Oliver McLean Family

Oliver McLean first appears in York County, SC.  According to his petition for citizenship, filed in York Co, SC in 1812, he was born in 1766/67,  immigrated in 1790/91.  He married Rachael Miller, daughter of Joseph Miller, Sr. and Elizabeth Stewart who immigrated from Ireland and settled in York County, SC.  Oliver and Rachael had seven known children that were all born in South Carolina. 

In either 1824 or 1825 Oliver moved his family to Fayette County, Ga.  I believe that at least two of his daughters were married in York County, SC and may not have moved to Fayette County until later, but they all eventually settled there.  They settled in an area of Fayette County between Woolsey and Starr's Mill.  Oliver and Rachael had six daughters and one son.  Their daughters were Sara H. McLean who married Thomas H. Duffell, Elizabeth S. McLean who married Allen Reeves, Anna McLean who married Jacob Pearson, Martha McLean who married Hiram Moses, Mary McLean who never married, and Linea "Linny" McLean who married Miles Ward.  I am descended from their son John McLean who married Rebecca Cavender in Fayette Co, Georgia on May 13, 1830.

John McLean and Rebecca Cavender had eight children , six sons and two daughters.  Miriam Sophonia McLean married James M. Pate on December 4, 1851 in Fayette County, Ga.  Rachel Rebecca McLean married John H. Harrell in Fayette County, Georgia on October 14, 1858.  Their sons were Joseph Miller McLean, Oliver Perry McLean, Hiram Hampton McLean, John Morgan McLean, Juan Fernandez (Du) McLean and Hamden Sydney McLean. 

Rebecca Cavender died in 1846 and later that year John McLean married Martha E. Jones of Fayette County, Ga.  They had three more sons....William Frances McLean, Allison Hurst McLean and Jesse McLean, who died as a child.

Sara H. McLean

Sara H. McLean was born in York County, South Carolina in March of 1795.  She married Thomas H. Duffell before 1829, possibly in South Carolina before moving to Fayette County, Georgia.  They had three children, T. Lafayette Duffell, Washington O. Duffell and Rachel L. Duffell.

 Elizabeth S. McLean

Elizabeth S. McLean was born in York County, SC in October of 1796.  She married Allen Reeves, I do not have proof but believe they were married in South Carolina.  One of their children is later listed on census records as being born in South Carolina.  Rachel M. Reeves was born August 16, 1835 in South Carolina and married Larkin Wiley Presley.  Mary Jane Reeves was born in 1837 in Georgia and married William A. Smith.  Oliver Allen Reeves was born in 1839 in Georgia and married Mary A. Rentfrow on August 12, 1862 in Fayette County, Georgia.  Elizabeth Ann Reeves was born about 1842 in Georgia and on January 29, 1860, she married Henry H. Jones in Fayette County.  Elizabeth McLean Reeves died in Fayette County, Georgia in 1842.  Allen Reeves remarried to Mary Polly Rentfrow on June 27, 1843 in Fayette County, Georgia.  They went on to have five more children.

Anna McLean

Anna McLean was born in February of 1798 in York County, SC.  She married Jacob Pearson who had died by May 4, 1829.  They had the following children, Ann Pearson, John M. Pearson, Elizabeth S. Pearson and Oliver M. Pearson.  John M. Pearson was born in 1827 in Georgia and on February 5, 1846, he married Macy (or Mary) Pate in Fayette County.  Elizabeth S. Pearson was born in 1825 in South Carolina and married Andrew Reeves in Fayette County, Georgia on November 21, 1843. Oliver M. Pearson was born in 1823 in South Carolina and on November 5, 1849, he married Elanta Miller in Upson County, Georgia.  They had the following children, Rhoda Ann Pearson, Easter A. Pearson, John A. S. Pearson and O. M. Pearson.  Oliver Pearson was one of the founding members of Gaulding Masonic Lodge in Dublin, Fayette Co., Ga.

Martha McLean

Martha McLean was born in June 1800 in York County, SC.  She married Hiram Moses and they had five children.  Anna M. Moses was born in 1834 in Georgia.  She married Calloway Walls on December 19, 1850 in Fayette County, Ga.  They had one son, William B. Walls. Rachel M. (Camilla - I have seen numerous references to her middle name as Camilla but have seen no proof in actual records - I have a theory on how this name has been passed down if you're interested, write me) Moses was born on April 29, 1837 in Fayette Co., Ga. and married Andrew Jackson Pollard on November 20, 1855 in Fayette County, Ga.  John LaFayette Moses was born on January 22, 1836 in Fayette County, Ga. and married Lucinda Caroline Vickery on December 23, 1855 in Coweta County, Ga.  William Neal Moses was born on August 10, 1838 in Georgia and married Sarah Frances Baily on November 11, 1858 in Coweta County, Ga.  Mary Elizabeth Moses was born in 1840 in Fayette Co., Ga.  She married John Ben Franklin Logan in Coweta Co., Ga. on February 5, 1857. 

Mary McLean

Mary McLean was born on November 27, 1801 in York County, SC and died on April 25, 1855 in Fayette County, Georgia.  She never married and named her siblings and nieces and nephews in her will.

