Juan Fernandez McLean Family

Notes from Almanacs belonging to J. F. McLean family of Fayette Co., GA ...........Dates range from 1897 to 1920; Transcribed by Linda Blum-Barton; Notes in italics & parentheses are my added notes

JANUARY, 1897 -

Days work for Oscar South (?)

J S Kerlin commenced work the 15th

APRIL, 1897 -

Finished planting corn the 7th; Alex Reeves finished the 12th.

Alex Reeves finished the 25th.

JANUARY, 1900 -

Richard Elder commenced work.

FEBRUARY, 1900 -

John McLean came home from Florida the 9th.

JANUARY, 1902 -

8th & 9th - Covered Mrs. Reeves house.

11th - Swapped off old Sam for another mule.

FEBRUARY, 1902 -

27th - Sun Train wrecked at Mills Creek at 11 PM, killed 4 of train crew.

6th - C C Ballard died at 5 AM and buried the 7th.

MARCH, 1902 -

22nd - Jefferson (?) Alford died at 6:30 AM.  (this is probably Jemmerson Spire Alford, son of Britton W. Alford, Sr. and Barshaba "Betsy" Brassell; He died in Pike County, GA and was married to Sarah Delania Brassell on 29 Mar 1858 in Fayette Co., GA.  they had a son named Birdus Alford who married Alice Louvenia Cox in Fayette County, GA on 20 Jun 1897.)

APRIL, 1902 -

1st -  John (McLean) commenced carrying the mail.

Pa left for Dallas, Texas the 18th; From Dallas went to Llano; Started back the 30th.  (this would refer to J. F. McLean, written by Alice or Exor McLean, his daughters.  We have a letter written to him on this trip, sent to Dallas in care of W. B. Gay.  In Llano, he would have been visiting Hiram Hampton McLean's family.  Hiram Hampton McLean was his brother who moved to Texas before the Civil War began.)

MAY, 1902

3rd - Returned from Texas and was sick all the month.

6th - Mary very sick with gripe and bad off all the month.

JUNE, 1902 -

John Hewell waylaid and shot at night by unknown __________???

JULY, 1902 -

Dallie McLean Foster died at 3:30 PM. (Dallie McLean, daughter of Hamden Sydney McLean married John T. Foster on 17 Nov 1901 in Fayette Co., GA.)


DR. I. G. (Isaac Gray, died on 11th)  Woolsey died at 10:30 PM.

OCTOBER, 1902 -

Tom and Alex built chimney.

DECEMBER, 1902 -

8th & 9th - Built chimney for Mrs. Dunn

17th - John and Lizzie Ballard married at 7 PM, Rev. E. W. Hau????ond officiating. (John Morgan McLean)

29th - Wm Walls aged 94 died at 6 AM. (Buried at Antioch Baptist Church Cemetery, Father of Calloway Walls who married Anna M. Moses, grandaughter of Oliver & Rachael McLean, daughter of Martha McLean & Hiram Moses)

29th - John A. Brown aged 77 died at 12 AM.  (John O. Brown, married Rachel M. Ward, daughter of Miles Ward & Linny McLean, grandaughter of Oliver & Rachael McLean. they had 6 children)

MARCH, 1903 -

Charlie Harwell had both legs cut off by train near Chattanooga on the 2nd and died the 6th; buried the 7th at White Water Church.  (Charlie Harwell was the son of John H. Harwell & Rachel Rebecca McLean; Grandson of John McLean & Rebecca Cavender; He was married to Sallie B. "Jenks" Rogers and they had three children together - Ralph, Henry and Reba J.; Reba J. died as an infant)

APRIL, 1903 -

Major Morris was found dead about dinner in his bed.

JULY, 1903 -

11th - Bought buggy from A. O. Blalock.

OCTOBER, 1903 -

2nd - J H Harvill died at 4 AM.  (I believe this is John H. Harwell, father of Charlie Harwell; widower of Rachel Rebecca McLean;)

12th - 8:OO AM, At this hour 33 years ago my Father died of typhoid fever. (this would have been written by J. F. McLean in reference to his Father, John McLean)

14th - L C Roberts has been very sick all this month. (this probably refers to Lewis E or Lewis H. G. Roberts, his brother in law who died in Aug 1904)

DECEMBER, 1903 -

21st - Mrs. Dunn moved.

