)

S.C.Archives File #7504...John Stubbs, Sr. furnished supplies for the Revolution from Cheraw Dist. S.C.


page 5 (spacing same as above for the 2 columns of the page)

WILLIAM STUBBS, SR. born Craven Co. S.C. 22 Dec. 1748 died in June 1839, Marlboro Co., S.C. married in 1830 to second wife ANNE FULLER MCDANIEL STUBBS...in will

(Will sg. 28 April 1837 codicil sg. 3 May 1839, pr. 1 July 1839 Marlboro Co. S.C. Estate file 23-12. National Archives Revolutionary Pension Number W. 6188. Combined data as to family)

Married first to: ELIZABETH HUBBARD was mother of all the children.

WILLIAM STUBBS, JR...Son...To his heirs


]ANNE STUBBS, wife of William Morris...Daughter

FANNY STUBBS, wife of BENJAMIN MOORE...Daughter...Frances

NANCY STUBBS, deceased wife of JACOB ODOM...Daughter

BETSY STUBBS, wife of HENRY WELSH...Daughter...Elizabeth

PATSY STUBBS, wife of ELISHA HILL...Daughter...Martha

REBECCA STUBBS, deceased wife of SHADRACK EASTERLING...Daughter (Shadrack Easterling now in will but shows in Bible) HENRY EASTERLING...Grand son...Son of Rebecca Easterling


The certified copy of will has sg. 20 April 1837, codicil sg. 31 May 1839, probated 17 August 1839 or that is date of recording.

Executors: Thomas Stubbs Sr, John Terrell, William Adams Sr, Holden W. Liles

Inventory made by: John Pearson, Thomas Lester, James Jones, George Bristow, Uriah Hodge. Any three of these.

Witnesses: John Jones, John Pearson, Davis Stubbs Jr., Joseph David

Final settlement 26 Nov. 1840 See other data for names in the Final Settlement under each child.

WILLIAM STUBBS, SR...Revolutionary soldier...Son of REBECCA CONNER and JOHN STUBBS, SR.



born Dec. 22, 1748 died June 26, 1829 died 1830

ELIZABETH HUBBARD was the daughter of Peter Hubbard and Agnes Chiles, who came to Carolina shortly after 1750, from Carline County, Virginia. They were married in Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting (Quaker) the eleventh month, twelth day of 1744-5 (Hinshaw) (J.E.Hill has complete copy of original manuscript).

WILLIAM and ELIZABETH HUBBARD STUBBS had three sons and six daughters, viz:

1. William Stubbs (m) Sarah Idenor

2. Peter Stubbs (named for his grandfather, Peter Hubbard)

3. James Stubbs (m) Sarah Fuller

4. Rebecca Stubbs (m) Shadrack Easterling

5. Nancy Stubbs (m) Jacob Odom

6. Ann Stubbs (m) Wm. Morris, Jr.

7. Frances Stubbs (m) Benjamin Moore

8. Elizabeth Stubbs (m) Henry Welsh

9. Martha Stubbs (m) Elisha Hill

WILLIAM STUBBS (m) (2) ANNE FULLER MCDANIEL STUBBS, 1830. She was the widow of John Stubbs (abf). William (1748-1839) was drawing a Revolutionary Soldier’s Pension when he died. After his death his widow, Anne Fuller McDaniel Stubbs Stubbs, continued to draw said pension. She was still living when the Civil War started and it was cut off. She was restored to the Pension Roll after the war was over. She lived to be very old.

For proof that Elizabeth Hubbard, mother of the children of William Stubbs, R.S., was descended from Walter Chiles, who was Speaker of the House of Assembly of Virginia about 1650, see application of Joseph Edward Hill, in the Files of “The Jamestown Society” at Richmond, or the application of Mrs. Wilson L. Baker of Tampa, in the Filews of “Colonial Dames of the Seventeenth Century.”


page 55

Elisha Hill--data from the Marlboro Co. S.C. Estate File #23-12 and from additional data from Fayette Co. Ga. furnished by J. E. Hill, 507 S. McDonough St., Atlanta, GA

ELISHA HILL 1780-1856---Who removed from Marlboro Co., S.C. sometime between 1825 and 1830 to Fayette Co., GA. Data as to wife and children from the will of William Stubbs Sr. 1839

MARTHA HILL...Wife..and also shown as PATSY HILL 1784-1829


NANCY HILL...Daughter married JOHN MURPHY M.D.

WILLIAM HILL...Son married twice


MARY HILL...Daughter married John Story

ELISHA GRIFFIN HILL...Son died single circa 18847



ANNE HILL...Daughter married ELIAS W. STORY

MARTHA wife of ELISHA HILL wa daughter of Elizabeth Hubbard and William Stubbs Sr...Revoltuionary soldier.

All the names with the exception of the husbands and wives show in the Marlboro County S.C. file 23-12 and some of the names of the husbands show in the file.

Marlboro County S.C...Deed Book M page 495 ELISHA HILL in a deed sg. 30 Jan. 1826 sells to HENRY EASTERLING 100a land on Beauty Spot Bridge Creek that Hill purchased from WILLIAM STUBBS Sr...and 65a on Fairley Creek he purchased from the heirs of Joseph Speight and originally granted Henry Council.

