William Jones

November 17 1758 - February 15 1841

Author: Bill Jones

The Jones Family During and After the Revolutionary War Generation 7 in Virginia and Georgia

Father : Colonel Richard Jones III 1718-1788
Mother : Elizabeth Chamberlayne Batte 1728-1778
Son : Lt. William Jones Sr. 1758-1841
Rev War Soldier

ABOUT 'WILLIAM' JONES SR, born 17 Nov 1758 in Amelia Co Virginia: He died 15 Feb 1841 in Jasper Co GA. He was the son of Captain Richard
Jones III, and both served in The Continental Army during the Revolutionary War.

William Jones was a Rev War soldier. At the age of eighteen he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Amelia Co Militia on 1 Sept 1776 and he
served in The Continental Army until after the British was defeated at Yorktown in May of 1781. He was discharged at Augusta, GA on 1 Sept 1781.
Throughout his life, William Jones used William as his name. Then in later life he was known as William Senior.


1. William and Mary were married 22 Oct 1784 in Amelia Co VA. They moved to Greene Co GA in 1785. William and Mary had seven children. All of
their children were born in Greene CO GA. Mary died in 1801.
The children of William and Mary were:
i John Jones b 1793 married Sarah Y Patterson.
ii William Jones b 1784 married Mary Lewis
iii Sara Jane Jones b. 1792 married George Dawkins.
iv Mary Amelia Jones b 1793 married John Spear.
v Anne T Jones b 1794 married Thomas Patterson.
vi Elizabeth Jones b 1798 married Christian Lewis.
vii Unknown Daughter b abt 1800, married Daniel Wilson.

2. William and Amelia married 5 Jan 1808 in Greene Co GA. Amelia was the widow of Francis Patterson. She and Francis had seven children who were:
i John F Patterson b 1790.
ii Thomas Patterson b 1792 married Anne T Jones, daughter of William
and Mary.
iii Sarah Y Patterson b 1794 married John Jones the son of William
and Mary.
iv Mary Polly Patterson b 1796 married William Evans
v Jesse F H Patterson b 1796? married Delilah Beale.
vi Drury S Patterson b 1798 married Margaret Davidson.
vii Francis Patterson JR b 1804

3. William and Amelia then had seven children together (In Jasper CO) who were:
i Thomas Jones b 1808 married Permelia Reeves
ii Jane Jones b 1811 married James Daniel.
iii Lucy Jones b 1813 married Ivy Hill.
iv Nancy Jones b 1815 married first Jonathan Robert Newton. She
married 2nd
Terry Collins.
v Francis Patterson Jones b 1815 first married Sarah W Gilmore. He
married 2nd Mary Ann Hubbard. He married 3rd Margaret Jane Hubbard.
vi Milly Jones b 1817 married Jefferson Crawford.
vii Joseph Jones b 1820 married Hester Ann Spear.

Note: Were Nancy and Francis P twins? It appears so, although the exact dates of birth of her children are not proven, it seems that Amelia
carried forth a genetic trait of multiple conception of dissimilar sex children. Her next generation had triplets.

4. John Jones, son of William and Mary, married Sarah Y. Patterson, daughter of his stepmother Amelia.
5. Thomas Patterson, son of Amelia, married Anne Jones, daughter of his stepfather William.

His military service as a revolutionary soldier began 1 SEP 1776.

After the Revolutionary War ended, William and Mary migrated from Virginia to first, Greene County Georgia. William received a land grant there..

William's wife Mary died in Greene CO in 1801.

William married his second wife, Amelia (Milly) Heard on 5 Jan 1808 in Greene County Georgia.

Milly was born in Virginia in 1769 and was the widow of Francis Patterson. She and Francis Patterson had 7 children together, one of
which was Sarah Y. Patterson, born in 1794, who would eventually marry her family sibling, John Jones (above).

6. William Jones SR died 15 Feb 1841 in Jasper CO GA.
Milly Heard Jones died 30 Oct 1857 in Jasper CO. Both were buried in the Old Midway Church Cemetery in Jasper CO GA. Milly was about 88, had
birthed 14 children and outlived two husbands


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