Flat Creek Baptist Church

161 Flat Creek Trail, Fayetteville, GA 30214


Southern Baptist Church

Constituted August 31, 1826.

Constituting Members - Eson Stamps, Peter Duncan, Thomas Pollard, Amar Stamps, Elizabeth Garrett, Elisas Lay.

First building erected 1827. New meeting house approved in 1874 and dedicated in 1876.

New building erected in 1910. Present Building dedicated in 1957.

Pastors - James Head, George B. Davis, Trustin Phillips, Joshua Calloway, V. A. Gaskel, Thomas S. Allen, James Rainwater, P. A. Lawson, John C. Camp, John S. Dodd, B. L. Johnson, George B. Moor, A. Vanhoose, D. A. Brown, G. W. Colquitt, H. S. Reese, J. A. Monday, Dr. H. C. Hornady, Elam Culpepper,  R. H. Hooten, W. A. Johnson, T. A. Brown, J. A. Barner, J. E. Turner, C. J. Short, W. W. Chandler, C. A. Adams, Amos Turner, W. W. Walker, J. F. Watson, Fabon Brown, John W. Gill, B. D. Porter, O. L. Hall, J. A. Bonner, C. J. Mowell, Sr., J. H. Mowell, Luther Bartlett, Douglas Johnson, Clyde Raines, Ray Black, C. W. Jones, William O. P

View Transcription of Cemetery Burials

View Transcription of 1827 Flint River Baptist Association Minutes

John T. Davis, Samuel Persons & James Pelham listed as delegates to the 1827 Association meeting.

Microfilm Available at Georgia Baptist History Depository, Special Collections, Jack Tarver Library, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia - Reel 395/2: CB, 1826-1884; Reel 467/2: CB, 1884-1938

GNIS GPS Coordinates - 332643N 0843223W Tyrone

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