John McLean

John McLean was born on March 17, 1803 in York County, SC.  On May 13, 1830 he married Rebecca Cavender in Fayette County, Ga.  They had eight children.  Joseph Miller McLean, born November 4, 1831 in Fayette County, Ga.  Joseph married Mildred Ann Alford in Upson County, Ga. on August 4, 1860 and they had one child, Theodocia McLean before he went off to war.  He died on April 7, 1863 in Richmond, Va.

Oliver Perry McLean, my great great grandfather, was born on June 23, 1833 in Fayette County, Ga.  He married Mary A. Roberts in Fayette County in February of 1855.  They had three sons, William Thomas McLean, Theodore Hampton McLean and Lewis Clinton McLean (my great grandfather).  Oliver P. McLean was a member of Company C of the 53rd Georgia Infantry Regiment.  He died in Virginia in October of 1862 probably in a hospital in Winchester.


Miriam Sophonia McLean was born on March 29, 1835 in Fayette Co.  She married James M. Pate on December 4, 1851 in Fayette County.  They had two children before her death on June 21, 1854.  She was a twin to Hiram Hampton McLean.  Hiram Hampton McLean studied law with Jared I. Whitaker in Atlanta and was admitted to the Georgia Bar in 1857.  He sold property he had inherited in Fayette County and moved to Texas where he met and married Olevia Adeline Barber in 1860 in Palo Pinto.  He organized a Company of the 34th Texas Cavalry and entered the Confederate Army.  He was a Lieutenant when it formed and became a Captain.  He died in 1869 in Weatherford, Texas.  He and “Ollie” had three children, Georgia, John Hiram and Louisa (Lutie).


John Morgan McLean was born on July 30, 1837 in Fayette County.  He married Martha Cavender on January 7, 1862 in Fayette County.  They had one child, Georgia Fernandez McLean who married H. O. Weaver on June 1, 1884 in Coweta County, Ga.  John Morgan McLean was a member of Company F, 13th Georgia Infantry Regiment.  He died on June 5, 1864 in Richmond, Va.


Juan Fernandez McLean was born on April 11, 1839 in Fayette County, Ga.  He was also a member of  Co. F, 13th Ga. Inf. Regiment.  He enlisted as a bachelor on July 8, 1861.  He was captured on May 12, 1864 at Spottsylvania Court House and sent to Fort Delaware as a prisoner of war.  He was released on September 14, 1864 and sent to Aikens Landing, Va.  He had been wounded in the right arm in 1862.  He returned to Fayette County after the war and married his brother’s widow, Mary Roberts McLean.  They had three more children, Alice Rebecca , Miriam Exor and John Morgan McLean.  Alice and Exor never married.  John Morgan McLean married Lizzie Ballard and had five children.  He married Lizzie’s sister, Addie after Lizzie’s death in 1918.


Hamden Sydney McLean was born on February 28, 1841 in Fayette County, Ga.  He married Sallie Seagraves in June of 1865.  They had, I believe eight children in all.  Hamden Sydney married Tabitha “Bitha” Glass on November 18, 1884 in Coweta County, Ga. and they had one son, Walter Lynn McLean. Tabitha died in 1886 and Hamden Sydney later married Nancy, who was his wife when he died in 1905.  He also served in Company F, 13th Ga. Inf. Regiment.  He was 2nd Sergeant in this company.  He is buried at Whitewater Baptist Church Cemetery.


Rachel Rebecca McLean was born on July 12, 1843 in Fayette County, Ga.  She married John H. Harwell on October 14, 1858 in Fayette Co., Ga.   They had three children, Charlie, Mary J. and Miriam Harwell.  Rachel Rebecca died on November 7, 1880 in Fayette County.  Rachel is buried at Whitewater Baptist Church Cemetery  near her brother, Hamden Sydney McLean.


John McLean and his second wife, Martha E. Jones had three more sons.  William Frances McLean was born in Fayette County on July 3, 1848 and on April 2, 1865 he married Sarah Brooks in Fayette Co.  William Frances McLean married Martha Hubbard in Fayette Co. on March 13, 1871. His children were Luvina McLean, daughter of Sarah born ca 1866 and Sarah F. , born ca. 1871, probably daughter of Martha Hubbard McLean.  William Frances and Martha Hubbard also had Minnie E. McLean, born ca 1876 and Effa J. McLean born ca. 1878.  It is believed this family moved to Alabama sometime after 1880 but I have not been able to find them in any records there.


Allison Hurst McLean was born on November 14, 1849 in Fayette Co. He settled in Texas and had 12 children.  He died on December 1, 1905 in Floresville, Texas.

Jesse McLean died as a young child or infant.

Linea "Linny" McLean

Linea McLean was the youngest of Oliver and Rachael’s children.  She was born in March of 1805 in York Co., SC.  She married Miles Ward on March 19, 1829 in Fayette Co., Ga.  They had seven children, James D. Ward, Rachel M. Ward, Mary M. Ward, Delilah J. Ward, Jesse Washington Ward, John M. Ward and Oliver W. Ward.  Rachel M. Ward married John O. Brown on October 25, 1849 in Fayette Co., Ga.  Jesse Washington Ward married Amelia Elizabeth Patterson.

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