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After reading the book “All Known Cemeteries in Fayette County” by J.D. Wells 1935    975-8426V3w book.  I decided to add more information on the people buried there.  The cemetery is in pretty bad shape but is cleaned up at least once a year.  It’s in an out of the way location, but easily accessible.. Some of the people have been moved to other cemeteries and some I know are there do not have tombstones.  Here I will try to give data on the ones I personally know about. 

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Huddleston, L. P. is Lewis Pate Huddleston  born 24 May 1884 died 29 Aug 1929, he was the son of Joel Didimus and Sarah Catherine Daniel Huddleston of Randolph Co., AL. He married Gertrude Carson and they had 4 children.  He did not live in Fayette co., but had come over to look for his daughter, he was shot in a duel in front of Dave McWilliams Store.


Huddleston, Mary Paulin is not in my data base so cannot identify her further.


Huddleston, Emily M 15 Feb 1886 – 13 Feb 1932, her maiden name was Pope and her nickname was Hookie.  She was the first wife of Robert Hamilton Huddleston and they had 4 children.


Huddleston, Carl 25 Jul 1913- 17 Oct 1913 was a son of Robert H and Emily Pope Huddleston


Huddleston, John Cimsey (not G as transcribed) 2 Mar 1826 – 15 Feb 1901, was the son of William Berry Huddleston and Mary Jane Howard Huddleston of Randolph Co. AL. His first wife was Emeline Prescott and second wife Mary Elizabeth Moore.


Huddleston, Mary Elizabeth Moore, 8 Dec 1844 – 19 Sep 1931, married John Cimsey Huddleston on 7 Sep 1870 Carrol Co., GA

She was the daughter of Hamilton K Moore and Eliza Ann Belcher they had 6 children.


Huddleston, Joseph S. 16 May 1874 – 2 Sep 1953, son of John Cimsey and Mary Moore Huddleston., he married Sallie Hall 7 Jun 1896 they had 10 children.


Huddleston, Sallie L Hall 23 Jun 1877 – 30 Mar 1944, she was the daughter of James H and Martha Mildred Brown Hall.    (note her sister Roxie Ana married John Calvin Huddleston)


Huddleston, Infant of Joseph and Sallie Huddleston


Huddleston, Paul  son of  Joseph and Sallie Huddleston


Hall, James  M 17 May 1846 – 22 Oct 1930 married Martha Mildred Brown before 1874 they had 4 children


Hall, Martha Mildred Brown ,  18 Aug 1847 – 23 Oct 1899   ??


Hall, John Gordon 27 Sep 1883 0 6 May 1884  son of James and Martha Brown Hall


Hall, Mary M., 28 Mar 1879 – 23 Dec 1879 daughter of James and Martha Brown Hall


Brown, Demsey  25 Dec 1800 – 7 Jul 1873 , don’t know his parents . He married a Martha buried beside him in the cemetery, and they had a daughter Sarah Ann  see below Stinchcomb.  I believe this Martha is Martha Raines  and they were married 11 Jan 1820 in Elbert Co., Ga.  I have not researched this family!


Brown, Martha born abt 1788 died 19 May 1887 at age of 99


Stinchcomb, Victor  born 23 Jan 1830 – 25 Apr 1905 , he was the son of Nathaniel and Sussannah Oliver Stinchcomb.  He married first Sarah Ann Brown  29 Jan 1851 and second Mary E. Lloyd, 18 Nov 1866.  He was a confederate soldier.


Stinchcomb, Sarah Ann Brown 8 Nov 1826 – 2 Sep 1865, she was the daughter of  Demsey and Martha Brown.


Nichols, John Henry  23 Dec 1874 – 28 Jul 1924 was the son of Henry Clay Nichols and Elizabeth Stodghill Nichols of Chambers Co., AL., He married Frances Missouri Huddleston 9 Dec 1894, they had 13 children (note as of today 6 Jun 2004 one of the 13 still living in Griffin Ga)


Nichols, Frances Missouri  25 Nov 1876 – 26 Jan 1938 she was the daughter of John Cimsey and Mary Moore Huddleston.


Nichols, John Henry Jr. (Buster) 27 Nov 1905 – 20 Oct 1972 he was the son of John Henry and Frances Missouri Nichols. He married first  Ada Estelle Stampler and second Vera Virginia Smith. Had a daughter by Ada that died soon after birth and two children by Vera that live in SC.


Nichols, Infant son of Eugene Talmadge Nichols  born 30 Jul 1958


Nichols, Infant daughter  John Henry and Frances Nichols 23 Dec 1915


Nichols, Jimmy H 18 Jun 1940 – 18 Jun 1944 son of Wade Hampton and Eunice Padgett Nichols


Nichols, Infant daughter of Wade Hampton and Eunice Nichols

27 Jan 1932 -28 Jan 1932


Nichols, Troy W 29 Nov 1925 – 4 Mar 1926 son of Wade Hampton and Eunice Padgett Nichols


Nichols, Wade Hampton 3 Oct 1895 – 5 Dec 1980 son of John Henry and Frances Missouri Nichols, married Eunice Bell Padgett Nov 1920 they had 13 children.  He married 3 times after her death, no more children.


Nichols, Eunice Bell Padgett 28 Oct 1903 – 24 Aug 1944 she was the daughter of Lorenza and Annie Padgett.


Foster, Frank B 25 Jan 1864 – 8 Aug 1923 parents unknown, he married Susan Angeline Huddleston 27 Dec 1885 they had 8 children


Foster, Susan Angeline Huddleston  27 Jun 1871 – 1935 daughter of John Cimsey and Mary Moore Huddleston


Foster, Minnie Ola 6 Feb 1890 – 1 Mar 1907 daughter of Frank and Susan Foster


Foster, Jessie Bell 1 Jan 1892 – 27 De c 1882 daughter of Frank and Susan Foster


Foster, Infant born and died 25 Dec 1887 daughter of Frank and Susan Foster


Foster, Tommie David 12 Mar 1897 – 26 Jul 1897 son of Frank and Susan Foster


Foster, G. Clint 27 Mar 1898 – 24 Jan 1919 son of Frank and Susan Foster.


Also buried there are Wilson, Clarence, wife Bessie Huddleston and daughter Gladys

Also 2 infant children of James E  and Suemae Vineyard  Huddleston

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