14th - Johnnie bought mule from A. O. Blalock. (Probably refers to John Morgan McLean and his mule "Aaron")

17th - Nancy McLean, Wife of H. S. McLean, died at 3 PM after an illness of ten months.  (I am not sure who Nancy, wife of Hamden Sydney McLean is.  He apparently was married 3 times - first to Sallie Seagraves on 1 Jun 1865 then to Tabitha Glass on 18 Nov 1884;  Tabitha died in 1886.  Hamden Sydney did not die until 1905 but Nancy was named in his will as his wife)

28th - Lewis, Exor and Marion started to Florida from Brooks Station.   (McLeans)

JANUARY, 1904 -

6th - A little girl came to John and Lizzie at 12:20 AM.  (Refers to John Morgan & Lizzie Ballard McLean - the daughter born to them in 1904 was named Mary Esther McLean)

13th - Lewis, Exor and Marion arrived home from Florida.  Marcella McLean came with them.

MARCH, 1904 -

13th,14th - John H. McLean of Texas here to visit.  He lives in City of Llano.  (John Hiram McLean, son of Hiram Hampton McLean, born in Fayette County, GA and moved to TX btw 1857 and 1861)

MAY, 1904 -

8th - Burrell Jackson died of pneumonia (?) at 3 AM.

26th - Georgia Spears of Llano, Texas came and left the 28th. (Georgia McLean Spears, daughter of Hiram Hampton McLean)

JUNE, 1904 -

Steve (?) Rentfrow killed his daughter-in-law, Lucy Rentfrow.

JULY, 1904 -

2nd - T H McLean and son Theodore, arrived here on a visit from Florida.

26th - Our Florida boy, T H McLean and children started back home at 6 AM.

AUGUST , 1904 -

15th - L C Roberts died.  (Lewis E. and/or Lewis H. G.  Roberts, brother in law of J. F. McLean)

28th - Jane Roberts died.  (Mary Jane Whitaker, wife of Lewis E. Roberts)

NOVEMBER, 1904 -

28th - Mary Jane Davis died at 9 PM.

DECEMBER, 1904 -

5th - Mrs. Lula Bryant died and buried the 6th.

25th - All the children have been with us today.  Joe Glenn (McLean) is here now with his wagon.

JUNE, 1905 -

9th - Cherry Jerrold died at 9 AM.

AUGUST, 1905 -

Lutie McLean died the 13th at 8:45 and was buried the 15th. (16 years old at her death - buried at Woolsey Baptist Church Cemetery)

(Throughout this year, there are many notes of Mary (J. F. McLean's wife) Roberts McLean being ill and attended by a Dr. Wallace.)

16th - Mary (Roberts McLean) died at 2 PM and buried the 18th.


4th - Mrs. Kittie P. Gay died at 7 PM.  (Kiturah Pope Barnes who married William Henry Mitchell Gay on 01 May 1862 in Coweta County, GA.)

20th - H S McLean died at 11:45 PM and buried the 22nd at Whitewater.

OCTOBER, 1905 -

18th - Put in telephone.

10th - Theodore, son of T. H. McLean of Florida arrived here and started home the 2nd of November.

DECEMBER, 1905 -

Lutie McLean Watkins arrived at Woolsey the 28th.  (Daughter of Hiram Hampton McLean)

12th - 15th - Emma or Erma? McLucas and children here from Macon.

JANUARY, 1906 -

16th - Exor took first pictures with camera.  Lutie McLean Watkins left at 8:40 AM for her home in Llano, Texas.

30th - Jimmie and Mary Lou Harwell and Callie Hancock arrived here at 10 AM.

18th - Mr. Gay and family started for Dallas, Texas. (this possibly refers to William Barnes Gay, son of  W. H. M. Gay & Kiturah Pope Barnes Gay who J. F. McLean visited in Dallas in April of 1902;  See reference to letter written above)

FEBRUARY, 1906 -

18th - Jimmie and Mary Lou Harwell and Callie Hancock started for home in Carroll Co, Ga.

APRIL, 1906 -

10th - Mrs. Bridges died.  (This is referring to Elizabeth Moses Bridges)

JUNE, 1906 -

5th - Two of the McGough boys killed by lightning at Fayetteville at 5 PM.

