County Line Christian Church

The second Christian Church organized in Georgia.

Organized app 1828 in a doctor's shop.

Organizers of church were Lynch, Moody, Leach, Westmoreland and others.

Original structure built in 1843, Present building erected in 1848 and remodeled in 1875.

CHARTER MEMBERS - Robert Westmoreland, John G. Westmoreland, Hiram Travis, George Lynch, Jr., Charles Bailey,

Perry Hicks, William Tidwell, William Westmoreland, George Lynch, Sr., Isham Moody, Pendleton Cheek, Bennet Hicks, Mark W. Westmoreland, Plinney Perdue, Robert Moody, Lain Matin, William Fears, James A. McGee, Calvin Westmoreland, John Hicks, James W. Lynch, John A. Swan, Josiah Pyron, Iauintas C. Grice, Burrell Hicks

FIRST OFFICIAL BOARD - Pastor, Nathan Smith

  Elder, Augustus B. Fears


Nathan Smith, Augustus B. Fears, Isham Moody, Harrison Jones, W. L. Marshall, D. A. Brindle, R. E. Helsabeck, A. J. Mise, Frank Adams, Koel D. Hardigree, C. C. Goodson, Rev. Ramsey, Linton Poss, Charlie Brooks, L A. Digby, C. L. Durham, C. H. Tucker, M. J. Hibbs, Neal Morris, Arvey Arnall, T. T. G. Linkous

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