Rev. N. E. McBrayer (1849-1938) & Family

 information submitted by Robert McBrayer of Hampton, GA; narrative by S. J. Overstreet

Submitted by Sara Jane Overstreet


Rev. Nonimus Erwin McBrayer came to Inman on assignment from the Methodist conference around the turn of the century. He had an adult son living with him at the time, and the son married into a local family and established himself in this community. In 1996, Rev. McBrayer's last living grandchild--Hershal McBrayer--was buried in the Inman Cemetery.

N. E. McBrayer was born 4-2-1849 in Gordon County to William Osborn McBrayer and Elizabeth Ulis Love. He was of Scots-Irish descent. His parents had come to Georgia from North Carolina. His father's family had come to this country from Scotland. N. E. McBrayer married Roxie Holden on 7-1-1870 and became a full-time Methodist pastor. His list of appointments as per his great-grandson Bobby McBrayer's research is as follows:

1873--Licensed to Preach

1877--Ordained Deacon by Bishop Pearce

1878--On Trial

1878-79--Hall Circuit, Gainesville Dist.

1880--Tilton, Dalton Dist.

1881--Admitted Full Connection--assigned Tilton, Dalton Dist.

1882--McLemore's Cove, Dalton Dist.--Baptized 28 Caucasian infants, 19 African-American infants, 11 Caucasian adults, 36 African-American infants

1883--McLemore's Cove--Baptized 35 Caucasian infants, 79 African-American infants, 7 Caucasian adults, and 2 African-American adults

1884--Salt Springs, Marietta Dist.

1885--McLemore's Cove, Dalton Dist.--Baptized 11 infants, 30 adults

1886--Cummings, Gainesville Dist.--Baptized 13 infants, 14 adults

1887-9--Jug Tavern, Gainesville Dist.

1890-1--Danielsville, Elberton Dist.

1892-3--Lincolnton, Elberton Dist.

1894-5--Roopville, Carrollton Dist.

1896-7--Lexington, Athens Dist., Oglethorpe Mission Church

1898--Philomath, Athens Dist., Oglethorpe Mission Church

1899-1901--Inman, Griffin Dist.

1902-3--Cleveland, Gainesville Dist.

1904--Duluth, Gainesville Dist.


1906-8--Rome, Floyd Mission

1909-16--Winder, Retired


1919--Milstead, moved in with David Alexander McBrayer


1922--not go to Conference



N. E. McBrayer and Roxie Holden had the following children:

William Alsom McBrayer

David Alexander McBrayer

Dovie McBrayer

Fletcher McBrayer

Warren Atticus McBrayer

Pearl McBrayer

George McBrayer

Samuel Ed McBrayer

Alice McBrayer

Of these children, "Bill" McBrayer married into the McLucas family and stayed in this community. Bill was born 2-22-1875. He married Martha Ann "Mattie" McLucas on 10-12-1902. She was the daughter of Archibald McLucas and Sarah Jane Lunsford. Bill died in Chattanooga at the home of his daughter, and is buried in Inman Cemetery along with his wife. When Bill came to Inman with his father, he had two young sons and their mother had died. After his marriage, he and Mattie had several other children. All together these children were:

Henry Elmer McBrayer--b. Nov. 1896; d. 11-12-1949; md. Sarah Sims

Nonnie William McBrayer--b. 10-14-1898; died out West date unknown

Roxie Mildred McBrayer--b. 8-18-1903; d. 7-13-1986; md. Alley Kendrick

Sallie Ruth McBrayer--b. 5-29-1905; d. 2-5-1906

Joseph Hershal McBrayer--b. 3-13-1908; d. June 1996

Willard Alsom McBrayer--b. 22-12-1912; d. 7-3-1974; md. Frances Elizabeth Hand

Helen Lee McBrayer--b. 12-26-1918; d. 1-22-1994; md. Robert Shannon

Rev. McBrayer's son David Alexander became a Methodist minister. His obituary in the North Georgia Annual Conference Journal read as follows:

Rev. D. A. McBrayer

Rev. David A. McBrayer was born in Hall County, Ga., June 18, 1879, and died in Elida, New Mexico, June 15, 1923.

The best theological school ever built is the parsonage home of this consecrated Methodist circuit rider. Out of such a home came the subject of this obituary. Even to this day self-denial and sacrifice is the daily routine of most of our parsonage families, and in David's boy-hood it was doubly so. His opportunities were few and advantages were mainly the influence of his consecrated father and associations with the best people in all the communities where his father served as pastor. He made good use of what he had.

Entering the business world in young manhood, for several years he struggled with the call to preach, finally yielded and applied for admission to the Conference in 1915, and began his itinerant life in 1916 as pastor of Tunnell Hill Circuit. In 1917 and 1918 he served Hamilton Street, Dalton, where a great revival blessed his church and his own heart; 1919, Locust Grove Circuit; 1920, Milstead; 1921, Jefferson Circuit; 1922, Homer Circuit. During the spring of 1922 the white plague laid its awful grip upon him, and after a few months in a sanatorium he transferred west, hoping thereby to overcome the disease; but after a few months' service he passed from earth to his reward.

David was a faithful, earnest preacher, looking well to the interest of the churches committed to him, a kind considerate husband, and a loving father.

His wife, formerly Miss Maude Mathews, of Rome, to whom he was married Novemeber 14, 1902, and four small children, his aged father, Rev. N. E. McBrayer, and several brother and sisters mourn his going. His body rests in the graveyard at Mount Pleasant Church, near Rome, till the resurrection morning. "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord, for henceforth."

W. L. Pierce


submitted by S. J. Overstreet

An obituary for Rev. N. E. McBrayer found by John McLucas, Sr. among the papers of Nannie McLucas reads as follows:

Rev. McBrayer Buried at Winder

Funeral services for the Rev. N. E. McBrayer, retired Methodist circuit rider, who died at his home near Smyrna Monday, were held Tuesday at the Smyrna Methodist Church with the Rev. J. W. Stephens and the Rev. John F. Yorbrough officiating. Burial was in Winder.

Rev. McBrayer, a native of Gordon County was born in 1849 and began preaching in the North Georgia Methodist Conference in 1877. He served as a circuit rider in several parts of the state, but most of his time was spent in the district surrounding Winder.

(this clipping did not include the name of the paper, but on the back side there was an article making reference to the Atlanta Journal, date not listed)


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