JULY, 1906 -

16th - Harison Jones died in Fayetteville at 9 PM.  (Harrison Jones was the brother of Martha E. Jones who married John McLean after the death of his first wife.  She was J. F. McLean's step-mother.  She remarried after John McLean's death to David C. Mahaffy on 8 Sept 1853 in Fayette Co., Ga and third to Samuel K. Jones in 1857 in Fayette County.)

19th - Mrs. Bettie Whitaker died 1:45 PM. (Mrs. Bettie Whitaker was Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Martin who married Willis Rutherford Whitaker in 1854 in Coweta County, GA.  they were my GGGrandparents)

AUGUST, 1906 -

1st - Bud and Marcella McLean arrived here from Florida at 11 AM and left for house the 24th at 6:20 AM.

19th - Took pictures of children and grandchildren.


27th - Delilah Morris died very suddenly about 3 AM.

17th - Gave order for Woolsey Cemetery Fence for $200.00 to F. T. Gei??ths.

DECEMBER, 1906 -

5,6 & 8 - Put up cemetery fence.

28th - Alice McLean and Lizzie McLean started to Florida at 1:50 PM.

29th - Oliver McLean started to Attalla, Alabama at 8:40 AM.

JANUARY, 1907 -

15th - Odd (McLean) went to Atlanta to work

30th - Alice and Lizzie (McLean)  arrived here at 12:30 PM from a visit to Bud (Theodore H. McLean), at Wildwood, Florida.  they left here Dec. 28th.

MARCH, 1907 -

23RD - Went to Atlanta with Exor and Esther (McLean)

28th - Went to Fayetteville with Alice (McLean)

APRIL, 1907 -

2ND - Went with John on mail route.

MAY, 1907 -

30th - Alice and Exor went to Atlanta.

JULY, 1907 -

12th - Mary Lou Harwell came this evening.

14th & 15th - Odd McLean here.

17th - Mrs. Missouri Wesley died at 7 AM and buried the 18th at 12 PM. (Missouri A. Jones, daughter of Francis Patterson Jones & Margarette J. Hubbard; She married Wyatt A. Wesley in Fayette Co., GA on 8 Dec 1881.)

22nd - Oliver McLean got home this AM from Gadsden, Alabama and is very sick.

30th - Prohibition passed, to take effect Jan 1st, 1908.

29th - Mary Lou Harwell started for home, 8 AM.

AUGUST, 1907 -

22nd - Wiley Jones died at 4 PM.

16th - Odd McLean here.

17th - Oliver McLean left for Gadsden at 8 AM.

20th - Odd McLean went back to Atlanta.

John R. and Jimmie Lee Wilson here from Princeton, Texas.

OCTOBER, 1907 -

12th - Mr. and Mrs. Blalock here this PM.

NOVEMBER, 1907 -

9th - Oliver McLean returned home from Gadsden, Alabama.

DECEMBER, 1907 -

20th - Exor, Johnnie, Lizzie, Esther and Ruth started to Florida via of Atlanta.

24th - Odd came in at 9 PM.

31st - Exor, Johnnie and family got back home from Florida at 6:20 PM.

JANUARY, 1908 -

10th - Lewis and Mollie started to Florida and returned the 28th at 12:40 PM.

(Lewis C. McLean and Mollie Bridges McLean)

MARCH, 1908 -

1st - Odd came in from Atlanta.

7th - Mrs. Lois Edmondson died. Her husband died just one week before.

APRIL, 1908 -

13th - Lizzie and John McLean was badly burned about 8 AM.

18th - Mary Padgett Brown died at 4 AM.

24th - At night a cyclone passed through Griffin.  Many were killed.  Cyclones in different states and many people were killed.

JULY, 1908 -

8th - Alice went to Cle?? Georgia in Carroll County.

14th - Alice returned home.

18th - Pearl Roberts died at 9 PM.

AUGUST, 1908 -

10th - Theodore and Marcella McLean arrived at Woolsey at 6 PM and started back Sept 10 at 3:25 PM.

8th - Johnny sick.

15th - Tom has been taking the mail since the 8th.

20th - Odd McLean here.

31ST - Odd went back to Atlanta.  Alice, Marcella, Theodore and Lizzie went with him.