Deed Book B page 332 WILLIAM STUBBS in a deed sg. 18 Feb. 1809 sells 100a to ELISHA HILL...These are two of the deeds and others not abstracted.


page 80--Elizabeth Hill, daughter of Elisha Hill and Martha Stubbs, born 12-26-1826, died 1-16-1896, married 5-7-1844, Andrew J. Henderson, b. 6-18-1824, d. 7-9-1887 [sjo note--this is Marilyn Santiago’s line]


Sarah Henderson (m) J. B. Hightower

Martha A. Henderson (m) W. T. Nolan

Frances E. Henderson (m) J. B. Brown

William Nathan Henderson (m) Piety Abegail Kirkland

James A. Henderson (m) Addie Davis

Mary Ella Henderson (m) S. B. Chapman

Susan Alice Henderson (m) William Travis (1) (killed in Cyclone) J. S. Shuttleworth (2)

Nancy Emma Henderson (m) J. W. Rice

The home of William Travis was destroyed by cyclone, killing him. His wife, lying in bed with a daughter a few hours old, was not injured, nor was the baby. Sources: Will of Andrew J. Henderson, Will Book A. p. 518, Fayette County, Georgia, Cemetery, Census 1850. Ringing dorrbells and telephones 1940-1950


This Elizabeth Hubbard Stubbs (b. c. 1748 in Caroline Co. VA---died c. 1830 in Marlboro Co. VA) Her parents were Agnes Chiles (b. c. 1723/5 in VA--d. 1773 in SC perhaps) and Peter Hubbard (b. c. 1720 in Caroline Co VA--d. 1775 in SC perhaps). Info from descendent Marilyn Santiago from her trip to Salt Lake City is that Peter Hubbard and Agnes Chiles were married in Quaker church in VA, and later were removed from Cedar Creek Meeting of the Quaker church and moved to Marlboro Co. S about 1750.   I have Peter Hubbard's father as John Hubbard of VA.

If you'll check the records of VA around 1652, you'll see that Walter Chiles was the speaker of the house of the state legislature. He is direct ancestor of this Agnes Chiles. I have found his documentation in that job.


The CHILES line is very well documented by Virginia Davis in BOTH of the Tidewater Virginia Families books that are on-line at web site .  I met with Mrs. Davis on July 2, 1999, and I highly recommend her books and her ongoing Magazine of History & Genealogy.  See the web site for order information.  This is your best resource for Walter Chiles of Jamestowne VA and related lines.  

NOTE:  There is talk of an upcoming reunion of Walter Chiles descendents.  Contact Mrs. Davis if you would like to know details.

Agnes Chiles b. in VA and married Peter Hubbard. Agnes was the child of ManoahChiles (1706-1760) and the first wife of Manoah. Agnes was child of first wife Elizabeth Terrell Garland, with second wife of Manoah being Anne Cheadle.

Manoah was the brother of Micajah Chiles (1678-1734 of VA) and Anne Elizabeth Terrill/Terrell.

Manoah was the son of Henry Chiles--a vestryman in the Church of England.  Henry Chiles son of Walter Chiles Jr. (1608 born England--1671 died VA).  HENRY Chiles who was the child of Walter Chiles II and his wife Susannah.  Walter Chiles Jr’s widow Susannah later married Rev. James Wadding. This seems to be brought out in documentation that our line at this generation is HENRY CHILDES.  Documentation strong in Tidewater Virginia Families.

Walter Chiles Jr's parents were Walter Chiles Sr. (b. 1572 in England, d. 1653 in VA) and Elizabeth Maury.


Info from Mary Harper of Titusville, FL to S. J. Overstreet April 1999

Photos by S. J. Overstreet, July 1999


b. 1726 VA

d. 1773 Cheraw Dist., SC

m. 9 Oct 1744 Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting, Caroline Co., VA

Peter Hubbard


b. bef. 1706 St. Paul's Parish, VA

d. 1742 Caroline Co., VA

m. (1) Elizabeth Terrell Garland, widow of Edward Garland, Jr.

Her father Joel Terrell & Elizabeth Oxford

She is the mother of Agnes.

(2) Ann Cheadle


b. bef. 1671

d. 1720 St. Paul's Parish, VA

St. Peter's Church, Virginia, July 1999

Henry Chiles was a vestryman here

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b. 1630 at Jamestown, VA--OR CORRECTION b. in England

d. 1672 at Jamestown, VA

m. Susannah. She was Henry's mother. After Walter's death she m. James Wadding.

Kemp House, site of brick house in town, Jamestown VA, July 1999

descendents Steve Bennett, S. J. Overstreet, and Rob Minter (both 12 generations from Watler Chiles I)

Home of Walter Chiles I, Walter Chiles II, and likely birthplace of Henry Chiles

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b. 1608 England

d. 1653 Jamestown, VA

m. Elizabeth

Black Point, Jamestown Island, Virginia      July 1999

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4-25-1999--Received my copy of TIDEWATER and of the updated TIDEWATER by same author 1998.   Indeed, the author does have revisions on the CHILES line in the second volume.  GET BOTH.  The Tidewater books go from Agnes Chiles Hubbard to older lineage.


