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Entrance to Ellison Family Cemetery

 Sign at Ellison Family Cemetery

Overview of Ellison Family Cemetery

Overview of Ellison Family Cemetery

Odessa Alice Ellison

b.  11 July 1883

d.  17 Oct 1943

Oscar W. Ellison

b.  16 July 1874

d.  13 July 1940

William W. Ellison

b.  19 Feb 1881

d.  23 Mar 1900

Willie Clyde Ellison, dau of W. W. & E. E. Ellison

b.  20 Nov 1899

d.  14 Oct 1918

L. C. Ellison

b.  17 Nov 1851

d.  05 Feb 1912

Samuel Buff Ellison, Jr.   b.  30 Dec 1860   d.  06 May 1921

Ella Dailey Ellison   b.  03 Oct 1857  d.  05 Feb 1935

Emily Ellison

b.  29 Nov 1833   d.  03 Nov 1915

William L. Ellison

b.  21 Dec 1826   d.  18 Jan 1879

Masonic Symbol

Lucy Ellison McElwaney

b.  21 Mar 1853   d.  02 Feb 1904

Samuel H. Ellison   b.  14 Aug 1790   d.  01 Oct 1872

Sarah B. Ellison   b.  11 Apr 1799   d.  25 Jun 1870

Laurie A. Landrum

b.  28 Nov 1849   d.  08 Feb 1883

Infant of Ira & J. B. Slaton, 11 June 1881

This appears to read Joel Slaton

The FCHS Cemetery Book published in 1977 states there is a Joel L. Slaton

 buried at this cemetery with a date of 192?

and an Ira Slaton, with a date of 1922?

Ethel Walker

b.  25 Jul 1881   d.  17 Aug 1881








I can't read names or dates from any of the above photos marked "unknown".  If you know whom they belong to, please let me know.  The FCHS Cemetery book lists the following people at this cemetery that I don't have photos of markers for -

Lucinda E. Chandler Ellison, wife of L. C. Ellison

Dorothy Slaton, dau of M & M Ellis Slaton

Emily Ellison

Nellie C. Ellison

Jethro B. Harrell

Emily Landrum

Eliza J. Ellison

"Sister" Ellison  J. P. E.

Brother George L. Ellison

Ellison Family Cemetery is located on Crabapple Lane near Tyrone, Ga.

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