7th & 8th - Lewis and John went to Atlanta to lay in supply of goods.

10th - Theodore and Marcella left here going home via of Woolsey at 3:25 PM.

15th - Opened up store.

16th - Bud McEachern was killed about 5 PM by a negro Jim Bennett.

(OCTOBER 20th - Jim Bennett hanged)

19th - Martha Jones Age 82 years. (This is Martha E. Jones who was a Jones by birth and first married John McLean; then David Mahaffy, and third Samuel K. Jones; she died in 1916 at the age of  90)

OCTOBER, 1908 -

17th & 18th - John, Lizzie and children here.

2nd - L P Blalock and wife here.

NOVEMBER, 1908 -

10th - Mrs. Sopha Smith died at 5 AM.

22nd John Porters little girl died.

21st & 22nd - John, Lizzie and Children here.

23rd - Alice, John & Lizzie went to Atlanta.

DECEMBER, 1908 -

26th & 27th - John, Lizzie, Esther and Ruth here.

28th, 29th, 30th - Jeff and Erma McLucas and six children here.  they left at 8:30 AM. (this is probably Andrew J. McLucas & his wife Erma Roberts, daughter of Griffin Roberts who was a brother of J. F. McLean's wife, Mary A. Roberts)

29th - Odd McLean came in about 9 AM and left at 11 AM to see Vada who is very sick.  (Odd McLean, son of Hamden Sydney McLean;  Vada is his sister and she married Edgar M. Roberts, nephew of Mary A. Roberts and son of Lewis E or H G Roberts)

JANUARY, 1909 -

13th - 20th - Mary, Lizzie and Clinton sick with measles.

14th - Summerfield ? Rainswood ? here.

25th TO 31st - Esther here.

FEBRUARY, 1909 -

16th - Vada Roberts and children came this AM. (Vada is Insane)

Vada was carried to Atlanta for treatment.

Mary Roberts is staying with her.

21st - Vada was bad all the week.  Her sister Sallie has been with her.

22nd - John and Walter McLean here.

28th - Edgar here for the first time.

21st - Odd McLean here.

MARCH, 1909 -

3rd - Vada has been improving for several days.

4th - Edgar went back to Fayetteville.

9th - Heavy rain and wind, cyclone at Cuthbert, Georgia.

16th - Edgar and Vada went to Sallie Stephens.

APRIL, 1909 -

24th - Vada Roberts died at 1 PM.

MAY, 1909 -

8th - Lizzie Baby Boy born Saturday May 8th at 2 AM.

JUNE, 1909 -

19th - Rev. J. G ? Ker??? here sick.

AUGUST, 1909 -

26th - Lizzie McLean returned from Attalla, Alabama after four weeks visit.


5th - Jimmie Sams died at 6 AM. Aged 15 years.

DECEMBER, 1909 -

26th - Mary married at 3 PM.

FEBRUARY, 1911 -

19th - James Roberts and Miss Cealy Trayton married.

1st - Exor and Oliver returned home from Florida after 37 day visit.

24th - 28th - A. H. McIntyre here.

5th - Esther, Ruth and Ralph went home after spending one week with us.

MARCH, 1911 -

13th - John and Lizzie carried Ralph to Atlanta to have an operation.  Alice went with them.  Ralph had operation the 16th.

22nd - Alice still at Johnnies waiting on Ralph.

25th - John and Lizzie carried Ralph to Atlanta.  He is doing well.

APRIL, 1911 -

6th - Robert M. Matthews died at 11 AM and was buried at the old twin? or Tom? Matthews place the 7th.

MAY, 1911 -

12th - Jason Cox died at 7 PM and buried 13th at Antioch.

27th - Ethel Jones Morris died at 5 PM.

JUNE, 1911 -

14th - Mrs. Nan Morris Mitchell died at 2 PM and buried the 15th.

18th - A O Blalock died at 4 AM.

JULY, 1911 -

1st - John and Alice bought automobile

4th - Erma McLucas and children here.

AUGUST, 1911 -

9th - Clinton joined Woolsey Church.

10th - Marion, Bernice and Florence joined Woolsey Church.  And were baptized the 12th by W. H. Robinson in Flint River.


13th - Jesse W. Ward died at 1 PM.