4-17-1999 received from Mary Harper of Titusville FLA a copy of Joseph Edward Hill’s application for membership in The Jamestowne Society as follows. I’m just going to put it down pretty much like it is on the application.

No. 708

Application for Membership in The Jamestowne Society

Founded 1936 by George Craghead Gregory

Name Joseph Edward Hill

Address 507 South McDonough Street, Decatur, Georgia

Descendant of Colonel Walter Chiles

who was identified in Jamestown prior to 1700, as evidenced in

The Chiles Family in Virginia by W. B. Cridlin, published in Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vols. 19 and 20. Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. 1, p. 208.

Name of Sponsor

Mrs. Wilson L. Baker, Jamestowne Society #702

The undersigned have investigated and approved this application date 16 March 1960.....signatures of individuals


I, Joseph Edward Hill, Sr.

born on 29 May 1904 at Cobb County, Ga.

married on 30 March 1928 at Decatur, DeKalb Co., Ga.

to Edna Margaret King born on 12/25/1906 at East Point, Ga.


hereby apply for membership in the Society by right of decent from Colonel Walter Chiles who was born in England 1608 and died in Virginia 1653

I am the son of Wm. Geo. Washington Hill born on 23 June 1860 at Lost Mt. Cobb Co. Ga. died at Acworth, Ga. on 6 Dec 1915 and his 2nd wife Emily Jane Campbell born on 19 May 1873 at Conyers, Ga. died at Tampa, Fla. on 9 Feb 1959 married on 31 Mar 1901 and place Walker Co. Ala proof of parentage and references Obit. The Atlanta Constitution, 10 Feb. 1959. Examined and returned to Bertha Hill Baker, Jamestowne Society member #702.

The said William George Washington Hill was the child of John W. Hill born on 15 Jan 1812 at Marlboro, S.C. died at Cobb Co. Ga. on 27 Nov 1884 and his wife Elvirah Semira McGriff born on 23 Sept 1831 at DeKalb Co. Ga. died at Cobb Co. Ga. on 2 Feb 1898 married on 13 Nov 1849 and place Pauling Co. Ga. proff of parentage and references Family Bible Record. 1916 Court Citation, Cobb Co. Ga. Copy examined and returned.

The said John W. Hill was the child of Elisha Hill born on 1780 died at Fayette Co. Ga. on 26 Dec 1856 and his first wife Martha (Patsy) Stubbs born on abt 1784 at Marlboro Co. S.C. died at Fayette Co. Ga on 1829 married on abt 1807 proof of parentage and references Will Book A, page 200 Marlboro Co. S.C. copy examined and returned

The said Martha Stubbs was the child of William Stubbs born on 22 Dec 1748 at Marlboro Co. S.C. died at Marlboro Co. S.C. on 26 June 1839 and his first wife Elizabeth Hubbard born on 1745-1750 at Caroline Co. Va. died at Marlboro Co. S.C. on about 1830 married on about 1770 and place Marlboro Co. S.C. proof of parentage and references History of Marlboro So., S.c., p. 185 Will of William Stubbs, Will Book A. p. 200, Marlboro Co. S.C.

The said Elizabeth Hubbard was the child of Peter Hubbard born on about 1720 at Virginia died at Cheraw Dist. S.C. on prior 1773 and his first wife Agnes Chiles born on about 1725 at Virginia died at Cheraw Dist. S.C. on prior 1773 married on 1744 and place Cedar Creek M. Caroline Co. proof of parentage and references Cedar Creek Quaker Meeting records, page 23

The said Agnes Chiles was the child of Manoah Chiles born on abt 1706 at St. Paul’s Parish Va. died at Caroline Co. Va. on 1760 and his First wife Elizabeth (wid. Edwr Garland) born on abt 1706 at Virginia died at Caroline Co. Ba. on 1742 married on aft. 1727 and place St. Paul’s Parish Hanover co. proof of parentage and references Cedar Creek Records, p. 23 Will of John Chiles, Richmond Co. N.C. Apr 1786. Certified copy examined and returned.

(written note--Elizabeth widow Edward Garland Jr. thinks she was nee Elizabeth Terrell dau of William Terrell)

The said Manoah Chiles was the child of Henry Chiles born on bef 1672 died at St. Paul’s Parish on 1720 and his....proof of parentage and references Chiles Family Chart filed at Virginia Historical Society, Richmond, Va.

The said Henry Chiles was the child of Walter Chiles, Jr. born on abt 1630 died at Jamestown, Va. on 1672 and his 2nd wife Susannah proof of parentage and references The Chiles Family in Virginia by W. B. Cridlin, Pub. in Va. Mag. of Hist. and Biog. Vols. 19 & 20

The said Walter Chiles, Jr. was the child of Walter Chiles born on 1608 at England died at Jamestown, Va. on 1653 and his wife Elizabeth born at England died at Jamestown, Va. proof of parentage and references The Chiles Family in Virginia by W. B. Cridlin, Va. Mag. of Hist. and Biog. Vols. 19 and 20.


