Sara Nancy Banks Overstreet

Submitted by Sara Jane Overstreet, direct descendent


Sara Nancy Banks was born at her grandmother's home in Inman. Many of her cousins and three of her siblings were also born in Sarah Jane McLucas' house now abandoned at the corner of Highway 19 S. and Inman Road. She was on the Cradle Roll of Liberty Chapel, having been christened along with her two older sisters in 1913. She started school in Inman, and would have lunch with her grandmother and cousins every day. Sara was one year younger than her cousin Willard McBrayer, and because she and Willard played together and studied together, she was advanced to his grade level because she already knew the subjects!


Sara's father was a farmer. When World War I was declared, Alex Banks registered for the draft. The war was over before he was called. Sara's family moved to Atlanta in order for her father to maintain employment when she was a teenager. There she married Winton DeVan Overstreet (b. 2-6-1909, Sylvania GA; d. 7-2-1959, Birmingham AL) in 1931. The couple had one son--Winton DeVan "Dan" Overstreet, Jr. He was born 2 months early at a time when premature infants did not usually survive. When Dan was 7 the couple were divorced. Sara and Dan continued to live with her parents and Lennie and Proux. She secured a job with the State Department of Education, and went to business school at night. She retired after years with Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company and was the most advanced woman in a management position in the country at that time.


Dan graduated from Fayette County High School in 1951. He attended Young Harris College, then went into the Air Force and served in North Africa. He married Loreen Phillips in 1956, and continued his education at Andrew College. He entered full-time Methodist ministry in 1958, and his career is outlined in a separate biographical sketch. Over the next few years he continued his education while serving as a full-time minister. He was ordained a Deacon and then an Elder in the South Georgia Conference, from which he retired in 1995.


Loreen Phillips was born in Arkansas. She had come to Georgia to attend Georgia Baptist Hospital's nursing school. She was there caring for a member of Inman Methodist--the patient was Tish Welden (see separate biographical sketch)--when she met Tish's friend Sara B. Overstreet. Tish died in 1947, and Loreen "Phyl" continued her friendship with the people in Fayette County. This is how she eventually married Dan Overstreet. Phyl served many communities as a nurse. She earned her M.S. from Emory, and her Ph.D. in nursing education from the University of South Carolina in 1978.


The couple have children and grandchildren as follows:

1--Sara Jane Overstreet

2--Marcus Lloy Overstreet


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