14th - Alice, Oliver and I went to Fayetteville in auto.

14th - Leonard Roberts carried to the asylum in Milledgeville.

OCTOBER, 1911 -

22nd - Josiah Woolsey died at Ocilla and buried 24th. Age 22 years.

28th - L C McLean's horse (Dobbin) died the 28th at 9 PM.

24th - Glidden Tourist passed through Woolsey.

NOVEMBER, 1911 -

23rd - John Busbin was shot and killed by his son in law, Fitzpatrick at 7 PM.

DECEMBER, 1911 -

12th - W T Head

19th - Geeda Gay died at 2 AM.

29th - Alice and Clinton left at 12:30 PM for Florida.

JANUARY, 1912 -

22nd - Esther started to school. Addie Lu Sams

21st - Obediah died at 10 AM aged 76 years, buried 22nd.

L F Blalock at 6 AM buried 22nd, aged 82 years.

25th - Lewis and Oliver bought mule for 175.00.

30th - Alice and Clinton got back home.

APRIL, 1912 -

17th - Mary Leonah moved to Atlanta.

22nd - Chris Nippon died 4 AM.

There is a note here which is not real clear but looks like Feb, 1913 26th - Lizzie Nippon died AM.

MAY, 1912 -

2nd - Miss Ella Whitaker and Mattie Bell Jones here.

26th - Johnnie born at 1:15 AM

JUNE, 1912 -

20th - Dr. Weldon and sisters and May Harp here.

21st - J . T. Riley here from Attalla.

6th - Smith from Woodbery here.

JULY, 1912 -

5th - Exor, Lewis and Marion and I went to Fayetteville.

28th - Bud and Bettie McLean came to Woolsey and spent the night with Johnnie and returned home August 9th.

AUGUST, 1912 -

9th - Bud, Bettie and Marcella started home by Atlanta.

22nd - Rev. Jesse Dodd and his father here for dinner.

31st - Dr. Hutchinson died.

DECEMBER, 1912 -

1st - Willis R. Whitaker died at 2 PM, age 89.

28th - Moses Westbrooks died at 7 AM, aged 80 years.

JANUARY, 1913 -

6th - Flovina Mitchell died.

28, 29th, 30th, Richard Elder built barn

FEBRUARY, 1913 -

26th - Elizabeth Nipper died AM.

MARCH, 1913 -

8th - Robert Jones died at 7 AM, aged 84 years. (Brother of Harrison Jones & Martha E. Jones McLean Jones who was Juan Fernandez McLean's Step Mother)

APRIL, 1913 -

11th - Mrs. Ada Sams Ballard died at 1 AM.

MAY, 1913 -

30th - Mr. James Morris died at 11 AM. Aged 89.

JULY, 1913 -

21st - Mrs. Sallie Alford died at Brooks.

AUGUST, 1913 -

11th - Mr. & Mrs. Leon? Hutchinson and children here from College Park.

John R or K Wilson's two children here.

Also Mr. Graham.

14th - Mrs. Dicy Alford died at 7 AM at Neal, Georgia 82 years old.

Mr. B W Alford died April 16th, 1901


11th - Nettie ?? Martin died at 8 PM.

22nd - C R Smith and C. Dutton hauled 3 1/16 tons of corn.

DECEMBER, 1913 -

8th - Bernice (McLean) at Grady Hospital.

10th - Rev. James Westbrooks died at Larade, Texas.

12th - Bernice McLean brought back form the Grady Hospital, very much improved.

26th - J. R. McLean from Mexico here.

30th - J. R. McLean started home to Mexico.

JANUARY, 1914 -

2nd - Joe Murphy died suddenly PM in Fayetteville.

2nd - Mollie and Oliver went to Atlanta.

24th - Thomas Powell died suddenly.

15th - Theodore M. McLean married Miss Eva Kendall in Charlotte, NC.

FEBRUARY, 1914 -

4th - J. T. Lewis died in Fayetteville at 4 AM.  Buried at Woolsey the 5th.

28th - Hugh Porter Arrived at Woolsey from Oklahoma.

23rd - Gau??y Westbrooks aged 82.

MARCH, 1914 -

25th - W T Glower or Glover died in Fayetteville.  Aged 83 in June.