Further documentation that I’ve run into lately:

CAROLINE COUNTY, VA COURT RECORDS 1742-1833 AND MARRIAGES 1787-1810 by William Lindsay Hopkins, published 1990, copyright 1987

YOU WILL SEE THESE NAMES SIGNING ON PETER HUBBARD AND AGNES CHILES’ MARRIAGE--p. 185--David Terrell, Sr....15 Mar 1751/12 Apr 1759...wife Agatha Terrell. Children viz David Terrell, Henry Terrell, Micajah Terrell, Pleasant Terrell, Chiles Terrell, Christopher Terrell, Mary Terrell, Milicent Terrell, Ann Terrell and Rachel Terrell. (The author of this MS states that there were two other childre, Susahhah Terrell and Jonathan Terrell, who were provided for in the will of their uncle, Henry Terrell, Sr.) WILLIAM & MARY QUARTERLY SERIES 1 V. 18, pp. 106-107

SURE SOUNDS LIKE US--page 185--Henry Terrell, Sr....26 Mar 1760/_____....Wife Sarah Terrell and our children viz Ursula Terrell, Charles Terrell, Judith Terrell, Abigal Terrell, and Goerge Terrell. Four children by first wife (Anne Chiles) viz Henry Terrell, Thomas Terrell, Betty Moorman and Ann Lynch. Two Youngest children of my brother David Terrell. Menoah Chiles 183 acres part of the land received from John Chiles. John Chiles, son of Micajah Chiles, decd. Micajah Chiles.

WILLIAM & MARY QUARTERLY SERIES 1 v. 18, pp. 107-108



page 3382--Lewis Stubbs, SC Line S21999, sol was b in Marlborough Dist SC & he appl there 1 Oct 1832 (age not given)


page 3382--William Stubbs, SC Line, Ann F. or Annie F., W6188, BLW # 26142-160-55, sol was b 22 Dec 1748 in Marlborough Dist SC & he lived there at enl & he appl there 13 Mar 1833, sol. m. Ann F. or Annie F. McDaniel in the later summer of early fall of 1830 in Marlborough Dist SC & they were m. by Campbell Stubbs a Baptist minister & a Jackson Stubbs stated he was at their wedding by no relationship was given, sol. d. in Jun 1839 in Marlborough Dist SC & his wid appl there 14 Mar 1854 aged 75 & in 1866 she was still living there with her son John W. Stubbs, a C. E. Stubbs testified in the claim (kinship ???)

(WILLIAM father of Martha Stubbs Hill desc. in 1829 in Fayette County, GA, and her mother already being dec the father apparently married again. During the War Between the States, Rev. War pensions to Southerners were cut off until after the war was over and then they were re-established. It looks like here that William Stubbs’ wife--the step-mother to Martha Stubbs Hill already dec., and to William Stubbs the son--received a pension based on William Stubbs’ our ancestor’s service. She must have been some young widow to have outlived William Stubbs by so long, as he died 1839 according to my records. She also apparently married William Stubbs the same year that the wife Elizabeth Hubbard Stubbs died--1830. Folks sure did move fast!)



I include this because I have LDS record of Monah Childs’ first wife Anne Cheadle (1720-before 1790) to be the child of John CHEADLE (b. c. 1690/91 in VA) and wife Lettice Southern (b. c. 1695 in VA). That John Cheadle was in turn listed in LDS records as the son of John CHEADLE (b. c. 1665 in VA) and Millicent Hughs (b.c. 1668 in VA).

Caroline County Land Grants of Record in Lan Office: Colonial Grants--

p. 74. John Cheadle and Thomas Hackett, 400 acres, September 2, 17278. Book 13, page 276

p. 74--Micajah Chiles, 379 acres, September 28, 1730. Book 13, 489

Caroline County’s First Survey Book. 1814+.

p. 76--John Chiles, 255 acres, April 6, 1769. Book 38, page 524


LDS records sent to me by Marilyn Santiago in April 1999. She obtained these records while on a research trip to Salt Lake City.

Excerpts from the Minutes of Cedar Creek Monthly Meetings film #0288184

Peter and Agness published their intentions to marry for the 2nd time on 8/9 Oct. 1744 (Cedar Creek Minutes, pg. 23).

Thereas Peter Hubbard of the County of Caroline some of John Hubbard of the County of Amelia and Agness Chiles Daughter of Menoah Childes of the County of Caroline Having published their intention of taking each other in marriage before two monthly meetings of the people called Quakers in Virginia according to the good order used amongst them whose proceedings therein after deliberate consideration with Regard to the Righteous law of God and Examples of his people Recorded in the Scriptures of truth and in that case now approved of by the meet they appearing cleare of all others and having consent of Parence and friends concerned--Now these are to certify all whome it may concern that for the full accomplishing their sd. Intension this ninth day of the T3nth month 1744. They the sd. Peter Hubbard and Agness Chiles appearing in Publick assembly of the aforesd people and others mett together at their publick meeting place in Caroline County and in sollom manner her the sd. Peter Hubbard taking the sd. Agness Chiles by the hand did openly declear as follweth. You are my witnesses that I do this day take this my friends Agness Chiles to be my wife promising witht he Lord’s assistance to be to her a faithful and loving husband tell death. and then the sd. Agness Chiles in like manner Declared as followth. You are my witnessess that I do this day take this my friend Peter Hubbard to be my Husband promising with the Lord’s assistance to be to him a faithful wife tell death, and the sd. Peter Hubbard and Agness his wife as further confirmation thereof did then and there to the presents sett their hands and we whose names are hereunto subs being present amongst others at the solloming of their marriage and subscription in the manner aforesd as witnesses hereunto have sett our names the day and year above written--

