Rev. William Washington Steagall (1804-1884)

Submitted by Sara Jane Overstreet

William Steagall was a pastor assigned to Liberty Chapel in 1828

Submitted by Judy Ray, Bartlett TN, direct descendent


William Washington Steagall was born on 25 January 1804 in Jasper County, GA. His parents were Samuel Steagall and Sarah Collinsworth. He was the eldest of the ten children, three of the four sons were preachers. His uncle's were John and William Collinsworth the Methodist preachers for whom Collinsworth Institute in Talbotton is named.


He was admitted On Trial in the South Carolina Conference of the Methodist Church in 1827. In 1829 he was admitted into full connection and ordained as a deacon. In 1831 he became an elder. His appointments include Athens District, Tallahassee District, Savannah District, Carroll, and Zebulon & Fayette before he became "located" in 1835. As a circuit rider, Rev. Steagall organized and helped build the First Methodist Church in Newnan. He also donated to Wesley Chapel Methodist Church in Heard County. He ended his active duties of the ministry in 1836 due to failing health.


He married Ann Wood on 27 December 1832 at the home of her parents in Heard County. She was the daughter of James Wood and Elizabeth Sandiford. They had three daughters:

(1) Elizabeth who married Joseph E. Dent

(2) Mary who married J. W. Melson

(3) Ann who married Henry Orr

They moved from their farm in Heard County to Newnan after the Civil War.

Even after leaving the ministry, he continued to serve the people in his community. He shared in the joy of marriages and births. He comforted those in pain due to the death of a loved one or because of life's everyday trials. He was greatly missed after his death on 05 September 1884 and was truly a man of God.


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