Woolsey Baptist Church

woolsey church

Woolsey Baptist Church, ca 1952

Before Steeple & Additions

115 Hampton Road, Fayetteville, GA (Address of original church)

242 Hampton Road, Fayetteville, GA 30215 (Address of new church)


Southern Baptist Church

Originally named Harmony Grove Baptist Church, changed to Woolsey Baptist in 1904.

Constituted August 26, 1888.

Presbytery - Elders T. S. Allen, W. N. Prichard, Harry Wells, I. G. Woolsey.

Charter Members - E. K. Fortson (Deacon), Miss Quilla Fortson, Alice McLean, Exor McLean, Mary A. McLean, Lewis McLean, Mollie McLean, L. E. Roberts, Mr. M. J. Roberts, Sallie Roberts, L. T. Roberts, Obediah Smith, Abigail Smith, Mrs. Sophia Smith, Mr. J. F. McLean (Deacon), Elder I. G. Woolsey (Deacon), Mrs. E. F. Fortson, Mrs. J. T. Lewis, J. T. Lewis, Mrs. A. F. Woolsey, I. G. Woolsey, Jr., Mrs. Jimmie Woolsey, Mrs. Martha E. Callaway.

Pastors - I. G. Woolsey, E. W. Hammond, Tom Brown, T. J. Bledsoe, Lemuel Hooten, R. F. Smith, W. H. Robinson, H. H. Hargrove, L. P. Glass, C. L. Foote, W. W. Arnold, J. W. Witherington, J. T. Widner, J. W. Clark, C. M. Claud, H. C. Johnson, T. W. Gilstrap, Wilson Walker, E. A. Daniel, Charles Rush, George Lewis, George Britt, Tom Scoggins, Eddie Gilstrap, Argin Floyd, Millard L. Jones, Cecil Dix, W. A. Moss, Olin D. Mullinax, Thad Persons, Lane Patrick, Ed Banks, Gary Hately.

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GPS Coordinates - 332142N 0842448W Brooks

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