Mary Stone

Christian Stone

Sarah Ballard

Sarah Terrell

Joel Meador

David Garland

Lettice Cheadle

Judeth Hubbard

Henry Terrell

Richard Ballard

David Terrell

Thos. Cheadle

Peter Hubbard

Agness Hubbard

Manoah Chiles

Geo Hubbard

At a monthly meeting held at our meethouse in Caroline County ye 12th of ye 11th mo. 1744 the friends appointed to attend the marriage of Peter Hubbard and Agness Chiles give in a Reasonable acct. thereof.

pg. 49--Disorders Peter Hubbard

“Deneighing and Disowning the sd. Peter Hubbard whilst he Remaines in that unChristian Spirritt from being a member of our Society.” [11 June 1750, Testemony against Hubbard}. Maybe this is why Agness and Peter moved to South Caroline around 1750.


Information on Henry, his father Walter, and his grandfather Walter is from WALTER CHILES OF JAMESTOWN compiled by Joanne Chiles Eakin. Information on Manoah was from other sources plus added material sent to me from JCEakin.

--Among the “Public Officers in Virginia in 1702” was Henry Chiles, Sr. He was a Justic of the Peace from New Kent County on 18 Jul 1702.

--A King William Courhouse deed dated 20 Nov 1702 records Henry Chiles, Gent, of New Kent purchasing 492 acres on the Pamunkey River from Richard Littlepage, Gent, of New Kent, and Frances his wife. It is a three page deed and very full in describing the transaction.

--On the Quit Rent Rolls (Tax Rolls) Henry was listed as owning 700 acres of land in King William County in 1704 and also 700 acres in New Kent County in the Parish of St. Peters and St. Pauls. (pg. 17)

--Henry married first Margaret Littlepage, and 2nd Mary (last name unknown. who 2ndly married a Mr. Howe).

--In 1671 there is a record of Henry Sr. in the Countil Journal MSS when his father Walter, appears on behalf of his sons John and Henry regarding land in Westmoreland County on 4 April 1671. (pg. 16)

--There is a deed in from Mary Howe, Orange Co., Virginia dated 17 Jun 1765 that mentions certain slaves left to her by will to the said Mary Howle (then Mary Chiles) will bearing the date 29 April 1718 by Henry Chiles.

--The last record of Henry Chiles on the St. Paul’s Parish Vestry Book of Hanover Co. was : “At a Vestry held at ye lower Church ye 29 Oct. 1720. Mr. David Meriwether was admitted a Vestryman for this Parish in the room of Mr. Henry Chiles, lately deceased.” pg. 18)

Henry Chiles

Married first to Mary Page, children John and Mary, 2nd to Susanna, Henry only child.  CORRECTION  Walter II was married only to Susannah, and she was the mother of Henry.

Copy of document in book of the Indenture 20 November 1673 between James Wadding, Susanna his wife, late the wife and executrix of Walter Chiles of James City aforesaid gentleman deceased, and John Page.....It mentions in the indenture (1649 Walter Chiles of James Citty aforesaid Gentleman, (father of the aforesaid Walter Chiles)....towards the end---”And in or about the year of our Lord, one thousand six hundred fifty and three, the daid Walter Chiles, the father dyed (leaving the said Walter Chiles late husband to the said Susanna Wadding party to these parts) his eldest son and heir att law.....the fifteenth day of November Annos Domi one thousand sic hundred seventy one he the said Walter Chiles the sonn, made his last will and testament in writing, and Susanna his then wife (now Susanna Wadding party to these presents) sole executrix thereof....Shortly after the making of the will the said Walter Chiles the sonn dyed. (pages 10-12)

Walter Chiles birth about 1630  Correction, he was born c. 1608

Walter Chiles, the Son

Married first to Mary Page, children John and Mary, 2nd to Susanna, Henry only child.  CORRECTION  Walter Chiles II had only one wife, Susannah

Copy of document in book of an Indenture 20 November 1673 between James Wadding, Susanna his wife, late the wife and executrix of Walter Chiles of James City aforesaid gentleman deceased, and John Page.....It mentions in the indenture (1649 Walter chiles of James Citty aforesaid Gentleman, (father of the aforesaid Walter Chiles).....towards the end....”And in or about the year of our Lord, one thousant six hundred fifty and three, the daid Walter Chiles, the father dyed (leaving the said Walter Chiles late husband to the said Susanna Wadding party to these parts) his eldest son and heir att law......the fifteenth day of November Annos Domi one thousand sic hundred seventy one he the said Walter Chiles the sonn, made his last will and testament in writing, and Susanna his then wife (now Susanna Wadding party to these presents) sole executrix thereof....Shortly after the making of the will the said Walter Chiles the sonn dyed. (pgs 10-12)

Walter Chiles 1st--born about 1630 The first mention of the original Chiles emigrant to Virginia is found in the records of the High Court of Admiralty Ecaminations in England. In the record of Examination No. 301 dated 24 July 1637 the Witness was Walter Chiles of Bristol, a clothworker ages 29 who signed his own name to the document. He states that he was a passenger on the ship Blessing, of Falmouth and was employed to assist Henry Tuton, the ship’s purser. The ship was at James Town, Virginia for fourteen weeks. The date of Walter Chiles; first arrival in Virginia was probably 1636.