APRIL, 1914 -

7th - Miss Ella Whitaker died at 10 AM.

10th - Hugh Porter with us today.

16th - Lizzie and children here.

25th - Picnic at Mt. Springs.

30th - Mack Travis died at Riverdale at 1 PM.

MAY, 1914 -

9th - John McLean bought automobile

JUNE, 1914 -

11th - Lewis, Mollie, Alice, Marion and Clinton (McLeans) went to fish at Morgans Mill.

21st - Jeff and Erma McLucas here.

**Note here -  June 26, 1898 - Mrs. Stephens killed by lightning about dark.**

JULY, 1914 -

14th - Mrs. Mirtis Jones Died in Atlanta and buried the 15th at Woolsey.

AUGUST, 1914 -

5th - Mrs. Mirtie Cliff Ballard died at 7 AM.

6th - Marcella McLean here from Charlotte, NC.

22nd - J F McLean went to Atlanta for treatment; Alice, Marcella, Johnnie, Esther, Ruth and Clinton in automobile.

20th - Marcella McLean left for home at 8:30 AM.


5th - Exor and I (J F McLean) went to Atlanta.

15th - Herry Brown died and buried at Antioch the 16th.

26th - Exor, Esther and I (J F McLean) went to Atlanta for treatment for cancer.

29th - Allie Roberts Woodall died at Manchester, buried in Fairburn the 30th.  (Allie Roberts married Fred Woodall in Fayette County, GA on 20 Mar 1892)

OCTOBER, 1914 -

18th - Oliver McLean and Ella May Jones were married at 9 AM by Rev. S. B. ???

NOVEMBER, 1914 -

15th - Pa sick (J F McLean) Dr. Wallis here.

DECEMBER, 1914 -

7th - Mrs. Jane Jones died 5 PM; aged about 90 years.

30th - Mule (Aaron) kicked me on the thigh and crippled me badly.  J. F. McLean

JANUARY, 1915 -

3rd - Thomas Malone died AM.

FEBRUARY, 1915 -

16th - Oliver and Ella May McLean moved to their new house.

APRIL, 1915 -

20th - Rev. Debardebin?? and Glass here.

JUNE, 1915 -

22nd - R M North died.

23rd - Mrs. Woolsey Rhea died.

JULY, 1915 -

2nd - Mrs. Mollie Jackson died about 4 AM and buried the 3rd.

9th - Ottie Padgett Halten? died 2 AM.

8th - Ed ??? killed by lightning at 4 PM.

29th - Hurbert Sams died 12 midnight.

30th - Mrs. Lois Gay and children from Texas here.


9th - Vada Padgett died at 5 AM.

19th - Martha Jones 89 years old.

NOVEMBER, 1915 -

8th - Jimmie Lee Jones died at 12 AM.

22nd Walter Fields moved in

Jim and Mary Couch will go to Dawsonville to take charge of the church.

DECEMBER, 1915 -

26th - Pa taken ill suddenly with paralysis and was dangerously ill all of Christmas and passed away Jan 5, 1916.


JANUARY, 1916 -

5th - Pa died at 10 o'clock AM.

JUNE, 1916 -

17th - Johnnie put up monument (McLean)

20th - Put in order for coping around burial lot.  (McLean at Woolsey)

30th - Ernest Snead died at 7 PM and buried Sunday, July 2nd. (Ernest, son of John Adams Snead)

JULY, 1916 -

4th - Esther and Ruth went to College Park.

12th, 13th & 14th - Fixed coping around burial lot.  Alice went and inspected coping and received it.

31st - Bud, Bettie and Marcella Mclean arrived at Woolsey.

AUGUST, 1916 -

2nd - Bud and family and Alice spent the day at Lewis'.

3rd - Bud and family and Exor spend the day at Tom's.

5th - Bud and family left this AM for Charlotte, NC to visit Theodore.

NOVEMBER, 1916 -

13th - Aunt Martha Jones died at 5 AM.  Age 90 years.

FEBRUARY, 1920 -

26th - J W Padgett and Bysor?? buried. (J. W. Padgett is John Willis Padgett, son of Lorenzo D. Padgett and Elizabeth "Betsy" Brassell; he is buried at Whitewater Baptist Church Cemetery, Fayette Co., GA.)

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