Some six months later after the 24 Jul 1637 Examinations, Walter Chiles had outfitted his own ship and by 1 Mar 1638 was again in Virginia. On that date he was awarded 400 acres in Charles City County. The award stipulation was: “50 acres being due for his own personal adventure, 50 for his wife Elizabeth, 50 for his son William, 50 for son Walter and two hundred for the transportation of four other persons, viz: Henry Fulton, John Govey John Shaw and Sarah Cole, to the colony.” The location of the land was Westerly upon the Appamattuck River, Northerly upon land of Edward Tunstall and Southerly towards the falls.

The records of 20 Oct 1642 granted Walter Chiles 613 acres in Charles City Couty, “At Appamattocke River, beginning at the upward bounds of Mr. Tunstall’s land and adjoining William Sanders. Due by virtue of a former patent and transportation of 4 persons:.....(page 1)

We do not know the name of Walter Chiles; ship in 1838, but the name of his ship in 1652 was, “The Fame of Virginia”, and it was engaged in trade with Holland and England.

He was chosen Speaker of the Assembly of the House of Burgesses Jun/July 6, 1652 but he refused at that time because he was having a dispute with the authorities over his ship. (see page 2). He was a member of the 1641 Virginia Assembly. He was held in high esteem by the colonists. He represented Charles City in the House of Burgesses in 1642 and 1643, represented James City in 1645,46,49, and in 1652 was elected Speaker of the House. Other records are missing so he may have been a representative for other years.

Governor William Berkeley, in 1649, sold the home known as the “Kemp House” to Walter Chiles for the sum of 26,000 pounds of tobacco. It was the first brick house in America and was located in Jamestown.

Walter Chiles--461 birth about 1608

Thank you Marily Santiago for this information!!!!



from Anne G. Tindall in Sept. 97

“I have your William Stubbs and Elizabeth Hubbard with 7 children, enven though my notes indicate that they had 8. The names I have are James, Peter, Frances, Annie, Nancy, Betsy and William F. I do not have a Martha Stubbs listed as their child but she could be the eighth. Rebecca is the only cvhild I have for Willkiam and his second wife Anne.

page 86 of Cemetery Records of Marlboro County SC, second ed. 1984 lists William Stubbs, Revolutionary Soldier,l 1748; 1839 in the Liles Cemetery.....

“Bible Records & Genealogical Records of Marlboro Co., Sc Families & Allied Families compiled by Annie Cantelou Munnerlyn (Marlboro Co. DAR)

I have William’s parents as John William Stubbs and Rebecca Conner, dau. of Thomas Conner


from Glenn Pearson Oct. 1997

There were a number of the Marlboro Co. Stubb’s brothers that were in the Revolutionary War...(brothers of William). There is a Stubbs Cemetery in Marlboro Co (also called the Bright Cemetery


If anyone is looking for the Mills family in the Pee Dee area of SC (e.g., Marlboro Co. SC) ask me to tell you what is in the book about the history of medicine in Marlboro Co. SC. S. J. Overstreet

MEDICINE IN MARLBORO COUNTY 1736-1980 by Suzanne C. Linder, 1980, Gateway Press.

page 120


The only Marlboro physician to serve as Governor of South Carolina, Barnabas K. Henagan was born June 7, 1798, the son of Darby and Drusilla Henagan. Family tradition states that he attended the Parnassus and Brownsville Academies in Marlboro and completed his medical training at Heidelburg University in Germany.

Dr. Henagan married (first) Mary Savage Bigson of Marion, South Carolina on April 21, 1831. They had nine children: James Hamilton, Mary Frances, Lucius Quntius Cincinnatus Calhoun, Andrew Barnabas, Robert Young Hayne, William Lowndes, Alice Caroline, Mary Rhoda Rutledge, and Samuel Gordon Gibson. In 1851, Dr. Henegan married Ann Maria Wickham Ellerbe, widow of John C. Ellerbe.

Dr. Henagan was President of the Brownsville Minerva Academy in 1826. He was elected to the state senate in 1834. As Lieutenant-Governor under Governor Patrick Noble, he became Governor when Noble died November 7, 1840. After moving to Marion District, Dr. Henagan was elected to the state senate again in 1844. In 1846, he became Secretary of State for South Carolina. He died January 10, 1855.

DESCENDANTS OF JOHN STUBBS OF CAPPAHOSIC GLOUCESTER COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1652 by William Carter Stubbs, Ph.D. reprint 1966 available at GA Archives in Atlanta.

(this is some guy’s research with some references to documentation, but bottom line is if there is a difference between your work and his, just refer to original documents for The Facts--sjo)

John Stubbs of England buys shares in the Virginia Company of Lundon in 1620. This fellow may or may not have ever seen the USA. Likely was his son John Stubbs who came to America and started showing up in court records in VA later in the 1600s. Old John may also have had a son named Richard Stubbs who moved to Bath Co. NC and founded the Carolina lines of Stubbs.

page 19--Chapter III--Stubbs Family of Virginia and the South.

although it is believed that a son of the Mr. Stubbs who bought of Mr. Thomas Maddox the two shares of the Virginia Company in 1620, settled in Virginia about 1652, there are no official records known to prove it. The first official record occurs in 1671. From that time on the name of John Stubbs occurs frequently in the court records, land books and church registers.

Our official records of births begin in the Abingdon parish register in 1678, with Sus[anna], the daughter of John and Susannah Stubbs. After this date occur in records the names of Richard, Thomas, John and Francis Stubbs, presumably the sons of John and Susannah Stubbs.

Richard apparentloy left the State in 1703 and probably went to Bath coutny, North Carolina.

Thomas signs the protest, with others, in the vestry book of Petsworth parish, against transubstantiation in 1714, was Sheriff of Gloucester county in 1735, member of vestry of Petsvorth from 1745 to his death in 1762.

John (afterward Captain) was a member of the vestry of Petsworth from 1748 to his death, in 1760.

Francis was processioner in Second precinct in 1741 and member of the vestry of Petsworth from 1753 to his death, in 1767.

The Petsworth vestry book mentions the death of John Stubbs in 1719. It is believed that he was the husband of Susannah and father of the four boys given above, and the ancestor of all the Stubbses of the South. By being called John Jr., in 1701, it is probably that he was the son of John the immigrant and perhaps the grandson of the shareholder in the London Company (1620-1622).

STUBBSES OF NORTH CAROLINA Mention has already been made of Richard Stubbs, the son of John and Susannah Stubbs. This Richard appears in the York records between 1698 and 1702 as palaintiff and defendant in several suits. In the latter year John Young has him arrested for debt, and failing to prosecute at the time, the said Richard is discharged. His name does not occur subsequently in the Virginia records.

In 1704 Richard Stubbs was among the petitioners for a court in the precinct of Neckham, in the County of Bath, North Carolina. (Vol I., No. 3, page 162, N.C.H.&G.Reg.)

The will of Thomas Stubbs, dated January 17th, 1738. proved Narch 7th, 1738, mentions sons William, Thomas, Bassett (?) (Everitt), John and Richard, and daughters Hannah and Mary. (N.C.H.&G.Reb.) This thomas Stubbs evidently married Mary Everitt, as per following deeds......

From the above, taken from the North Carolina records as given in North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, it would appear that Richard had at least two sons, Thomas and James.......

p. 21--II. James, the second son of Richard, had at least one son, John, living in 1760. Probably this John, or John the son of Thomas, obtained, in November, 1753, a grant of land on Catfish Creek, Peedee River, South Carolina, who, according to Bishop Gregg’s History of South Carolina, was the ancestor of all the Stubbses since known in the Marlboro district, South Carolina......

The Stubbses of South Carolina--Bishop Gregg, in his “History of the Old Cheraw,” says: “John Stubbs, November, 1753, obtained a grant of land on Caatfish Cree, Peedee River, and was the ancestor of the Stubbses since known in the Marlboro district.”

This John came from North Carolina and is believed to be a son of James of Bath coutny and grandson of Richard who wwent to North Carolina from Virgini, 1703, and who was a son of John and Susannah Stubbs of Gloucester county, Va.

Rev. J. A. W. Thomas, in his History of Marlboro coutny, S.C., says that “Jno.” married Rebecca Conner and had issue.

I. Lewis, married Elizabeth, daughter of William Bridges, a Lieutenant in Marion’s Brigade of the Revolution. Issue:

(1) Rev. Campbell Stubbs, a Baptist minister of Bennettsville, S.C., 1829-1837, and was the grandfather.....

(2)John J. student at University of North Carolina 1822,,.........

(3)Lewis E., student at University of North Carolina 1822, Ordinary of Marlboro county, S.C., 1835; married daughter of Darby Sweeny.

(II) James, married ____Fuller, issue......

III.Alexander, married Lucy, daughter of Daniel and Martha (Pearce) Sparks; no issues. She married, second, Thomas Stubbs

IV. Thomas, married widow of Alexander Stubbs, nee Lucy Sparks, and has issues......

V.William, married Elizabeth Hubbard; issue:

(1)James (Big Jim)


(3)William F., of McFarland, Anson county, N.C., b. 1804 and still living.

(4) Frances, married Benjamin Moore, Sr. (b. 1769, d. 1846), and had numerous descendants.

VI.John married Mary, daughter of William Bridges. She was afterward the fifth wife of John David.


The following are the children of John W. (b. 1807, d. 1884) and Elizabeth (Pate) Stubbs (b. 1809, d. 1873):...........

Mildred sent me a copy of an article in the October-November 1964 GEORGIA MAGAZINE written about the STUBBS line by Adelle Bartlett Harper. The article entitled “What’s Your Family Line?” on page 30-31 reviewed the same info on the SC Stubbs family that we have already outlined above and in the Elisha Hill & Martha Stubbs article for the Inman church history on line at http://members.aol.com/InmanGA/family.hill.html . [There is a note here that the J. E. Hill book ABSTRACTS OF STUBBS ESTATES OF MARLBORO, CO., SC by Andrea & Hill is located in the Decatur and Atlanta public libraries, as well as the Ga. Dept. of Archives (Atlanta) and the Ga. Hist. Society (Savannah and to 20 out-of-state libraries.] There is additional information on Martha’s brother William that I will copy off from the article:

page 31--William Stubbs, Jr., by 1812 was living in Washington County, Ga., where he married Sarah Eikenor, heiress of Michael Ikenor of Washington County.

Children as named in will of their grandfather, William Stubbs, Sr., and data added by Miss Regina Rapier of Atlanta: 1. Rowland or Roland (1806-1885), m. (1) Miss Bailey; m. (2) Jane turner; 2. Hubbard, m. Emaline Mask; 3. Dennis; 4. William; 5. Nancy, m. S. T. Whittaker; 6. Daughter, wife of William Lee; 7. Martha Ann, m. Allen Thompson; 8. Rebecca; 9. Sarah. (Mr. Pittman and Mr. Fuller married daughters of William Stubbs, Jr.) In Fayette County, Ga., in 1840, Roland Stubbs administered on the Estate of his father, William Stubbs.

Roland Stubbs (1806-1885), son of William and Sarah (Eikenor) Stubbs, m. (1) name unknown; m. (2) Jane Turner (1819-1908), born in South Carolina. Children by fist wife; 1. Bailey, b. 1830; 2. William, born 1835. Children by second wife, Jane Turner; 3. Mary J., b. 1843; 4. Zachary Taylor, m. Mattie Whatley; 5. d. Wesley, m. Mary Harp Turner; 6. Jefferson Davis; 7. Joseph Brown; 8. Caprus; 9. Benjamin. On the Family Chart are these who may be children of Rowland Stubbs: Frances Stubbs Barfield; Emily Stubbs Moore; Laura Stubbs, who died young; Frank Stubbs. (Data by Miss Rose Moran, Atlanta. Date taken from a Family Tree.)

D. Wesley Stubbs, son of Rowland and Jane (Turner) Stubbs, m. Mary Harp Turner, dau. of Henson Turner, born in South Carolina who married April 18, 1841 Mary Elizabeth Wilkerson. Children: 1. Elizabeth, m. Luther R. Turner; 2. Thomas, m. Minnie Cobb; 3. Martha Jane, b. July 21, 1875, m. Charles Luther Moore; 4. and 5. Infant sons d. 1880; 6. Noah, d. age 28; 7. Andrew of Miani Fla., m. Mary Harkness; 8. John, m. Cora Wells; 9. James, m. Bessie Williams. (Data furnished by Miss Regina Rapier.

You will find many of these individuals--along with the birth and death dates on their tombstones--in the Inman cemetery. A census as of 1998 is on line at the Inman history web site. A copy of information for the Inman church history records family connections and military service that is not on-line. You will also find there the 1849 deed where Rowland Stubbs along with Elisha Hill and Mozee Harp are trustees of the land for the Liberty Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church, South when it was moved from the East side of the Flint River to the West side in what is now the Inman community.

There is an old cemetery on a hill just south of the Inman cemetery, and by tradition this is the Stubbs Cemetery. There are marked graves, but without inscriptions on the stones. It is believed that Rowland Stubbs is buried here with this first wife and perhaps also his parents. Rowland Stubbs’ second wife is buried in a marked grave in the Inman cemetery.

For more information and to see these sites, consider attending the Inman Farm Heritage Days held annually in September on Hill’s Bridge Road in Fayette County, GA. Contact Rick Minter and/or see the web site for more information on Inman Farm Heritage Days. There is a local history booth where you can both learn and share information. The worship service on Sunday morning is held at the site of the 1849 church where Rowland Stubbs gave land that is now under ownership of the McLucas family.

Additional information about the families mentioned in these documents is on line at the Inman church history site, with printed copies in the Ackert Depot in Inman, the Fayette County Historical Society, the GA Archives in Atlanta, and the Washington Memorial Library Genealogy collection in Macon. Some information submitted to the Henry & Clayton County Genealogical Society as well, with a brief history printed in the Winter 1999 edition of ANCESTOR UPDATE.

A copy of the will of Elisha Hill in Will Book A, along with several books of early Fayette County marriages, is located in the Fayette County Historical Society at this time 1999. The county ran out of room and gave these to the Historical Society for safekeeping. There are regular hours each week when the facility (located in Fayetteville GA just off the main courthouse square) is open for research and you can get to these documents.


Update 2007 Chiles Family Reunion at Jamestowne VA

Descendents of Walter Chiles I include Sara Jane Overstreet


Elisha Hill & Martha Patsy Stubbs Hill buried on his land at

N33  23.472

W084  22.85

Thanks to Rob Minter, direct descendent, and his Global Positioning System

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